Well another week gone by, man does the time fly and with so much happening, I just don’t know where to start but I am so without further ado, lets get this party started, right:

1.  Unless you live on planet Galgamon, you probably know this by know but JACK SWAGGER IS THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!  Only 2 days after winning the Money In the bank match at Wrestlemania, he cashes it in and wins. I was actually gonna write an article on how he fits in to the title picture better on Smackdown than on RAW but he had to win it before could, oh well.  Though I like this move, when he cashed it in an won, seriously had tear in my eyes and couldn’t believe it.  Did anyone hear the pop he got after winning?  If Swagger doesn’t mess it up, then he could be champ for a long time.

2.  These 3 words say it all: Thank You Shawn.

3.  RIP Chris “Kanyon” Klucsaritis.

4.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Donovan McNabb gets traded to the Oakland Raiders.  That would be awesome on so many levels.

5.  iMPACT! is so desperate to get ratings that they are going to 8 pm Tomorrow night.  To promote it, they’re running an 8 reasons to watch iMPACT! at 8.  Well, I’ll give you 8 reasons not to watch it:

  1. Nobody watches it anyway, why start now.
  2. Hulk Hogan
  3. House returns next week (yes this 8 pm time slot is only for 1 week, but the word is if this gets a good rating then it will become permanent)
  4. The NCAA Mens Basketball National Championship is on featuring Duke vs. Butler is on.
  5. Watching paint dry with Aaron wood doing directors commentary on it sounds like more fun.
  6. The Triumvirate wants it back on Thursdays.
  7. Eric Bischoff
  8. I have poker this week.

6.  Some Wrestlemania thoughts:

  • It didn’t live up to the hype, though I didn’t think it was bad at all.
  • I missed the Orton, Rhodes, DiBiase match because  I was ordering pizza.
  • HHH should’ve put Sheamus over.  I don’t want to hear that “he made him look good”  HHH didn’t need the win and it wouldn’t have killed him to do the job at Wrestlemania.  And he wonders why people like me hate him.
  • Vince vs. Bret was WAY too long.  After the double swerve, (which was awesome btw) Bret should’ve knocked Vince over and put the sharpshooter that’s it.
  • I chatted with our boss ThinkSoJoE during the program, aewsomeness ensued!
  • Shocking moment of the night, Kelly Kelly botches a pin.
  • HBK vs. Undertaker II while it was a great match and a great way to end Wrestlemania, was not as good as last year, but then again I don’t think any match will.
  • As far as me and my picks, I started out 0-4 and finished 5-5 .

7.  The Dudebusters are still employed, damnit.  I hat these guys, they’re horrible.

8.  Cryme Tyme is no more.  Sad, I was actually a fan.  I don’t like this only because one guy ends up getting pushed while the other ends up being pushed out the door.

9.  Remember when Michelle McCool and Lalya made fun of Mickie James calling her fat.  Yet now they’re hanging with Vickie Guerrero who actually is fat.  Can someone say hypocrites.

10.  I saw a commercial for Rent-A-Center the other day and who was in it, Hulk Hogan.  My first thought, do these commercials get higher ratings than iMPACT! and if they do, then why isn’t Hogan wearing a TNA t-shirt in the commercial?  If you really want the company to succeed, something like that would be perfect.  Come on when Mick Foley appeared on “The Daily Show ” both times he was wearing a shirt promoting TNA.

Ok on that note I’m out thanks again for reading, Happy Easter and see you all next time.


  1. 1). I heard the pop, but am not sure where I stand on it just yet. Still trying to get over the horrible finish (i.e. taking 213423 hours to take the case down) in the Money in the Bank.

    2, 3, 8, 9, 10). Absolutely.

    5), I'd be watching the NCAA game over all other things if I wasn't working. PVR the rest…

    6), You tied for first over at that other site: http://projectwonderboy.morphinenation.com/?p=180… Well done!

    • Why not? He's got a Magnificent Bastard from Rickard, a gold bar from Zah, and the extremely rare ThinkSoJoE seal of quality on the shelf already.

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