Well arter a few weeks of doing the podcast thingy, I figured I’d return to the old format and the article thingy this week.  Plus the allergies are pretty bad again this week so I’d save you from hearing me sneeze 20 times in 20 minutes.  So without further ado, I say we get this ship sailing:

1.  I was gonna ask about why Ashton Kutcher’s segments looked different from the rest of the backstage segment’s only to find out that HE WASN’T AT RAW and his segments were filmed at his home in Los Angeles.  So wait, now guest hosts don’t even have to show up, just great.  As much of a douche I think he is, he should’ve been there live, no excuses.

2. RIP Rue McClanahan.

3.  The Uso’s speak.  I liked them when they were called Cryme Tyme.  Though I do like their high flying maneuvers.

4.  Evan Bourne gets a big main event win on RAW by pinning Sheamus.  Not a big shocker you say, I know it really isn’t but wait there’s more.  In case you didn’t watch RAW, The main event was a tag team match featuring Bourne & John Cena vs Edge & Sheamus, and Cena stepped aside and let Bourne hit his Shooting Star Press (I get chills every time I see it still) to get the win.  Could we see a possible replacement in the WWE title match if Randy Orton isn’t ready  at the Fatal Four Way ppv?  I hope so.

5. Speaking of Randy Orton, he is going to need surgery on his shoulder, so if he does make it to Fatal Four Way, don’t expect him to win.

6.  Daniel Bryan beat The Miz and then threw Miz into Michael Cole, awesome! The only thing now is where does this go from here.

7.  SANTINO WINS!!!!!!!  SANTINO WINS!!!!!!!!!  Granted He had help form Koslov, but does this mean we will finally get the awesome Koslov/Santino tag team?

8.  Three Hour Viewers Choice RAW?  Good idea, no seriously I like this even thought I haven’t voted on it yet, but if I do I do and If I don’t I don’t.  So I can’t bitch next week.

9.  Congratulations again to Wade Barret for winning season 1 of NXT.  If you want to know my thoughts of the program, just scroll down a bit because I did an audio on it.

10.  Anyone seen Shad Gaspard lately, did you fail a pee test?

11.  I thought John Morrison failed a pee test too but it turns out that he has an ankle injury which is why he hasn’t been on tv in a few weeks and is probably why he ia a pro for NXT season 2.

12.  For those who don’t know Undertaker wasn’t found in a comatose state, (though I do like the storyline) he was reinjured in his match last week by Rey Mysterio and suffered a concussion, broken nose and a broken orbital bone.  So what does WWE do, give his spot to in the world title match to Rey Mysterio, the guy who caused the injuries.  Way to go WWE, give the injurer the spot of the injured.

13.  I don’t see why Smackdown built the whole show around Kane avenging Undertaker state and then give the spot to someone who DIDN”T DESERVE IT.

14.  We had a Finlay sighting this week, so much for being retired from in ring action, though it probably was because they needed guys due to the injury bug that has been going around.

15.  Still like Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer, I think the will be offered an “official contract” next week since their “30 day contract” is up.

16.  One final thing, Jobbo Guerrero didn’t lose this week, though he was on the winning side of a handicap match over Christian, he didn’t get the pin, his partner Dolph Ziggler did.  So in my book not an official win for Jobbo.

Well I guess that’s all for now Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you all next time.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna do a Roundtable for the Fatal Four Way PPV, so if you want in send me your picks between Monday June 14 and 5 pm Eastern Saturday June 19.


  1. 1). That's a great point, followed by an excellent song. Jar of Flies is my fav AIC album too.
    3). True, the three doing synchronized splashes is pretty sweet to watch…
    4 and 5). Bourne would be a great replacement. Orton should just go heal up… he's young enough to recover quickly.
    6). Youtube tells me, "This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."
    8). I'll be at work, so can't vote… but also don't trust WWE to really account for the results anyways as I am sure they have a lot preplanned.
    10). If Cryme Tyme is done, JTG is better anyways.
    13). I agree with the logic fail… maybe if they keep the storyline going, they'll be a long term payoff?
    14). The IWC rumours are that he was kind of forced off TV because of his age… I'm sure he enjoyed getting back in the ring, I know I enjoyed watching him in the battle royale.

    I'll try to get in on the roundtable… this week looks brutal for me workwise, so if I don't get back to you, I apologize in advance!

  2. 1. Have the new album, it's pretty good. I like SAP myself. If figured that after I typed those words that, hey why don't I link the video to it.
    6. It works fine here FIlter must something against Canada or something.
    8. Oh wow, I thought it was ongoing thru the week so you may be right on it already being fixed. Damn.
    14. I like watching him too but he wasn't putting any of the younger guys over.

    Let's just hope I don't forget about the Roundtable this month like I did last month.

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