What’s up folks and welcome again and happy Sunday.  It’s been a long week here in JTland but I still got some wrestling time in so without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

1.  Korn’s new CD “Korn III: Remember Who You Are” came out this wee and I have to say that I’m not really impressed.  It’s not a horrible album, far better than that piece of crap 2007 untitled album they put out, but nowhere near the level of past releases such as “Take A Look In The Mirror,” “Follow The Leader,” or even “Life is Peachy.”  It does have a few good songs on it but nothing that really stands out. Ironically the special edition of the CD was selling for cheaper than the non-special edition.

2.  Ricky Steamboat is stillin the hospital but is doing better.

3. This is either going to be the greatest movie ever made or the worst. But I am so going to spend my money on it.

4.  Mark Henry was added into the RAW Money In The Bank ladder match.  You know what, this is a good replacement.  WWE has pretty much crapped on his babyface run and I know that he has no real chance of winning, but it’s good to see him get this.

5.  Edge you got it WRONG, WRONG, WRONG by saying that he won more Money In The Bank ladder matches and that he has cashed it in more than anybody. You have only one ONE MITB ladder match. CM Punk has won TWO of them making him the one who has won the most, for now at least. Injuries allowed you to cash it in twice if someone hadn’t gotten injured.

6.  Loved the Santino Bunch theme song, then the rest of the segment fell flat though.

7.  Holy crap, John Cena didn’t destroy the Nexus all by himself, which was awesome.  I also liked how Wade Barrett allowed Justin Gabriel got the pin on Cena.  Methinks WWE has plans for Gabriel once this Nexus thing is done.

8. NXT was pretty good this week. The Percy Watson show was good and it set up the battle royal in which Nexus won.

9.  Holy shit, Jobbo Guerrero actually won a match!!!!!! It was over JTG on Superstars so nobody saw it, but still he won a match!  Good job.

10.  Big Show saying that S.E.S. stands for “Snoozes Every Second”  was awesome!  Have I said that the Big Show babyface turn is awesome. “He breaks ex-girlfriends” lol, (be careful Show you don’t want to get fired that’s not PG).  I like the idea that he’s binging in a re-inforced ladder, makes me think he actually has a chance at winning tonight.

11.  Matt Hardy, I’m a fan but even I know that you will never win Money In The Bank, even if you the only man in the match, you still wouldn’t win it.

12.  WWE needs to stop it with the stoppage of the match for blood in pre-taped matches.  I can understand doing it when live but you can cut it out for the taped shows.

Well on that note I think that’s enough for me this week, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 3. Exactly. I'll wait for the reviews before I go…
    5. …Kennedy! They like to forget things in that promotion.
    8. I enjoyed this episode as well. But I am a mark for battle royals….

  2. 3. I think it's going to be nine levels of WIN, and I can't wait to see it. Even if it's terrible, it gives off the vibe of being so terrible that it's awesome, and when it comes out on dvd, you have a drinking party with your friends as you watch it.

    5. I had that same thought. Punk, not Edge. Silly WWE.

    7. I hope so. I really like Justin Gabriel. He seemed a natural babyface during NXT, and he has the perfect out for a turn. He always takes those long pauses and looks down at the victim when Barrett orders him to do the 450 splash. I long for the day that he refuses, and either climbs down, or splashes Barrett instead.

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