Hi all and welcome to the Valentine’s Day edition of Random Randomness.  Hope everyone who has a Valentine treats him/her well and for those who don’t have one, go out and find one.  Well without further ado, lets go:

1.  Congrats to the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.  I’m not gonna say that I was shocked or that they got lucky, they were the better team and deserved to win.  A big shout out to the Colts who also made it a fun game to watch.

2.  The Who’s halftime performance was awesome.

3.  We got Sheamus vs Christian on RAW this week, could this be foreshadowing of what is to come after ECW is done?  Hopefully yes.

4.  Your winners and NEW WWE UNIFED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: ShowBiz!!  I would’ve gone with the Straight Edge Society, but I’m happy as long as it’s not DX.

5.  As far as DX, it looks like WWE is going with the split and HBK turning heel.  Hey I like this idea.  We haven’t had a heel HBK for such a long time and I can’t wait.

6.  Seeing Bret Hart is always a good thing in my book, but he better be careful. In his rampage last week, while destroying some of the equipment, he almost knocked it on himself.  Him getting hurt right now wouldn’t be the best idea.

7.  The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase is the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.  Definitely a good pick.  Now he just needs his own 3 DVD set (or does he have one already, Im not sure).

8.  Tomorrow night’s host for RAW is none other than Jerry Springer.  You all need to give this one a chance, he might actually be good since he has had his own talk show for the last 20 years.  Hey I thought Bob Barker was gonna totally suck until I saw the program he hosted and love it.

9.  Next Tuesday is the final ECW, in which all of the wrestlers will be “Free Agents” and will be allowed to go to either RAW or Smackdown.  Can’t wait to see what happens here.

10.  The after numerous weeks of jobbing to Baretta and Croft, WWE makes Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust #1 contenders to the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship.  Smart booking WWE.  I like Tatsu and Goldust, but seriously you build up Baretta and Croft and then stop it like that. :shakes head:

11.  Since when does WWE stop matches to fix a cut???  I know they did it last year on a ppy but I never seen it on TV during a match.  For those who don’t know, the Shelton Benjamin/ Vance Archer match was stopped for a couple minutes while Shelton medics attended to a very small barely bleeding cut on Shelton’s forehead.  Seriously, I can understand that if he was gushing blood, but you could barely noticeh that he had a cut on him.

12.  So for the final ECW championship, it will be Christian vs. Ezekial Jackson one more time in an extreme rules match.  I WWE has any smart’s in them, the would have Christian win, because a Jackson win would be pointless.

13.  If you told me that a  Dolph Ziggler vs JTG match would be a main event, I would never believe you, not in a million years.  Well guess what, it happened this week on Superstars.  And it was a pretty damn good match too.

14.  It looks like that John Morrison will removed from the Elimination Chamber due to his “injury” that he sustained this week.  Hey HBK wants in on the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match, coincidence??? I just wish they went with someone else getting “injured” and not  Morrison.  Whys couldn’t Rey get “injured” with all the filppy floppy stuff that he does.

15.  How is it that a a heel Batista can say absolutely nothing and it be the best promo?

16.  TNA has a ppv tonight, who’s not watching???? Me (raises hand)

17.  Speaking if TNA, it looks like that they won’t be moving to Monday Nights on March 1, but later on in the month, but there will be an announcement at tonight’s ppv and it may be regarding the move.

18.  On one final note, Ric Flair says that he will be wrestling in TNA.  What a way to crap on the retirement ceremony that WWE gave you.

Ont that note, I think I’m done for this week thank you all again for reading and see you all next time.  BTW I have other engagements next weekend won’t be hosting a Elimination Chamber Roundtable, so there won’t be one unless Joe  wants to do one.

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