Welcome everyone again and welcome to another edition of this thing called an article, where I try to tell you the goings on in my head.  Well hopefully my non-hangover state will help me this week so without further ado, lets go:

1.  GO TEAM USA, beat Canada in it’s own game!!!!!!! (for those who don’t know, the US hockey team plays the Canadian hockey team in the gold medal game at  the Olympics today at 3pm eastern)

2.  So the Elimination Chamber ppv  was last weekend and WWE went not only with a double title change but a triple change.  No real surprise on the Smackdown side as we all figured the somehow Jericho would end up the champ because of Edge, but I didn’t see Cena winning on the RAW side and on top of it, Batista beating Cena on top of it to become the WWE champion.  Good job WWE.

3.  So now Wrestlemania is starting to shape up and you know what, I’m actually looking forward to it this year.  Even if we don’t get Bret vs. Vince, this year’s looks like a good show already, with Cena vs. Batista, Edge vs. Jericho, and Taker vs. HBK 2, I really can’t wait.

4.  Releases, releases, releases this week: Paul Burchill, Gregory Helms, and Maria.  Helms I kinda expected since the arrest a few weeks back and Burchill because they weren’t really doing anything with him, but Maria is a big surprise.  She was the 2009 Diva of the year and had a program with Matt Hardy and is on this season of Celebrity Apprentice.  But this is WWE so I’m not surprised.

5.  Did anyone besides me notice that HHH wasn’t on RAW this week?

6.  WWE NXT debuted this week and have to say it was a big pile of meh. I really wasn’t into it all that much.  Though I did enjoy the Jericho/ Brian match.  I’ll give a couple more weeks.

7.  Wendy Richter is the next member of the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2010.  When I was a kid and first got into wrestling, there was only one woman’s wrestler that I knew that existed ant that was Wendy Richter.  This is well deserved for her and to top it all off, she will be inducted by Rowdy Roddy Piper!

8.  A clip from the upcoming movie staring Batista and Rob Van Dam (NSFW):


9.  iMPACT! got 20 minutes of my time this week and then I changed the channel and watched Back To The Future Part II  for the 150th time because I knew it was better programming.

10.  Anybody notice that Matt Hardy went back to his old ring attire?

11.  Dolph Ziggler qualified for the Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania this year but defeating both R-Truth and John Morrison.  Kinda of a surprise here, but he should be in this match and this leaves it open for R-Truth and Morrison to challenge for the Unified Tag team Titles.  I’m calling it now: Show-Miz vs R-Truth & John Morrison.

12.  Kane also qualified for the Money In The Bank match by beating Drew McIntyre, ending McIntyre’s undefeated streak.  No surprise here, it was going to end sooner or later so why not now.  Kane should be a part of Wrestlemania and since WWE creative has nothing else for him to do, thhan he should be in this match.

13.  Shelton Benjamin also qualified for the Money In The Bank Match by beating CM Punk.  Well we know now that Punk wont three-peat as Money In The Bank winner.  That’s ok beacuse he’ll have his hands full with Rey Mysterio when he removes his mask.  Shelton like Kane, should be involved in Wrestlemania, and since he’s been in all but one Money In The Bank match, this seems to be his yearly conquest, will he win it this year?  We just have to wait and see.

14.  How long before we see Edge vs. Miz for either the WWE or World title?  I’m hoping for sooner than later.

And on that note, I’m done for this week thank you all again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 4. Referee Scott Armstrong was also released. Sad to see any of these four go.

    5. As a matter of fact, no, I didn't.

    10. Both tharvey1 and I mentioned it in our reviews, actually.

    13.It's hard to call at this point – I'm thinking Christian to win Money In The Bank based on the current crop of guys.

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