Hello all.  Hope everyone is doing well and is keeping warm in this nationwide  arctic blast.  It’s actually below 0 farenheit here as the time of this writing.  Well lets get this party started:

1.  The Simpsons 20th anniversary is tonight.  Wow, I can’t believe it 20 years.  I grew up watching this show and think it’s as good now as it was 20 years ago (actually I think it’s better). Congrats!

2.  Well so the big Monday night war happened this week.  I was probably the only wrestling fan that wasn’t really that excited for it, I just wasn’t.  It just felt like a big pile of “Meh” to me.  I decided weeks ago that I was staying with RAW and I was glad that I did.

3.  Bret Hart was great on RAW, I’m not gonna say that he was the best host, (no one is gonna top Ventura) but he was right up there.  It was refreshing to see him and HBK in the ring and settle their differences.  And the showdown with Vince just planted the seed for Wrestlemania, now I can’t wait.

3.  Give us more of Sheamus vs. Evan Bourne, please.

4.  DX retained the tag team titles.  Not really a shocker, but they should be appearing on the other programs and not just RAW.

5.  Note to everyone:  The second someone says that your opponent will squash you, you know that that person’s gonna win the match, see Punk vs Henry.

6.  Second note to everyone:  Anyone facing JobboChavo Guerrero is going to win as long as it’s not on Superstars.

7.  I am already bored with Kozlovvs. Jackson.  They took too long to build this feud and I agree with Jason in that Jackson should be the face and no the heel.

8.  Just because I didn’t watch iMPACT! on Monday didn’t mean i didn’t watch it at all.  I suffered thru saw the replay on Thursday.

9.  The end of the X-division was stupid and unfortunately the Thursday replay edited out the”This Is Bullshit” but oh well whatcha gonna do brother. 

10.  Anyone else notice the lack of a reaction to Jeff Hardy, it seemed to me like nobody really cared, but then again there was a lot going on at the time.

11.  I was lucky that I was uploading CD’s onto my computer so I had something to do during the half hour of commercials during the first hour.

12.  If I had seen iMPACT! on Monday, I would’ve changed my Death Pool picks, well at least one to Scott Hall, man does he look horrible. And he was drunk and could barely stand.  Great job TNA.

13.  I don’t mind seeing Ric Flair in TNA as long as he’s not wrestling, if he starts then I’m done.

14.  I know it’s not gonna end up like this, but I don’t see Hogan rejoining the nWo  Hall, Nash, Waltman and Bischoff, it didn’t seem like it to me.  But this is TNA here.

15.  The fans were chanting “Who needs Bret?” during the main event.  Well since more than twice the number of people tuned to see Bret than Hogan, well I guess that speaks for itself.

16.  Overall, I can understand why people were disappointedwith iMPACT! this week.  There was just too much going on along with way too many new faces and flashbacks to 199(insert nuber between 6&9).  And yes people can say that the wrestling was better, but outside the main event I don’t think a single match went longer than 5 minutes.

17.  Back to WWE now, anyone seen Abraham Washington lately?

18.  Anyone notice that Jeff Hardy has been removed from the WWE opening that they use at the beginning of their programming?

19.  Finlay you need to stop being selfish and put Mike Knox over, and stop using your shilalegh to do it.

20.  I don’t like the new tag team of Croft and Barreta, they’re just annoying.

21.  I thought I’d never say this but Teddy Long and Vickie Guererro are gold together lately, apart not so good.

22.  How’s about Bret not leading the Hart Dynasty to the tag titles, but Jericho.  I like this idea better, so this way Bret stays face.

23.  I hope that the WWE doesn’t take Jeff’s surprise appearance on iMPACT! out on Matt.  But then again he hasn’t really been doing much as of late anyway.

24.  I said it last week that the World Title match at the Royal Rumble was gonna be a triple threat and look right now it looks that way.  I just wish that WWE would’ve just announced it last week and not make us suffer through this two weeks of nonsense.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week, thank you all for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 1. A lot of people don't like the newer episodes. I'm not one of those people, some of my favorite episodes have been from recent seasons.

    3. You realize you have two 3's? Anyways, yes, give me more of Sheamus vs. "Little Evan Bourne." Hell, more mic time for the WWE Champion, please.

    9. I definitely had strong opinions on this. I thought that a no-contest ending in a match that shouldn't have the ability to end in a no-contest to kick off a show when you're trying to show that you're better than the competition is the dumbest thing they could possibly do.

    13. I'm 100% with you, particularly as I was at Flair's retirement match with HBK back in 08 – in fact I'm wearing my WM24 shirt right now.

    14. And again, you and I agree. Hogan didn't look thrilled at the end of the show when they were beating down Foley.

    15. I would have kept watching Styles/Angle even if Bret Hart came out on RAW during the match. That was a hell of a match. More, please.

    17. No, thankfully.

  2. LK do you realise when it's winter here it's summer where you are? Over here most of the copuntry is what the weather channel calls an "Artic Blast" but here we call that normal winter weather.

    Yes Joe I did notice that I had 2 three's. I thought I fixed it, but aparantely not, oh well.

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