How is everybody this week?  Well as the world turns and the days get longer and we get closer to our inevitable end, I realized something.  I have another article to write.  Well without further ado, here it is:

1.  The rumor going around is that Batistsa is leaving WWE  and it could be as early as this week.  The rumor is that his contract is either up soon or already expired and he has yet to resign.  If true, this is a huge blow to WWE, because he is probably at his best right now.  The other story going around is that their is heat between him and HHH over a movie role that HHH got over him.  C’mon Batista, a straight to DVD movie is nothing to get mad over.

2.   A big Thank You to all of the Smackdown superstars for pulling through and being the replacements for the stranded RAW superstars who were stranded overseas due to the volcano eruption. You guys put on a good show (with the exception of the MacGruber guys) but then again Smackdown is the better program anyway.

3. So tomorrow it the big WWE Draft. I’m not making any predictions because I don’t really see the point of this when WWE only has two main programs. At least with ECW around it was a little more interesting.

4.Undertaker needs to get better soon so we can get more of him vs. Jackie Swagger. Their match on RAW was AWESOME!

5. Oh yeah Rob Van Dam became the TNA world Champion. If I gave a crap about TNA, I would be excited but I will give him a bit Congrats though.

6. Releases this week (and not even a full month after Wrestlemania) include Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J (no more team Awesomeness 🙁 ), Katie Lea Burchill, Mickie James, Shelton Benjamin, Funaki, and Mike Knox. Always sad to here of releases especially for talented people like this, yet talentleass crapheads like The Dudebusters and Tyler Recks still have jobs.

7. Rock Em Sock Em rookies on NXT this week, wow WWE thinks it’s American Gladiators. (sigh)

8. R-Truth was blown up on RAW this week only to show up on both NXT and Smackdown with no mention of it. Weird.

9. John Morrison needs to be in the Main Event, he is ready (beating the World Champion doesn’t hurt his stock either).

10. Matt Hardy’s head was stomped on by Drew McIntyre in their Tag match this week. I wonder if Matt will remember who he is or have an attitude change.

11. A little ironic that Mcike James and Mike Knox were both released on Wednesday and Thursday yet both of their matches were shown on Friday. Yes I know they Smackdown is taped on Tuesday.

12. Smackdown and NXT were both held in the Mohegan Sun Arena. I saw Alice In Chains last weekend in the Mohegan Sun Arena, I wonde if it was the same one????

Alright that’s all I’ve got for this week.  Thank you all for reading and see you next time.


  1. 1). I think this is a good thing (but I make no illusion for my dislike of big Dave). The WWE needs to open the door for new maineventers, and lets face it, how much more time does the old man have?

    2). Absolutely the better show… because they have more time for matches! Kudos to the guys for pulling double duty.

    5). While TNA dropped the ball as always on building up a program, RVD put on a fantastic show in multiple matches last Monday.

    6). Some very good talent was lost here… meh..

    12) How was the show?

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