Howdy folks and welcome to another edition of “Random Randomness” for this Thanksgiving week here in the U.S.  Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving and ate way too much.  Let’s get this going:

1.  On a sad note Heavy Metal legend Ronnie James Dio was diagnosed with the early stages of stomach cancer.  We here at wish you the best in his treatment and a speedy recovery.

2.  This weeks edition of RAW was the best show of the year.  Jesse Ventura has been the best guest host by far and it was great to see him run the show.  He’s another legend whe still has it.  Best part of the night, him and Vince on commentary!

3.  Speaking of RAW they made Sheamus the new #1 contender for the WWE title.  While I like Sheamus and think this is a good idea, I think it’s a little early for him.  What does this say to guys like MVP, Mark Henry, and Legacy?  Thanks guys for all of your hard work but were going this route. 

4.  Verne Troyer is hosting RAW this week, maybe he’ll get drunk and pee in the corner like he did on “The Surreal Life.”

5.  Shelton Benjamin is the new #1 contender for the ECW title.  Nice. Good to see that WWE isn’t giving the same matches on for the TLC ppv.  And the ECW match will be a ladder match which may end up stealing the show.

6.  So Ezekiel Jackson has left Regal and Koslov.  Does this mean he’ll be a babyface or is this just a setup?  I hope he stays solo, he is actually pretty good and would do well on his own.

7.  What is with Jericho and him picking partners who end up injured.  First Edge, and now Big Show. Wow.  However I still think that Jeri-Show will still end up winning the tag title matchup over DX at TLC and then Jericho will pick yet another partner.

8.  TNA made Bobby Lashley #1 contender to AJ Styles title.  Wait, I thought Dainels was wrestling Styles for the title at the Final Resolution ppv.  Doesn’t that make Daniels the #1 contender?????  Stupid TNA booking.

9.  Well I’m gonna say it, I am officially sick of Hulk Hogan in TNA, and he hasn’t even shown up yet.  But when you turn on iMPACT! and all they talk about from start to finish it Hogan, it makes me want to turn the channel.

10.  WWE needs some new tag teams, while I like both Cryme Tyme and The Hart Dynasty, I’m bored with seeing them wrestle every week.

11.  Festus has returned as Luke Gallows.  I don’t know about this one.  I liked the Festus character, but I’ll give this one a chance since he’ with CM Punk. is it just me or did Gallows look smaller than he did when he was Festus?

12.  WWE’s TLC pay per view is on Sunday December 13.  I will be hosting the Roundtabe for it so if you want to participate, PM me (on the forums)with your picks by no later than Saturday December 12 5pm Eastern time.

Well that’s all Ive got for now.  Thank you all for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 2. That will be a point in a column that will appear tomorrow.

    4. I'm so not watching this.

    7. I would so love to see that play out as a deliberate thing. Jericho starts to worry about his title reign, he makes sure that his partner gets injured, picks a new one, and starts all over again. That would be AMAZING!

  2. 8. I know better than to hope this, but I'm hoping this spells the way out for Lashley. Kristal is clearly heeling it up, and if he's turning, maybe it has something to do with his MMA stuff. I'd just be happy to see him (and her) gone.

    9. Amen, my brother! My view has already been articulated on this matter, but I can't tell if these videos are supposed to be attracting viewers, or be a huge inside joke by Hogan and whoever else is coming up with the material that makes Hogan look heelish.

    11. Seriously, this is the greatest thing in the history of things! WWE doesn't often acknowledge previous gimmicks when someone "re-debuts." That's not even a word. You can only debut once. Anyway. "He was never retarded or brain-damaged or mentally challenged. He was just really high." That's GOLD! Festus never did much for me, and anyone who works with Punk will be the better for it. I'm quite interested.

  3. New possible throeies:1) John Cena has never watched women wrestle and thinks they wrestle in Burqa’s. Thus, when he saw AJ, he thought she wasn’t decent.’ This also is based on the fact he has hit his head so many times, he thinks he’s living in Saudi Arabia.2) John Cena is really 6 years old.I think theory one is really plausible.

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