Howdy folks and welcome to another edition of your favorite Sunday article by me.  As the temperature changes here in JTland from record high temps one day to snow the next, the world still turns.  Well now without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

1.  Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils Men’s basketball team for winning the NCAA Mens Basketball Championship and ending Butler’s cinderella run to the title.

2.  Congratulations are also in due the UConn Huskies Women’s basketball for winning the NCAA Womens Basketball Champonship and winning their 175th consecutive game in the process.

3.  I went out and bought some CD’s this week that I recommend to you.  They are all solo albums from guitar greats Slash, Bruce Kulick and Ace Frehley.

  • Slash’s simply called Slash contains guest appearances by Ozzy Osbuorne, Ian Astbury of The Cult, Kid Rock, Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop, Lemmy form Motorhead, Dave Grohl and Fergie (who knew she could rock. She should leave them and become a rocker).  The album rocks, just don’t expect a Guns N’Roses or Velvet Revolver CD because this isn’t.
  • Bruce Kulick’s is called BK3 and features guest appearances by Gene Simmons & Eric Singer from Kiss, John Corabi formerly of Motley Crue and that’s about it.  Kulick signs on most of the songs himself and has a pretty good voice and the CD is great so go but it.
  • Ace Frehley’s is called Anomaly and doesn’t have any guest appearances, but that is ok not everyone has to.  Now I haven’t heard this one in whole yet, what I have heard is quite good.  Plus the CD case folds into a pyramid which is cool too.

4.  Dirty Speaker check them out and become a fan, they are awesome.

5.  David Otunga claims to spend $295 on his haircuts, well after seeing that botch job of the RAW logo, I think you got ripped off there buddy.

6.  So, it’ll be a Last man standing match at Extreme Rules for the WWE title between John Cena and Batista, my guess is that neither man will be.

7.  You know  iMPACT! is in trouble when they have a match where one of the victor’s wins a spider.  Yikes.

8. Speaking of iMPACT!, they are back to replaying it on Thursday nights, so join us on our forums for out weekly discussion of it.

9.  This week’s episode of NXT is precisely why I don’t like it.  If I wanted to watch guys run around the ring carrying full kegs of beer, I would watch the world’s strongest man competition.  Plus, Michael Cole is even worse when he try’s to be a heel, just bad.

10.  Poor Zack Ryder, he was infinite levels of awesome on ECW and is now reduced to jobber duty while tagging wit Jobbo Guerrero.

11.  Speaking of Jobbo, does he even realize that he can’t do Eddie’s “Three Amigo’s” move or is he just doing it bad on purpose.  I know your paying tribute to him, but come on your not him stop doing it.

12.  Could John Morrison possibly making a move up to main event status finally?  Well I think he made his case in his match this week against World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger this week.

13.  Methinks that CM Punk isn’t getting his head shaved, unless they change the match Before Extreme Rules, Punk’s long hair will stay.

14.  Cryme Tyme breakup feud begins, one of them goes over, the other (if not both) disappears.

15.  I’m totally not surprised that there was not winner in the #1 contenders match between Edge and Chris Jericho.  They both should be in the World Title match at Extreme Rules even if it is for one of them to job to Swagger.

Alright folks that’s it.  Thanks again for reading and see you all next time.

p.s. There may or may not be a Random Randomness next week.  Just giving you a heads up.


  1. 1). That was an excellent and close game! I really enjoyed it, and not just because my team won… but it helped! Ha ha…
    2). Quite an impressive win streak, huh? Wow.
    5). Totally ripped off. Do it right, or don't do it at all. While it's a cool idea and unique, this made him look like a goof.
    7). And loses their title as well…
    9). I don't mind it when they ACTUALLY wrestle. Yep, hence why I record it and can FFW right through the crap.
    12). I think will come in time, right now he's completely over with the crowd. Morrison has come a long way from his Johnny Nitro days.
    13). You know, the other outcome of Rey losing his mask would be an epic fail though… Double DQ?

    As always, I love these things JT!

  2. Ahh… you're right. I watched SD pretty late on Friday after 16 hours of work. It is only listing the hair on the line right now… Hence, the question will Punk demand Rey put something of his on the line is not official. JT – 1, Gee – 0

    BTW, here's a nice little randomness for you, Raven is listed at TNA in their roster section as such: "Height: 6'12" Weight: 270 pounds"


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