Howdy folks.  It’s Sunday again an you know what that means, another randomization of all things random in this random world with random implications and random consequences.  So without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

1.  I apologize again because I planned on doing a podcast this week but didn’t get around to doing it, maybe next week.

2.  It is being rumored that Batista will leaving after the May 23 ppv “Over The Limit” so we get a few more weeks of Batista heel awesomeness.

3.  So the Draft was this week.  Ugh, I’m thinking that WWE is starting to get tired of the idea of this now by having the talentless wonder aka Kelly Kelly be the first draft pick.  Though that is a good thing since I wont have to see her on my TV anymore since I fast forward thru all the Div crap on Smackdown.

4.  Edge the heel has returned! YAY!

5.  Babyface Big Show???  It has potential, though I don’t see a World Title run for him anytime soon.

6.  Nobody watched iMPACT! this week so I don’t have to talk about it.

7.  I actually liked NXT this week and the sell the programs challenge.  For my tow cents on the whole thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wade Barrett ends up winning the whole thing.

8.  Jobbo Guerrero need to realize that what ever program he’s on, he’ll still suck and job to everyone even if he is related to the higher up on the show.

9.  I like how people complain on how badly booked Jack Swagger has been since becoming World Champion, he’s least has won half of his matches while Jericho since losing the title to Swagger has lost every singles match he’s been in.

10.  Glad to see Dolph Ziggler move up the ladder and get a feud with Hornswoggle.

Well that’s all Ive got for now folks, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 1). Do you plan on having guests? I can't say I can commit for sure, but that would be a cool thing if so…

    3). Yeah, this year felt pretty weak… I'm pretty sure Big Show has moved in every single one of the drafts. I PVR every show that I can (even if I don't get to all of them). I'm actually glad that CM Punk stayed put while Jericho moved. I think these two are the best heels in the business today and this means we get at least one of them on either show.

    4). Didn't see it coming this early, but have no qualms whatsoever. This sets up a potential future feud with Christian with the heat set on simmer. Not enough of these types of builds anymore…. I wonder where this leaves the Edge/Y2J storyline?

    6). I did. Not that bad an episode… but there was a bunch of (shocker) garbage too. The two most significant events were A). TNA opened up voting for the number one contender (good, check the results, they have a nice little competition going), and B). the godawful magical ring thing continues as Abyss confiscated Flair's WWE HOF ring which will be "awarded" to someone next week by Hogan. Hence, Bruno Sammartino is laughing his ass off somewhere right now.… (Warning: contains NO journalistic integrity).

    7). Me too… Wade is not too shabby… not too shabby at all.

    8). Yep.

    10). He's the new "Chavo." It's retarded that Hornswoggle can throw a projectile at his opponent (his helmet) right in front of the ref and not get DQ'd. I realize it's a gimmicked filler garbage match, but seriously…

  2. 1. I would like to but I don't have a land phone line and international phone calls on my cell are expensive, but I have to record one first and that right now is a chore in itself.

    3. Definately

    4. I just wish they kept them on separate shows for now and have something happen around July to set up for Summerslam or whatever it's called this year.

    6. Nothing can really get me to care about iMPACT! anymore, I just can't. I had the replay on and was bored after 20 mins. Im sorry, I try I really do.

  3. I think the main draw for me to TNA is that they're the show on Monday that does not have guest hosts. Wayne Brady? Really?

  4. Yeah but lately the guest hosts haven't been getting much airtime other than a segment or two. I think WWE learned their lesson that too. I be Wayne Brady has very little time on the program tomorrow.

  5. 1. JT you can use Skype to record phone conversations via the computer. I'm not sure what the cost is, but it would be cheaper and easier to set up for that kind of stuff than anything revolving around traditional landline or cell service. Actually, I'm not even sure if there is a cost if everybody has it that is participating. I know when LK was talking about doing one we were considering Skype.

  6. I bought a headset compatible with Skype back when LK mentioned that. It's still in the package. 😛

    I'd be all about helping with podcasts through Skype if someone would walk my technologically-challenged self through the process.

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