Welcome everyone to yet another edition of something something. When it comes to longevity, I have no clue on it (or do I). All that I can say is that the State fair is in town and since I’m going today, I need to get this done so I can have a fried (insert random food here):

1. RIP Luna Vachon.

2.  S.E.S. member Serena was released this week for breaking kayfabe and not living the straight edge style of her character on Smackdown.  This is a stupid move on WWE’s part.  WWE needs to realize that the people on TV are characters and they shouldn’t be made to act like that 24/7.  I mean what’s next, the Undertaker being released for not actually bring dead, Alberto Del Rio being released for not being rich, come on  here WWE .

3.  So Wade Barrett finally gets his title shot at the Night Of Champions pay per view. Unfortunately it’s against 5 other guys in a 6 pac challenge.  I don’t like this either, he should have a 1 on 1 shot for the title.  I know WWE isn’t to keen on having a heel vs heel title match, so they should’ve had Barrett wait to cash it in.

4.  I have a feeling that at the end of the 6 pac challenge for the WWE title, a certain Money In The Bank title shot will be cashed in.

5.  The NXT season 2 finale is Tuesday, hope everyone votes.  Hopefully WWE doesn’t screw this one up like I have a feeling that they are.  Depending on how busy I am this week, I may do an “as I see it” audio for the finale.

6.  Hey we had a Goldust and William Regal sightings.  They wrestled on Superstars and Goldust’s face paint wore off.  I surprised the WWE official didn’t stop the match so he could put it back on.

7.  Did Chris Masters fail a pee test or something, he has basically become a jobber on Superstars.

8.  Hornswoggle’s new gimmick as a plant in cammo, I don’t know.  He need to start speaking though, we all know he can or at least try to.

9.  Cody Rhodes shaves his legs, just the most useless piece of information I needed to know.

10.  One final thing, congrats to Monday Night RAW for hitting 900 episodes. Though I may not have see every one I am glad to have been along for the ride this past 17 years.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week. Thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 2). I wonder if Hornswoggle will get released when he says something coherent by accident.

    3). I don't think they trust the two to be the only names in a title match. Even though they claim they're all about building new stars.

    6). Ha ha hahahahhaah…. that's awesome. I don't get that show in my market anymore.

    8). They'd release him

    10). When they hit 1000, it will happen in the middle of summer… when way less people are watching. Even though it's way off, I'm interested in that episode even more.

  2. 2. WWE got way pissed off when video of Taker/McCool's wedding got released, as he was supposed to be in the "vegetative state" at the time. No one got fired over that, but as always, with WWE, it's all about who you are and not really what you've done.

    5. I'm apprehensive, at best.

    9. That. Was. Hi. Larious.

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