With the official start to the NFL regular season starting today, I have to ask: “Are you ready for some football?” Not yet, well before I shout “Go Raiders!” how about to take a few minutes and read about some things that happened this past week in wrestling:

1.  Chris Jericho has been removed from the WWE title match at Night Of Champions when he lost his match against John Morrison on RAW this week. This after he previously stated that if he didn’t win the WWE title that he would be leaving the WWE. Well the rumor is that his contract is up soon ant that he is taking time off like he did back in 2005. And according to the Fozzy website, they have a UK tour coming up in October.

2.  This leaves me to wonder who WWE will replace him with since the match is still being advertised as a 6 pack challenge.  At first I thought WWE said during the match that if Morrison won that he would get Jericho’s spot, but either I heard them wrong or they changed it after the match for what reason I don’t know.  The only other person they could replace Jericho with would be Mr. Money In The Bank The Miz who would be cashing in his contract to be in the match, which in my opinion would be pretty stupid, he should wait until after the 6 pack challenge or after next month’s Hell In A Cell WWE title match.  I’m probably overanalyzing this since we’ll probably find out that Jericho will probably be put back in the match with his “I leave the WWE if I don’t win the title” stipulation.

3.  Speaking of Money In The Bank, anybody notice that there no contract in the briefcase?

4.  I think that bot the Great Khali and the referee of his “over the top rope challenge” match need some time off for both being retarded. For those who don’t know Edge faced Khali in the match where Edge ran outside  and Khali followed eliminating himself in the process while the referee watched, yet the referee just stood there and did nothing and let the match continue.

5.  Chad Hochocinco I hosting this week’s RAW Roulette.  I should let my mom know, she’s a Bengals fan.

6.  I told you last week that I wasn’t gonna watch NXT season 3 and I didn’t.  From what I read about it, it was just as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

7.  William Regal should not be trying to rap ever again.  For those who don’t know, he tried to do it again on Superstars this week.  The time he did it on RAW it wasn’t that bad but he blew it this time and was horrible.

8.  John Cena’s New movie is in theaters this week and guess what, I haven’t watched a Cena movie and never will.

9.  Uh oh, Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero messed up and showed up on Smackdown this week.  The even more bizarre thing is that Masters ended up on the winning side instead of on his back like he does on Superstars.

10.  Kaval debuted this week  and had a pretty good showing but WWE had to spit in our face because we picked him instead of who they wanted by having him lose in his Smackdown debut.

11.  I got myself all prepared for not watching iMPACT! this week only to find out that it wasn’t actually on this week.

On that note that’s all I’ve got for now thanks again for reading and see you all next time. I will so a Night Of CHampions roundtable this week if anyone is interested in being a part of it, just send me your picks by 4 pm Sat 9/18.


  1. 2. I thought that Morrison would be taking the spot as well. That he isn't is simply weird. If they end up sticking Jericho back in it somehow, I won't really mind much, but putting anyone besides Jericho or Morrison in it would be stupid.

    3. Yes. I chuckled out loud at that.

    6. Uh, yeah.

    10. It was solid until the ending. I've never been a fan of debuting a guy, only to have him lose. Ah, there's someone to get behind! Had the loss been less than clean, that would have been ok. I'm a big fan of McIntyre, and would love to see a serious program between the two, but McIntyre didn't need that particular win.

    11. The sad part is, did anyone else really notice? I doubt it.

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