Well welcome all and a happy Columbus day for everybody here in the states and abroad if you celebrate it.  Say what you will about but if it weren’t for him, than many of us wouldn’t be here, well at least not the way we are now.  But since this is a wrestling site maybe I should talk wrestling shall we:

1.  So WWE went the somewhat right way and had Cena join Nexus.  I said what I thought about this a few weeks ago so I’m not gonna repeat myself but I will say that this is the lesser of two evils and with rumors of a Cena heel turn running rampant, this would be the way to go.

2.  Paul Bearer turned on The Undertaker, shocker.  Really no one saw this coming?  Well we didn’t though this really isn’t too much of a shock since WWE is trying to be a family show and that is a good way to push family values or something.  Did I just write that?

3.  Edge in his attempt to eliminate everything stupid was “traded” to Smackdown.  This is a good thing since his face return is now complete and Smackdown is better for him to be a face whereas on RAW he would just get lost in the mix.  Who he was “traded” for, well perhaps we’ll find out on RAW this week since no one was announced.  Though the rumor is that the “trade” was for CM Punk.

4.  Well it seems that WWE is going the route of breaking up not one but two of their remaining tag teams.  The teams are:  The Hart Dynasty and Vance Archer/Kurt Hawkins.  If you don’t know who Archer and Hawkins are, they were the team that was killing everyone they faced a few months ago and had a 30 day contract to make an “impact” and then once they got their full time contract were delegated to Superstars and jobbing to the Douchebusters.  And now WWE is splitting them up along with the Harts.  Good job WWE you’ve already done this with Cryme Tyme and where is either on of them now????  Shad completely disappeared and we occasionally see JTG.  I just don’t see the point unless you make Vance Archer a face so he can reunite with R-Truth.

5.  So at Bragging Rights it’ll be Team Big Show (SD)vs. Team Miz (RAW).  Now since Smackdown won last year at Bragging Rights, it would be only fitting that RAW were to win this year but it’ll all depend on who is on each team.

6.  If Show picks the Douchebusters, the team Smackdown should lose, enough said.

7.  But Cody Rhodes, I don’t like those spinny toothbrushes, can I still be dashing if I use my regular one???

8.  So rumor has it that Batista want’s back in the WWE.  As long as we awesome heel Batista, I am all for it.

9.  I don’t like the Swagger Soaring Eagle, lets hope we don’t have to see it anymore after this week.

10.  I said a few months ago that WWE should give Goldust a push and they finally are listening it seems as it was revealed this week that hw was the one sending the love letters to DiBiase only to find out that Goldust was sending them to the Million Dollar title.  I’m glad to see this and hopefully this feud won’t be relegated to Superstars like so many other things end up.

11.  We had not one but two Darren Young sightings this week.  Yeah he didn’t really look strong in either appearance, but hey he was there. What’s NeXT, and Lucky Cannon/ Eli Cottonwood tag team.

12.  Rey Mysterio returns and guess what, he won, shocker.

13.  Well I watched my first episode of iMPACT! in 4 months this and all I have to say is really?  This show is still as bad as it was when I stopped watching, but at least the forums were fun.

Well I guess that’s all I’ve got for now.  Thank you all for reading and I will see you all next time whenever that may be.

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  1. 1. This isn't really a "heel" turn, but it is about as far as they could go without risking losing their top money maker. I would like to see this gimmick last a very long time.

    3. Hopefully the Punk rumour is true. It will be a shame not to see Edge on the 18th, although I've caught him live before.

    7. Sadly, no. But at least this way you can wear knee pads.

    8. Not me. Unless he comes back and jobs out to the new up and coming stars to build talent.

    13. It's a shame you didn't catch one of the rare episodes where they focus on matches. These seem to occur bi-monthly.

    Enjoy the holiday JT! We're doing Thanksgiving up here.

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