Hi all and welcome once again to another edition of the single most requested article by me.  While we finally get snow here in JTland, (though not more than a dusting) lets take a look of what I can remember of the last seven days:

1.  RIP Eddie “Umaga” Fatu. 

2.  The final episode of Monk aired this week and was done well.  Monk was a great show and will be missed.  🙁

3.  What a difference a week makes, we go from the awesomeness of Jesse Ventura hosting the best edition of RAW all year, to Verne Troyer hosting the worst editions of RAW ever.  Did anyone notice how little Verne was even on the show?  And no I’m not making a short joke, but he was barely on there at all.

4.  Speaking of Verne Troyer, he is 32 inches tall, my cat Luther (who says hi to everyone) is 29 inches tall when he stands on his hind legs.

5.  Mark Henry, don’t quit your day job, you can’t rap.

6.  Poetry on ECW???  And on the Abraham Washington Show nonetheless, that was probably the worst 15 minutes of my life.

7.  I’m not really feeling The Dudebusters yet, but I’m giving WWE kudos for trying to bring some new tag teams into the mix.

8.  What is with people playing Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 on All of the programs this week?  Yeah I know it’s a good game, but I don’t need the wrestlers promoting it for me.  Speaking of the game, I just finished the “Road to Wrestlemania” story for my create a wrestler and have to say that I was pretty disappointed.  Well at least for the PS 2 version of the game. (Spoiler alert) When you finally get to Wrestlemania, you wrestle Vince, which I didn’t mind, but when you beat him you make Vince do the chicken dance in a chicken suit.  Lame.  But it still hasn’t stopped me from playing it though.

9.  For some reason I think this whole Ezekial Jackson turning on Regal and Koslov thing is just a setup and Jackson isn’t turning, but I have been wrong in the past and will continue to be wrong in the future, so lets see how this plays out.

10.  I payed no attention this week to iMPACT! and had no desire to.

11.  Don’t tell anybody, but the masked man who attacked the Hurricane this week was Paul Burchill.

12.  Is it just me or does Luke Gallows look smaller than Festus?  I know they are the sape person, but since putting some clothes on, Gallows looks like he shrunk a couple inches.  But that could be because CM Punk is taller than Jesse.

13.  Wait so Eric Escobar is a face now???  Or is he just going back to developmental?  I don’t really know, this story was started and ended way too fast for me.  And for the record Vickie needs a new catchphrase,  EXCUSE ME is getting annoying. 

14.  So we get to see Rey Mysterio get eaten by Batista next week on Smackdown in a street fight!  Yay injury angles.

15.  Just a reminder that I will be hosting the roundtable for the TLC pay per view.  If you want to be a part of it, just send me a PM over on the forums with your picks by no later than next Saturday December 12, 5pm Eastern time.

Well that’s all Ive got for now thanks again for reading and see you all next time.

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  1. 5. Preach on, my brother!

    6. I finally got around to watching ECW last night. I thought it was hilarious – "I know this may sound cheesy, I'm the man, not the poet/My heart belongs to you, Woo Woo Woo, you know it!"

    10. The match between Sarita and Hamada was worth watching, if anything

    11. You're kidding!?!

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