What’s up everyone, welcome again to another edition of Random Randomness.  Hope everyone is doing well, I know I’m doing ok.  Well without further ado, lets get going:

1.  Today is the big day, Super Bowl XLIV (44) pitting the Indianapolis Colts (making their 4th appearance) against the New Orleans Saints (making their first ever appearance).  Who do I want to win?  I don’t really Care whO wins Like lasT year, juSt hoping we get a great game like last year.

2.  I actually checked out the Royal Rumble last weekend, the first non-Wrestlemania ppv I’ve watched since ROH’s Driven a couple years ago and the first non-Wrestlemania WWE ppv since 2002.  I have to say that I enjoyed it very much.  My thoughts:

  1. I was gonna complain about Christian continuing to hold the ECW title but since the direction ECW is going in (we’ll get into later) I understand.
  2. Mickie James won the women’s title, the world still turns.
  3. Undertaker beats Rey Mysterio with his secondary finisher.  Now I’m not saying at the least that Undertaker buried him, it was a good match in fact, but Rey getting beat by the Last Ride and not the Tombstone kinda says something to me.
  4. Highlight of the 30 person Rumble: Beth Phoenix eliminates The Great Khali.
  5. Punk was awesome as per usual.  For those who didn’t see it, he eliminated everyone quickly and while waiting for the next competitor  he talked on the microphone.
  6. HBK’s elimination was way to drawn out, it was stupid.
  7. Wasn’t surprised that Edge was in it, was surprised that he won it.

3.  Rob Zombies new CD “Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Nobile Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls And The Systematic Dehumanization of Cool”  came out this week and I have to say that it’s pretty good.  A little different sounding than previous Zombie albums but it is a good one nonetheless.

4.  RAW wan’t bad this week.  I didn’t think that William Shatner was a bad host, but didn’t think he was all that great either, but he had his moments.

5. R.I.P. Jack Brisco.

6.  Was it me or were all of the Elimination Chamber qualifying matches just a little to predictable.  I’m not just talking RAW, but Smackdown too.  The only real surprise was having Kofi Kingston beating Big Show and that was by DQ.  But then again I don’t think the Big Show could fit into one of those holding cells.

7.  So effective March 2 ECW is no more.  It will now be called NXT which will showcase a lot of the younger wrestlers in developmental (or so I heard).

8.  Did anyone notice that when Vince made the announcement, the gave us canned cheering?

9.  The Abraham Washington show returned. <groan>  But then again it does get quite entertaining when Tony Atlas trash talks him, he is the only reason to watch the segment.  They also made light of the Gregory Helms arrest.  For those who didn’t know, Helms and Jericho were arrested for public intoxication.  That doesn’t go well for the superhero image eh.

10.  Joe doesn’t like Yoshi Tatsu which is cool by me,  but this feud with him/Goldust  and Baretta/Croft is quite boring and I wish it would end.

11.  iMPACT! was on this week, I think I put 200 more songs in my iPod during it.

12.  I have to admit it, I don’t like Matt Striker as an announcer, he’s almost as bad as Michael Cole.

13.  Striker, Mike Knox is a jobber.  Yes he’s a big one but still it it not an upset when that jobber loses no matter how much smaller he is.

14.  It was good to see Bret get his hands on Vince this week, even though it was brief, but I so wanted to see Vince in the sharpshooter, but then we have to pay to see that, but I so can’t wait.

15.  Check out the new merchandise store: http://www.customdropshipper.com/brdwrstlngfn

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.  And for those going to Superbowl parties, be responsible.


  1. Thanks for the plug for the merch store – I actually just ordered my bWf t-shirt. For the record, The Big Show has been in an Elimination Chamber before. ECW December To Dismember. He was actually the last to get out of the chamber.

  2. Oh wow,I totally forgot about that one, but then again that is probably being treated like HHH in WCW, it never happened. I still need to order my bWf shirt.

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