Welcome everybody to what has been a long week here in JTland.  Well no matter how rough of a week it has been, I’m still here for you all to give you my thoughts on things.

1.  RIP my HP Pavilion computer 2004-2010.  On Monday it finally died.  I had a feeling that it was on it’s way out and was hoping to get another year out of it but you can’t win them all. The replacement, a Mac!

2.  F*@% Jay Leno and NBC!  Yes I know NBC is the company that owns the USA Network where RAW and a lot of my other favorite shows air, but what you guys did to Conan O’Brien is just wrong.

3.  Today’s colors are purple and green.

4.  Mike Tyson wasn’t very good as a host for RAW, not the worst by far, but not that great either.  I knew from the second he mad the tag team match be tween him & Jericho vs. DX that he was gonna turn on Jericho.  This is WWE saying to TNA “Hey look we can do 1997 too!”  RAW overall wasn’t bad though.

5.  Randy Orton is the #1 Contender again for the WWE title and is facing Sheamus at the Royal Rumble.  He was going to be my pick to win the Rumble again but now that’s gonna change.  I like this idea though I fully expect to see this end up being a triple threat but Rumble time.

6.  Santino WINS!!!!  Santino WINS!!!!  Against Jack Swagger.  What’s up with Santino’s new look though?

7.  The Miz is awesome, that is all.  MVP isn’t shabby either.

8.  Ezekial Jackson is the #1 contender for the ECW title.  No complaints here.  The Royal Rumble ppv is more about the rumble match anyway.

9.  Why is it that when Yoshi Tatsu wrestles Goldust is right there in his corner, but when Goldust wrestles, Yoshi is nowhere to be found.

10.  Team awesomeness (Slam Master J and Jimmy Wang Yang) won their first match as a tag team this week!  Wait a minute Jimmy Wang Yang and Santino Marella won matches in the same week??  The end is near people.

11.  Why push Mike Knox as a smart tough guy only to have him lose week in and week out?

12.  Well it looks like Jobbo Chavo is back to doing the job even on Superstars.  Ah well you suck anyways.

13.  I watched iMPACT! this week and have to say that I wan’t too impressed for what I saw.  Where was everybody that showed up last week?

14.  Good to see Angelina Love back.  I wonder who she’s gonna have on here side to feud with The Beautiful People.

15.  I actually like the idea of a Sean Morley/ Christopher Daniels feud.

16.  Hogan says that a young WWE star will debut tonight at the ppv.  Rumors are saying that it’s either Ken Kennedy (KENNEDY!) or RVD or Brian Kendrick.  My guess is that it will be none of them and will surprise us all.

17.  So CM Punk and Luke Gallows are the next in line to fall to DX in a tag team title feud.  Let’s just hop I’m wrong on that one.

18.  Nice shiner sported by Jericho this pat week on Smackdown.  He sold Tyson punching him well, but then again he is the best at what he does.

19.  Finally after weeks and weeks of matches, Rey Mysterio is the #1 contender to the World Title and will face Undertaker at the Rumble.  I don’t have a problem with this and am glad WWE is not giving the triple threat we all thought was gonna happen.

Well thats all I’ve got for this week, thank you all for reading and see you next time.

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