What’s up folks and Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers in the bWf Universe! As we stand here thinking were so cool why don’t you just, read on:

1.  F@@$ the Boston Celtics foe blowing a 13 point lead in Game 7 of the NBA Finals and allowing Kayne Bryant to win another NBA title.  This is why I do’t follow the NBA anymore.

2.  Slash is awesome, this is why. Thanks to ThinkSoJoE for the link.

3.  I’m now starting to believe a little more that the Daniel Bryan WWE release is a work, because on Facebook earlier this week the WWE Universe Facebook page had their daily Like/Dislike segment “Should WWE rehire Daniel Bryan?”  Now normally I would ignore these but of course this one was different, why would you have a rehire poll for someone you released?  Methinks we’re being worked here.  Btw the results were 3 to 1 in favor of him getting rehired, so we may just see him again sooner rather than later.

4.  I like the NXT invasion of RAW, and their dismantling of Bret Hart on Monday, but who didn’t see this happening after he made every RAW superstar be at ringside for the main event.

5.  Anybody notice who wasn’t with the rest of the RAW superstars on Monday, well it was pointed out to me that Chris Jericho wasn’t there with them.  Think here for a second, his NXT rookie was Wade Barrett, and we have a mysterious limo driver.  Hmmmmm, I think we can put 1 and 1 together here.

6.  The Miz is US champ again, have no problem with it but WWE should have made us pay to see it at a certain pay per view they are having tonight.

7.  Guest hosts shouldn’t wrestle, the end.

8.  I didn’t watch much of NXT this week, was kinda of disinterested after finding out that the season 1 rookies weren’t gonna show up, but I did catch the Kaval match.  I do have to say this, the Kaval – LayCool pairing, while I may have trashed it at first, is gold.  If you watched Smackdown this week, (and you should) Kaval’s facial expressions while LayCool were talking, priceless.  Kaval is good in the ring too.

9. This is what I do during iMPACT! I leave the hard work of watching it for Drogoddess and G.

10. I’ve been watching the Half Pint Brawlers show on Spike TV and have to say that it is quite good, you should check it out.

11. I’m getting sick of the Vickie Guererro has the hots for Dolph Ziggler storyline, it’s pretty stupid.

12. Like I told you last week, Hawkins and Archer are gonna be here for a while, get used to them unless one of them gets injured.

13. The best part of Smackdown, Kane Tombstone Piledriving Rey Mysterio!

Alright I think that is enough, thank you all for reading and see you on the other side next time.


  1. 1). I hardly follow the regular season… or much of the playoffs, but did watch them blow that lead… “turrible.”
    3). Might just be damage control, as that theory sounds plausible. The only release that seems similar to this one was Hassan’s.
    5). Good point. It would actually make sense.
    7). Unless they actually are/were wrestlers.
    9). This stuff is much appreciated too, as it tends to provide our reviews with an influx of cool.
    11). I have a tough time being bothered to even mention it happens… yawn for sure.

  2. Congrats, JT! You managed to bring the site down for a few minutes there. Well, indirectly. I went to edit the link at the end of the article (you put http:// twice), noticed that WordPress 3.0 was available, clicked upgrade, and the site returned a fatal error. Come to find out, it was the Podcasting plugin. Everything's fixed and working right, including the Podcasting plugin, so all is back to normal.

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