Whats up people?  I hope everything is all well on your end as well as it is mine and if not, hopefully it’s getting better like mine.  But all in all your here and that’s what matters and I should stop rambling and just get on with the article because it just feels weird to just keep going on and on and on while you wait for what I have to say about things.  So lets get this show on the road so we can all watch some football or something:

1.  Randy Orton is the new WWE Champion, can’t say that I like or I don’t, but at least it’s better than giving the title to Cena again.

2.  Daniel Bryan is the new US Champion, awesome!  Now maybe Michael Cole will stop complaining about him, but then again we have a better chance of the Raiders winning the Super Bowl this year than that happening.

3.  Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes are the new tag team champions, meh.  My biggest complaint here is the fact that WWE bitched out the Harts by having them be the first eliminated in the Tag Team turmoil match when they should have been the last team eliminated.

4.  Jericho hinted that we might find out who the anonymous  GM is, the it will probably be dropped next week without explination knowing WWE creative.

5.  I don’t like R-Truth’s new theme song, it’s horrible.

6.  So just 2 weeks after Night Of Champions is the Hell In A Cell ppv.  Really?  I know it’s near the christmas shopping season, but are Vince’s grandchildren that demanding for expensive gifts already?

7.  At that ppv, John Cena vs. Wade Barrett in a match where if Cena wins, Nexus disbands and if Barrett wins, Cena joins Nexus.  Kinda torn here, don’t want to see Nexus disband, but I don’t want to see Nexus ruined by having Cena join it either.

8.  Remember when WWE thought it was a great idea to break up Cryme Tyme, and now where are they, Shad is MIA and JTG is jobbing on Superstars.  Great job WWE.

9.  Christian will be out for 6 months with a torn pectoral muscle, that sucks.  I wore my Christian TNA t-shirt in honor of him being injured yesterday.

10.  Instead of iMPACT!, I watched “The Wedding Crashers” this week during iMPACT!’s time slot and I have to say that while the movie does have it’s moments, it almost felt like I was watching iMPACT! with it’s stupidity and predictableness.

11.  Smackdown moves to SyFy next week. Don’t forget to change it on your DVR’s too!

12.  I already don’t like the “Teaching Hornswoggle how to talk” segments, so what did WWE do, make it worse by adding the Dudebusters.

13.  Remember when Lance Hoyt Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins were gonna be this major tag team threat and now they joc in handicap matches.  Wow just wow.

14.  How are we supposed to take Kaval as a threat and the “The Next Breakout Star” is he isn’t winning matches and on top of it jobbing to Jobbo Guerrero?  Seriously WWE, we know he’s not the one you wanted us to pick but seriously do you have to punish him like this???

15.  It was so awesome to see Paul Bearer make his return to WWE this week.  I had heard that someone was making a return and since I don’t read spoilers, I waited to see who it was and as Smackdown went on and with no sight of anybody returning, I was completely surprised to see it was him in the casket!  I wonder if this Undertaker/Bearer reunion will just be until Hell In A Cell of it will go on for awhile, hopefully the latter.

Ok that’s all I’ve got for this week so thanks for reading and see you all next time!!!!

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  1. 1 – I don't like it. My reason is that Orton doesn't need it. He's totally over with the fans, the belt would be served better to build new talent. Wade Barrett or Sheamus retaining would have been a more preferable outcome IMO.

    2 – This move, on the other hand, IS good since Bryan DOES need it. To solidify Bryan for a more long term presence in the WWE, he needs to hold onto this belt for a little while.

    3 – Yep. J.T. FTW.

    5 – Turrible indeed.

    7 – I'd LOVE to see Cena join Nexus. The other outcome is far from ideal. This would also create a fresh premise to a stale character of Cena. These "rookies" need either more time, or a shake up in some format that does not involve disbanding.

    9 – Brutal timing for Christian. Del Rio certainly benefits via kayfabe, and that's the only positive thing I can come up with from this injury development.

    14 – I didn't mind this match in itself, but agree the outcome does absolutely nothing but hurt Kaval. A feud between the two would offer up some great matches.

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