Well after a long break, there’s nothing better than to be back and writing again.  I hope you all didn’t forget about me since the last time but if you did then it’s ok, hopefully my next break (my move which will be happening in the next month or two) won’t be as long. But you have me for now so lets get on with the show:

1.  RIP Lance Cade and Skandor Akbar.

2.  The new Iron Maiden album “The Final Frontier” came out this week and I have to say that it is like AJ Styles, phenomenal.  If you only go out and buy 1 Heavy Metal CD this year, this is the one to buy, a great CD from beginning to end and perhaps the best of their career.

3.  In  the week leading to Summerslam, The George Lopez show had WWE Superstar Karaoke week featuring Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, David Otunga, and The Miz.  While the other performances were pretty forgettable (R-Truth doing 3 Doors Down’s  “Kryptonite” really?) The Miz was clearly AWESOME in his performance of House O Pain’s “Jump Around”.  You can clearly tell that someone has been practicing that song when he was younger while standing in front of the mirror.

4. Tila Tequila aka “Skanky McUseless To The Extreme” was attacked at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos event headlined by the Insane Clown Posse.  For those who don’t know, ICP’s fans are called the Juggalos.  And no it wasn’t by her current lover either, she was ONSTAGE PERFORMING when it she was hit with rocks, bottles and feces.  All I can say is that these guys deserve a medal for this and The Insane Clown Posse need their head’s  checked for having such a talentless waste open for them.

5.  So In the 7-on-7 match at Summerslam, we were all surprised to find out that Team WWE’s 7 member was Daniel Bryan, well not all of us since WWE accidentally leaked it out on their website like 10 minutes before he appeared on the show.  Good to see that he’s back and that he helped team WWE to victory at the 2nd biggest show of the year.  Lets hope WWE doesn’t screw up again and release him for a stupid reason.

6.  I have no problem with Team WWE winning at Summerslam, I could have gone either way, but I was glad to see that it went down to the wire and not be a 7-on-1, Cena beats everyone in Nexus deal.

7.  So Darren Young is out of the Nexus group or is he?  Since the reports coming out is the Skip Sheffield is now injured and will be out for a bit, Young probably will be given another chance.  Lets hope Sheffield gets back soon.

8.  Tiffany was suspended due to a severe domestic dispute between her and her husband Drew McIntyre.  Well I guess the honeymoon is over for these two.

9.  Matt Hardy posted on his Twitter that he may be taking time off due to WWE’s stringent health and wellness policies.  I’m thinking this is just for story since if you saw Smackdown this week, you would’ve seen him come out with his foot in a cast.

10.  Percy Watson and Husky Harris were eliminated for NXT.  Sucks for Percy because he was starting to shine and I was beginning to think he might end up being the surprise winner of the whole thing.

11.  Notice that the rankings are now gone from NXT.  My thoughts are this, is that since we were 50% of it and since we weren’t voting who they wanted us to vote for, we got “randomized” eliminations this week.

12.  Josh Matthews, here is your Tool card back.  Sad you had such potential.

13.  Kaval said “Total Nonstop Action” on live WWE TV.  Awesome.

14.  Regardless of what anybody else says, Cody Rhodes is now in the awesome category.  I know how I trashed him in the past, but since he became “Dashing Cody Rhodes” he has tapped into some talent that I thought never had.

15.  I like the new WWE Tag Team title belts.  I think the champs will still be able to wrestle on both programs though.

16.  So we found out that Kane was the one who assaulted The Undertaker and put him a vegetative state, shocker.  I personally would’ve had Rey turn heel, say he had help of the Nexus and become their leader, but what do I know.  But Kane/Undertaker feud 3 isn’t such a bad thing and from Kane’s awesome promo this week on Smackdown, Kane might even end up the victor in this one (since it probably won’t end at Wrestlemania).

17.  Alberto Del Rio looked really good in his debut this week, I am definitely onboard the bandwagon.

18.  One last thing, I’ve noticed this week WWE really going off on the internet and you know what, I have to say this if it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t be around, stop complaining if we don’t like your programming or if we don’t like a guy because you want us to or vote for a guy you want us to.  Were gonna like who and what we want and if you keep trash talking to us, we’ll just stop watching your programs, going to house shows and buying your products and then what, you’ll be out of business.

Well on that note I’m done for this week. Thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 4. Dutch Mantell has a great account of this: http://theworldaccordingtodutch.blogspot.com/
    6. Horrible way to finish the match.
    8. Sounds like she's likely done. No real loss.
    11. WWE's democratic system has been a joke for a long time. This is a shame, since the premise would make for a true reflection of the "spectator" part of "spectator sport."
    13. HA HAHAHAHAH!! Loved that!
    17. He is very smooth in the ring for sure.

  2. 14. I can't agree with you enough. I never thought I'd like Cody Rhodes at all, but with this "Dashing" gimmick, he has completely found his groove. He's the best part of the show sometimes.

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