Hi all and welcome once again to another edition of Random Randomness.  Nothing clever to intro you in so lets go:

1.  The NBA All Star Game drew a live audience of over 108,000 people.  WOW that’s amazing. Sorry Vince, you don’t have that indoor attendance record anymore.

2.  We’re 5 years away from 2015 (as depicted in Back To The Future) has anyone noticed that we’re not very far from where we were in 1985.  Yeah we have moved forward, but we are nowhere near the 2015 in the movie prediction.

3.  This season of Celebrity Fit Club features Kevin Federline, boy did he get fat.

4.  Ok I take back everything I said about Jerry Springer last week.  He was horrible.  That “mock Springer show”segment was horrible and reminded me why I stopped watching Springer years ago.  Hell I even tried watching an episode this week and couldn’t even get past the first 5 minutes of it before changing the channel.  It did have some good points though, Santino, Lawler, and even Jerry himself got off a few good one liners, but all in all to quote The Great Khali “It was a giant waste of time!”

5.  The power of the DVR.  I’m not a big Cena or Triple H fan so guess what, fast forward button.

6.  Antonio Inoki is the next member of the 2010 class of the WWE Hall Of Fame.  I’m not too familiar with him, but he is definitely deserving of it.

7.  And like that ECW is done.  You will be missed.  I’m not to excited about NXT. I’ll give it a try, but chances are that I’ll be don with it after a few weeks.

8.  So WWE went with a title change and gave the ECW championship to Ezekiel Jackson right before they retired it.  Not the best move, but at least he’ll have that to brag about on whichever program he goes to.

9.  First the Survivor Series and now Backlash is not the next ppv being removed by WWE.  I don’t know, this just seems to me that WWE wants to go back to the mid 90’s when every ppv had a different name every month.

10.  Kane is going for the Intercontinental Championship.  He should be going for the World title, but this will do for now.

11.  Batista is so awesome as a heel right now that I can’t wait to see him one on one against Cena at Wrestlemania.

12.  TNA has announced that iMPACT! will be moving to Monday nights starting on March 8 and will be live one week and taped the next.  I will be glad because I will no longer have to suffer through it anymore.  How long will it last before being forced to return to Thursday nights?  I think by the end of the year.

13.  I may crap on TNA, but the only thing I actually like about them is their World Title picture.  I’m glad that AJ Styles is the champ and that D’Angelo Dinero is the #1 contender.  This is the one thing they are doing right, well until Flair and Hogan end up involved in it.

And on that note, Thats all I’ve got for now thanks again for reading and see you all next time.

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