Greetings all!  Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season celebrating whatever it is you all celebrate out there in the BWF Universe, I know I did.  I apologize on the fact that I haven’t been on here as much as I said I have but the homeowner stuff has kept me very busy on top of being sick too, I haven’t been too much up for writing nor can I say that if I’ll even be back on a regular basis but I’m gonna try.  Before I get going I want to thank the awesome staff here that has kept things going while JoE and myself have been away.  So now that I got all the mushy stuff out of the way let’s see what I’ve got on tap for this edition:

1.  The UConn Huskies Women’s Basketball had their consecutive win streak snapped last week at a record 90 games.  Damn that is impressive, well actually the greatest winning streak of all the times.  Congrats!!!

2.  Congrats to my Syracuse Orange football team on their 8-5 season and impressive showing at the first ever Pinstripe bowl.  (Thank goodness for BS penalty calls)

3.  Congrats to my Oakland Raiders for finishing 8-8 this year. Yeah that’s not impressive but it’s their best record since their Superbowl season of 2002.

4.  The Seattle Seahawks became the first ever NFL playoff team with a losing record finishing 7-9.  What is bad about this is that there are 2 teams sitting at home watching the playoffs with 10 wins this year.  The NFL should change their playoff system so that just winning your division gets you in (which is what the Seahawks did).

5.  Looking at this weeks games:

  1. Jets vs. Colts- The Colts are on a hot streak right now and this week will be no different, Colts win.
  2. Ravens vs. Chiefs-  The Chiefs lost their first game at home this year just last week and the Ravens are playing well, Ravens win.
  3. Saints vs. Seahawks- The Saints shouldn’t be looking past the Seahawks until their up by at least 35 points because if they do, the Seahawks will win, Saints win.
  4. Packers vs. Eagles-  Expect a great game with the team with the ball last to win, for me I’m picking the Packers.

6.  I actually saw Knucklehead (though I didn’t pay for it) and have to say that it actually isn’t a bad family movie and I even laughed a few times during it.  My problem with it however, is that it’s a family movie glorifying MMA, yeah I know that’s what’s in but a family movie centered around it? Really.

7.  Kaval’s release was kinda of a shock for me but I did see it coming. He basically was a jobber and the fact that WWE had nothing to do for him is a joke.  They could find stuff for Alex RIley, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, but nothing for Kaval.  Oh yeah that’s right, we were supposed to vote for one of them an not Kaval because that’s what WWE wanted us to do but we didn’t so they made us suffer.

8.  And just like that John Morrisson is no longer the #1 contender for the WWE title, really? You couldn’t give us the feud until at least the Royal Rumble? It’s not like they haven’t had a throwaway title match at the Rumble once or twice before.

9.  There was a Rikishi reference on Superstars last week and The Big Show did a Stink Face to Cody Rhodes.  Is WWE trying to get Rikishi back???

10.  I’m calling it right now, even though CM Punk is the new leader of Nexus and Wade Barrett is out, this is just a ploy to get at John Cena.  I don’t see Barrett go over well at all as a babyface and if he goes to Smackdown, I see it only briefly. Note: this is being written without having watched the 1/7 edition of Smackdown.

11.  WWE is bringing back Tough Enough, I thought they did already and just called it NXT???  Well I didn’t watch it before and I’m not watching it this time either.

12.  Why of all the Divas, does Drew McIntyre have to be involved in one with Kelly Kelly?

13.  Awesome Kong has signed with WWE, watch out Miz, she’s coming to get you.  F@$% the Divas title, she should go after the WWE title.

Well on that note I’m pretty tapped out.  Thank you all for reading and see you next time (hopefully next weekend).

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  1. Aww… thanks J.T.! Sucks you were ill, but kudos man! I'm sure the rest of the crew mirror the sentiments!

    I missed the Random Randomness…

    1). So does this make them the most "winningest" Basketball team? Well, not counting the Harlem Globetrotters? 90 games is pretty sick…

    2-5). I don't follow a lot of American Football (even though it is fairly popular in Canucklehead-Land), but did hear about the Seahawks making the playoffs. There is no way that should happen.

    7). I'm thinking that Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty are in a worse position than Kaval is/was. They just seem to stand there and say nothing, and their only contribution is the occasional time Nexus jumps someone. But as you pointed out, if creative was just going to delegate him to jobber status… I don't blame the guy.

    8). Good call, documented with the YouTube links.

    11). The real difference between the shows is that Tough Enough tended to feature people with very little wrestling experience, whereas NXT is all guys/gals from developmental. But I hear you, it's not that much of a different show.

    13). HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHA! Now that, would be AWESOME!

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