Welcome everybody and Happy Holidays to all!  Hope you ave a happy and safe holiday, whatever it may be.  Ok now it’s time to get this party started:

1.  Well a couple months ago I said it was rumor, but it now has been made official, Heavy Metal’s big four: Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax andSlayer will all share the stage together.  However it’s only for two shows over in Poland and the Czeh Republic.  No other dates have been announced yet.

2.  Bret Hart has resigned with WWE!  Yes, he is one of my all time favorites and it will be good to see him again, even though he won’t be wrestling.

3.  Sheamus won the WWE title at TLC!  Awesomeness. I didn’t think that WWE would actually go this route because by having this be a tables match, he could lose and it not heart him.  But you know what, WWE made the right move here and I ‘m not gonna complain.

4.  Drew McIntyre is the new IC champion.  Another good move on WWE’s part.

5.  DX are the tag team champions, ugh they don’t need them and shouldn’t be champs.  Let’s hope they don’t have them for long and they lose them to the Hart Dynasty.

6.  The Slammy’s (or should I say snoozes) were this past Monday.  They had some good moments but overall they were pretty lame.  Come on Batista channeling hie inner Kayne, Michael Cole trashing JR, seriously not good.  The host, Dennis Miller had his good points and bad points, more bad than good.

7.  So, since there will be an ECW title match at the Royal Rumble, ECW isn’t going away at the end of this month like has been rumored.  This is good, I like ECW as a whole and nd Jason here does a great job reviering it.  

8. Speaking of ECW. I actually laughed while watching the Abraham Washington Show, though it was when Tony Atlas admittited that the show “stinks” but still I laughed out loud.

9.  So we only get 1 week of “The Ripper” and he is unmasked immediately. (JT shakes head)

10.  Well I told you the the Ezekial Jackson face turn was a swerve, or is it?  This whole thin has me confused.  I can see a Koslov face turn now that he’s as American citizen where he comes out waving an American flag, I just don’t know if anyone will buy it.

11.  iMPACT! had a lot of talking, so much so is that when the wrestling finally happened, i had no interest in it.

12.  Aw how sweet, Jarrett and Angle made up.

13.  The best iMPACT! episode of the year will be this week.  Did I mention that it won’t be on this week. 

14.  Rey Mysteriois the new #1 Contender for the World title.  That’s kind of a shock.  I thought he needed knee surgery?  But then again I know someone who just had it and he still worked up until the day before it, so that probably why Mysterio is still wrestling.

15.  I figured that 5 wrestling shows was enough for this week and passed up on the “Tribute To The Troops” show on NBC.  Look, I know that this is a great thing yhat WWE does every year and they should continue to do it, but I just don’t want to watch them any more. 

Ok well that’s all I’ve got for you all this week.  Thanks again for reading and tune in later for both the Roundtable and the coverage for tonight’s TNA ppv.  And again Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. I miss the Troops shows being RAW or SmackDown episodes and being two hours long. It's a lot to cram into an hour. I missed ECW anyway, so I didn't see any more WWE this week than I'd normally see.

    TNA was way too much talking. I had to review it and I wound up having discussions on Twitter about trading card games or whatever because I didn't feel like typing through all the talking.

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