Well even a good night’s sleep and high caffeine tea can’t get me to think of anything really clever this morning so I am just gonna wing it in the intro today and hopefully it doesn’t suck too bad.  So I have an article, wanna read it, well here it goes:

1.  Congratulations go out to the Auburn Tigers who won their first ever college football National Championship this past Monday and thank you Oregon for being a worthy opponent.  Apparently America liked the game too since it was the highest rated cable broadcast ever which is good since this was both of these two teams first time in the National Championship scene.

2.  NFL Playoff picks this week.  While I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Jets/Ravens AFC title game, I have to put reality into perspective here:

  • Jets vs Patriots- While I hate Tom Brady and the Cheatriots, I’mm gonna go out on a limb and say that they will be in the Superbowl this year.  Of their 2 losses this year however was to the Jets, so if they were to fall it would be this week.  My pick: The Patriots.
  • Ravens vs Steelers-   The Ravens looked good in their shutdown of the Chiefs last week and while both of the Steelers/Ravens matchups have been close this year, I expect last weeks dominance by the Ravens this week.  My Pick: The Ravens.
  • Seahawks vs. Bears-  I told everyone last week that if the saints looked past the Seahawks that they wold lose and they did, but the cinderella story ends here in Chicago.  My Pick: Da Bears.
  • Packers vs. Falcons- Expect a close on here (just like their regular season meeting) with the team with the ball last to win the game.  My Pick: The Falcons.

3.  Well my Raiders proved their retardness by firing their coach Tom Cable this past week after their best regular season in 8 years.  I guess Al Davis’ new motto has become “How can I screw this one up.”  I mean this is a bad move here they were headed in the right  direction and this is just a complete BS firing and if I didn’t get a whole bunch of Raiders gear for Christmas, I would no longer be a fan.

4.  So, I figured out why WWE went with Orton vs. Miz at the Rumble.  When I talked about throwaway title matches and posted the link, I realized that they were both Smackdown title matches and not RAW ones, not that Miz vs. Morrison was one, but after Dolph Ziggler became the #1 continder for Edge’s World title it made a little more sense.

5.  Congrats to Kofi Kingston for winning the IC title for the third time though you should be wrestling for the World title, but you don’t have blonde hair and used to be a male cheerleader.

6.  I personally don’t think Dolph Ziggler is ready to be #1 contender for the World Title even thought it still is at the Rumble.

7.  So, since Big Show is now using the Stink Face, is he going to start dancing after his matches too?

8.  Hey look at that Rey Mysterio actually put Alberto Del Rio over, that is until they wrestle again.

9.  Well the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame is Shawn Michaels.  While he is very much deserving, I think it a little too soon since he just retired last year and (in my Opinion) WWE should have like a 5 year waiting period for eligibility for it.  Plus he should be inducted at the Next Wrestlemania they have in Texas.

10.  Good to see R-Truth back.  I know he’s been sick with pneumonia and it’s good to see that he pulled thru.  I’m also glad to hear him come out to his old music too, his new theme sucked.

11.  Why is it “And I quote” sounds so much better coming out of Jerry Lawlers mouth?  Oh yeah it’s because Michael Cole sucks!

12.  Here is my thought on the whole Nexus thing.  Barrett and Punk are in cahoots and this is a takeover of WWE by them.  Trust me here, I have a good feeling about this.

13.  Well apparently Matt Hardy debuted in TNA this past Sunday.  Guess what, I went to work on Monday.

Ok I think that’s all I’ve got for this week, thanks again for reading and see you all next time!


  1. I read somewhere (can't remember which site, maybe prowrestling.net) that when Matt Hardy showed up unannounced at the TNA ppv, "Tyler Reks" started trending on Twitter. That's. Hi. Freaking. Larious. Not to mention incredibly insulting.

    • It's funny that if he doesn't look like Rekks, he looks like Raven. You'd think people would think Matt Hardy… but nope. He was more than creepy in iMPACT this week, even though the match wasn't half bad. Val Venis knows the score.

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