Hi and welcome to the first edition of Random Randomness for 2010.  I hope everybody had a happy and safe New Years holiday. But even though there was holiday There was till a lot going on in the wrestling world.

1. RIP Dr. Death Steve Williams.

2.  Don’t remember much of RAW except that Timbaland was a better host than Johnny Damon, but then again watching paint dry while listening to an Aaron Wood podcast is better than Damon hosting RAW.

3.  Sheamus it still the WWE champion and finally has a nameplate on the title meaning that he probably will have the title until at least the Royal Rumble which is fine by me.

4.  Tommy Dreamer had his last match (for now) with WWE and it was done right.  I was glad to see him get some mic time and thank the fans.  Good luck in whatever the future holds for him (unless it’s TNA).

5.  Why is Zack Ryder not in the ECW homecoming thingy, but Finlay is?

6.  So I went to the final live WWE event of the decade this week, it was a Supershow.  I was told 12,000 were in attendance but I think there was more like 15,000 (either way more the WWE usually draws) the legendary Howard Finkel was the ring announcer and here’s what went down:

  1. ECW championship- Christian def Shelton Benjamin: Good to see Shelton (the show was Wednesday) he hadn’t been on in a couple weeks so I thought he was injured, great matchup between the two.
  2. Kelly Kelly tried to talk and sucked the life out of the room, I think she gave someone in the nosebleed seats front row tickets.
  3. US championship match- The Miz def Jack Swagger & M.V.P.
  4. 8 diva tag team match featuring Gail Kim, Mickie James & The Bella Twins vs. Katie Lea Burchill, Beth Phoenix, Maryse, & Alicia Fox: Um yeah I got up and got some Nachos, a soda, and a Kofi Kingston t-shirt during this one.
  5. Intercontinental championship: Drew McIntyre def. John Morrison: great match here between the two.
  6. Kane def. Big Show:  Big Show looks like he lost a little weight. Kane choke-slammed Show for the win.
  7. Batista def. Rey Mysterio in a no DQ Falls Count anywhere match: It looks like Batista might be doing a “Narcissist” gimmick soon, because he kept posing for the crowd.  Batista won by clocking Rey on the head with the ring bell.  Then after the match Batista was going to attempt to do more damage with a chair, but Rey countered and Batista was cut open form the chair shot.
  8. DX & Kofi Kingston def Legacy & Randy Orton:  The worst match of the night.  DX threw out their glow-sticks, (which I thought was good) then they got lame with the poop jokes, a couple racist jokes by HHH to Kofi.  Then during the match they thought it was funny to pull down both DiBiase and Orton’s trunks showing bare ass.  HBK and Kofi did most of the work here while HHH came in at the end and got the pin.  We did get to see all three finishers though.
  9. WWE championship- John Cena def. Sheamus by DQ:  A really good match between the two.  The finish coming after a Sheamus assault of the ref for counting too slow.  And of course, when the ref calls for the bell while Cena has Sheamus in the STFU.  After the match, Cena stays in the ring for another 5-10 minutes talking to the crowd.

Overall it was a great show.  I usually like going to these events no matter how bad the product on TV is.  When they say “There’s nothing like experiencing the WWE live!” they mean it.

7.  Now having said all that, what was the point of having a “Beat the clock challenge” on Smackdown if you weren’t going to have a definite winner??  My original gripe was gonna be how predictable they usually are, but then they go and throw out a whole 2 hour program at the end.  Horrible just horrible.  And you know what the World Title match at the Royal Rumble is probably going to end up being a triple threat anyway. (shakes head)

8.  No iMPACT! for two weeks makes JT perfectly fine.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


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