Happy 4th of July to all of my brothers and sisters in the States, hope you all celebrate it safely and responsibly.  Canada Day was also this week too, so Happy Canada Day to all of my Canada Brothers and Sisters too, hope you all enjoyed your day. Since it’s a holiday today and I have many Hot Dogs and Hamburgers to consume as well as fireworks to blow up, lets get this show on the road:

1.  Ok so I was wrong about the NXT guys, now called Nexus, as the did attack this week.  Apparently WWE Hall Of Famers and legends are higher than the boss, who knew?  For those who don’t know Nexus (minus Wade Barrett) attacked WWE legends Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Jerry Lawler (again), I.R.S., Michael P.S. Hayes and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat while they were all in the ring celebrating the release of Steamboat’s 3 DVD set whick came out this week.

2.  Steamboat was also hospitalized this week with a brain aneurysm. We wish him the best in a speedy recovery.

3.  The main reason Wade Barrett wasn’t at RAW on Monday, his work visa expired.  Apparently when WWE found out that Drew McIntyre’s had expired (which was overdue) they noticed that Barrett’s was about to expire so they got his in time and he should be at RAW tomorrow.  As far as McIntyre, I don’t know when he’ll be back.

4.  So there will be both a RAW and Smackdown Money In The Bank ladder matches at the pay per view.  Here is the time for someone like The Miz, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, or Cody Rhodes to step up and move into main event status.

5.  The NXT rankings came out and who was #1, Kaval!    Congrats.  I’m behind him for the sheer fact that I’ve liked what I’ve seen of him and his pros LayCool.

6.  Titus O’Neal was eliminated this week. Can’t really say anything because I really didn’t get to see him that much.  I think this elimination was a little too early as I think we needed a couple more weeks before the first elimination happened.

7.  The Undertaker and Michelle McCool were married last weekend, Congrats.

8.  CM Punk’s arm is legit injured, he had surgery on it last week and is expected to be out of the ring for 4-8 weeks.

9.  Alberto Del Rio was the guy I talked about in my house shoe review who beat Chris Masters.  His promo at the house show was a lot better than his segments on Smackdown, they almost put me to sleep, but than again I did watch them at midnight after a long day.

10.  Skid Row was in town this week on Thursday, so you know what I wasn’t watching.

11.  Serena fell off the wagon on May 31.  Oh well it happens.  Granted it was show that CM Punk didn’t cause the Undertaker to be in his comatose state.  I find it odd that bars have cameras in them.

12.  How cool would it be that we found out that it was Rey Mysterio that did this to the Undertaker leading to a heel turn for Mysterio?  It worked for Batista.

13.  I’m tired of the “Cougar” Vickie Guererro, it’s tired.

14.  I like how Jobbo says he can get the job don and beat MVP in the ring.  That’s a sure sign that he’s not winning the match, in fact Jobbo when was the last time you won a singles match????  Because I sure as hell can’t remember.

15.  Jack Swagger, submission specialist, well not really, but I like his I’m gonna break your leg attitude.

Well that’s all for this week thank you all for reading and see you all next week!

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  1. 2). No doubt!
    3). The dirt sheets have been saying they have to find a way to write McIntyre back in, considering they announced his deportation within kayfabe.
    6). It was pretty rushed…
    11). And, it is was about time she actually did something…. I mean anything, and this point, she had become a prop.
    13). Yup. FFW.
    14). I watched him beat Eddie in WCW on Vintage Collection this weekend!! Ha ha!

    Enjoy your 4th of July!

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