Hello everybody and welcome again.  I hope everybody had a happy and safe ChristuleKwanzakkah, I know I did.  Well without further ado, lets get this final edition of 2009 on the road:

1.  RIP Brittany Murphy.  I can’t believe Luanne from “King Of The Hill” is gone.  Man this year was a bad one for celebrities.  🙁

2. I got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, and if you don’t have one already (I’m usually the last one to get these things) you should, it’s fun.

3.  Family Guy fans need to get the new DVD “Something, Something, Something Darkside.”  It’s a parody of the Star Wars movie “The Emipre Strikes Back” and it quite funny so check it out.

4.  Ugh now on to last Monday’s RAW.  All I can really say is that it was the worst RAW ever!  There was nothing good about it.  I almost was to ask WWE for my 2 hours and 15 minutes back.  Nothing made me want to turn off my TV more than the Little People’s Court.  WWE this needs to stop.  I’ve had it.

5.  So this week on  RAW, SuperCena gets his rematch withe Sheamus which will probably lead to a title change.  I shouldn’t be surprised since I have a Supershow coming up this week with Cena advertised as defending the WWE Championship, but who knows, WWE could shock us again ans have Sheamus win again.

6.  Tommy Dreamer is done with WWE.  He asked for and got his release.  Sad I always enjoyed watching him, even though I knew he was going to lose 80% of the time.

7.  No iMPACT! make JT…. feel no different.  Except being on the forums, I really didn’t miss the fact that it wasn’t on this week.  And just to let everyone know, I wont’ be watching the next two episodes which includes the savior Hulk Hogan’s debut.

8.  I was gonna come on here and rant on how Smackdown was starting to get bad now, but then after watching and realised that if you take out DX and the opening segment with Vickie, it was an actually entertaining program, but Smackdown usually is.

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for this week.  Thanks again for reding.  Have a safe and Happy New Year!  I will see you all in 2010!


  1. 2. I know the feeling. I'm usually the last person to get anything technological. As evidence, I offer that this year, I was gifted with an I-pod Classic.

    6. Agreed. I'm a bit sad, but it was inevitable. At least Tommy got an ECW title reign.

    7. I really don't WANT to watch the Hogan shows. I know that I have to, but I have a terrible feeling about it.

    8. Agreed again. I'm just not a fan of eight-man tag matches when the only apparent reason for having them is to give more time to segments.

  2. 5. I'm pretty sure Cena is advertised as the Champion for tonight's house show in Buffalo. Enjoy the Supershow though!

    7. But, if you don't watch, who will?!? I can't watch the January 4th show as it airs since I'll be covering RAW. Not sure if chjpacheco is covering either show either, I haven't yet asked him to give up RAW on the 4th for TNA.

  3. 7. Well Jan 4 is a poker night for me which starts between 7-7:30 soI wont make it for iMPACT! anyway. I'm not even 100% for RAW right now.

    5. I checked earlier ant the title match for it is Cena vs Sheamus, but it doesn't say who the champ is.

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