Wow it’s been two weeks already, boy does the time fly.  But I guess that’s what happens when you are busy.  Well I’m back to talk more about random nothing until I take another week off, when that will be I don’t know yet.  Well without further ado let’s get this party started:

1.  Congrats to Syracuse University Men’s Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim on winning his 800th game last week.  Some random guy who writes here was in attendance for the game.

2.  So WWE is raising the price of their pay per views $5 beginning next year.  Good to see that in hard times that WWE is doing their best to save us some money.  This won’t affect me too much though because I haven’t bought a WWE pay per view other than Wrestlemania since 2002.

3.  The new RAW theme sucks worse than an Aaron Wood article and/or podcast.

4.  WWE, I know how iconic Madison Square Garden is, you didn’t need to remind me every 5 seconds on RAW. 

5.  Kofi Kingston is a breakout star as long as he doesn’t get injured or WWE screws up his push.  Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new attitude era with Kofi leading the pack. 

6.  Awesome ECW title matchup between Regal and Christian, match of the year quality.

7.  Shocker Paul Burchill leaves ECW after losing to The Hurricane.  What does this mean for him, a move to Smackdown, RAW or does he put on a mask and wrestle as the WHO!  WWE should do something with him he is a good worker. (I meant Burchill)

8.  The Zack Ryder/Shelton Benjamin feud has been quite entertaining and has given us some good matches to boot. 

9.  I got Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 for my birthday and have to say that I’m quite impressed.  This is the first SvR game that I’ve owned since SvR 2006 and the first that I’ve played since SvR 2008 (I rented it) and am completely amazed on how different the gameplay is.  The move setup is a lot less complicated than in past SvR games and it easy it master.  Get this game if you haven’t already.

10.  Mick Foley was on “The Daily Show” this week, not promoting TNA but he did an old school type promo on the news story that was being reported.  It was pretty entertaining.  I posted the link on the forums, so check it out there, and don’t forget to sign-up for them too.

11.  It also looks like R-Truthis starting to step up finally.  His work with CM Punk has been great and on this past week on Smackdown, he took it to another level.

12.  I don’t like Vickie Guerrero as a consultant, Teddy Long was doing fine.

13.  At the end of Smackdownwe saw Jericho standing tall with the World Heavyweight Title, let’s hope that’s how the Survivor Series ends.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you all. Thanks again for reading.  Threr should be a Roundtable up today and we may or may not have Survivor Series coverage.  See you all next time.

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