Well hello there and welcome back to your weekly edition of things random in this world of wrestlingHope things are all well and as I get closer to death, I look out and see a lot on my plate before that happens so lets talk some wrestling shall we?:

1.  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! On Thursday October 7th, there will be a live iMPACT!  and The Green Teabagger have decided to get the band back together over on the BWF Forums, so please join us for what ever craziness may happen.  The biggest deal here is this will be my first episode viewing of iMPACT! in 4 months, 3 of which I haven’t even had it on my TV.  So yeah be there or G-Bag and I won’t hunt you down.

2.  And just like that with a Randy Orton Super Magic Mega Kick of Final Ultimate Death!!! Chris Jericho is done for now with WWE.  And now let the Fozzy tour begin. Don’t know if or when he’ll be back, but hopefully it’ll be by Wrestlemania.

3.  The US title match is now a triple threat submissions count anywhere match between John Morrison, The Miz and Daniel Bryan.  Hmmm Miz is Mr. Money In The Bank and in a triple threat match at a ppv featuring Hell in a Cell.  Remember 2006 New Years Revolution people, yeah I know that had an Elimination Chamber match in it but Edge Mr. Money In The Bank at the time was also in a triple threat match earlier in the night. Will history repeat itself again tonight and Miz cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase?  Well someone else has to tune in and tell me because I won’t be watching.

4.  Speaking of Edge, a big THANK YOU to him for destroying the stupid GM computer.

5.  Now the anonymous GM has a voice, no why didn’t WWE go with this in the first place, not that it’s much better, just better than Cole reading from a podium.

6.  WWE plugged Mick Foley’s new book this week.  Yes they did, Vince must be getting a cut of the book sales.

7.  WWE NXT is moving to wwe.com and will now be a web show.  According to Matt Striker, this is the first time it has ever happened.  Um remember Heat retard.  It was also a show that WWE moved from TV to wwe.com before ending it.

8.  I don’t talk about the Divas on here too much unless it’s about how much I hate them but I’m gonna congratulate Natalya for becoming the #1 contender for the women’s title.  It’s about time someone who actually deserves it to be wrestling for the title.

9.  Why were we being treated on Friday like we have never seemed like we have never seen a WWE program before?  Striker, Grisham, and Cole, everybody that watches Smackdown watches RAW and knows who everybody is, so we don’r need explaining.  And yes nobody tuning to see the regular SyFy programming didn’t stick around to watch this.

10.  I like the fact the Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy” is the new Smackdown theme.  For once the got a good song instead of some crap from a nickelback clone.

11.  Edge is out to end anything stupid in the WWE.  You have a lot of work to do brother.

12.  Cody Rhodes news flash:  I already know how to put on deodorant.

13.  While it had it’s moments, Smackdown live was kind of a letdown.  I understand why it is taped every week.

Alright on that note that’s all I’ve got for this week.  Thanks again for reading and see you all next time and don’t forget to be on the BWF forums on Thur Oct 7 for the live iMPACT!.


  1. 1. SWEEEEET! I shall try to forumize and real-time all at once.

    3. I don't care how many people tell me that it's impractical and foolish and all kinds of other negative things. I want to see someone cash in the MITB title shot either at Mania or actually wait the full year and do it. There.

    8. I hope that Natalya snaps her like the charismatic black hole of a no-talent skank twig that she is. And then gets the title.

    12. Sure, but that's the point. Cody Rhodes has officially hit "awesome" with this whole "Dashing" thing.

  2. Man, you have no idea how disappointed I am that I don't have cable at the moment – and can't get such until the middle of the month. I can't watch iMPACT on the 7th, and I won't be able to watch the first handful of Sabres games. Booo!

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