Alright welcome to what will be the last one of these foe a little bit so I can take some time off to move and get everything situated and then I should be back. And when I do, it’ll be the 2 year anniversary of this very article.  Do I have something planned for it?  Well you may just have to check back here every so often to find out. But now without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

1.  This past weekend marked the end of a long era for Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox who ended his 25 year run as manager of the team.  He took a team that was dead last in the majors and turned into a top contender winning a record 14 consecutive division titles, won 5 pennants and the World Series in 1995.  As a Braves fan all I can say is thank you and thank Atlanta for being a classy enough organization for being committed to him in this day and age of either win championships or your fired.

2.  I saw Jackass 3D this weekend and I highly recommend that you all go out and see it.  It’s hilarious and pay the extra and see it in 3D, it’s so worth it. Spoiler alert: the Half Pint Brawlers make an appearance in it.

3.  Matt Hardy was finally released this week.  For those who don’t know, Hardy was taken off TV and sent home from a recent European tour for “health issues” and since then he’s been releasing insane Youtube videos since to try and get released. Well I guess they finally worked and he was finally released.  So now the question is how long before he shows up in TNA and when he does how out of shape will he look?  Personally, this release doesn’t bother me because I know once TNA finally does it’s eventual death, that he’ll be back in WWE along with Jeff in a heartbeat.

4.  Speaking of Jeff, TNA’s “Them” was revealed as Hogan, Bischoff, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, no surprises there.  The surprise here is that Jeff Hardy is also a member of the group and thus no a heel for the first time since early in his career when the Hardys were a heel tag team.You know what, if I wasn’t so down one TNA right now I might be interested but I really just don’t care at this point.

5.  Why was there a match for the captain of the RAW team between Miz and John Cena when Big Show already announced on the previous Smackdown that Miz was the RAW team captain?  Booking at it’s finest.

6.  Team RAW is Miz, John Morrison, R-Truth, CM Punk, Sheamus, Santino Marella and a person TBD.  I wonder if you Can if somEoNe cAn figure who will be member number 7.  And yes you read that correctly, Santino Marella is on tram RAW, but don’t expect him to take the fall though.

7.  For those who don’t know (or give a crap anymore) Evan Bourne will be having shoulder surgery and will be out for awhile hence his beatdown by CM Punk on RAW this week.

8.  Did anybody else besides me realize how predictable the Bragging Rights qualifying matches were.  With the exception of the Santino vs. Zack Ryder match, they were all pretty much predictable.

9.  As for the Smackdown team, it consists of Big Show, Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Edge and Tyler Recks.  Yes you read that right Tyler Recks.  He is on the team yet Dolph Ziggler the IC champ, MVP, Cody Rhodes, and Drew McIntyre are not.  I remember early in the Smackdown Big Show cutting a promo on how he wanted season veterans on his team, yet this talentless douche who couldn’t even make on ECW is a member.  I hope this is like last year and they change this before the ppv.

10.  How Recks got his spot, he took advantage of a beaten down Kaval after he just won his spot on the team by lasting 5 minutes in the ring with the Big Show.  In another bit of brilliant booking, WWE gave Kaval his biggest break since winning season 2 of NXT and what do they do, shit on it.

11. I don’t like the idea of a Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights. It should be at Survivor Series and billed as who will Survive the Buried Alive match. Just my opinion.

12. I thoughTNA was supposed to be “We are Wrestling”? Well not this week anyway. iMPACT! went for well over an hour this week before it’s first match of the night. When did this become a drama sketch show? This doesn’t make me want to watch it next week and I probably won’t.

13. It’s a Jersey thing! This is a must watch. At least someone got mocking Jersey Shore right.

Well on that note, I’m done for today thanks again for reading and I will see you all again when I get this moving thing done and over with.

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  1. 1. Agreed. I'm not a fan of the sport, but I do appreciate the significance of the whole thing.

    3. Grilled cheesus, I don't want him there! Obviously he will be, and he'll get the usual main event push that all WWE cast-offs get, but he has absolutely nothing to offer at this point. Whether it's a reunited Hardy Boyz or a feuding Hardy Boyz, I just don't care.

    4. See my last two articles. 🙁

    7. Punk looked outstanding in the beatdown, and I actually am disappointed. I still want to see a serious Evan Bourne vs. Justin Gabriel feud.

    8. Agreed. I hate completely obvious qualifying matches. Honestly, Chris Masters? Riiiight.

    9. At least McIntyre and Rhodes can have a tag team title match at the ppv now.

    10. HATED this!!!! Partly because it was Kaval, but partly because it was so stupid. We get it. WWE doesn't see Kaval as a legitimate contender for anything. His treatment has been nine kinds of shoddy. If the whole thing had been done with someone else, like someone new whom the audience would recognize right away, or someone returning who would get a huge reaction, that would have been different. This was just "random big muscular guy who's supposed to look scary and evil." I was disgusted.

    12. Awe. Some. Ness. This is quite possibly the greatest thing in the history of things. I watched it twice on tv.

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