As I wonder if the cold and snow will ever end here (were probably gonna break a record this year) I sit and realize, wait this weekend both the AFC and NFC champions will be crowned.  I’ll have my picks later on in this article here’a a hint and possibly another here (sorry I just had to).  But hey I think there may be some wrestling to talk about:

1.  I like the idea of a 40 man Royal Rumble.  That way the guys who wrestle mainly on Superstars some ppv time.  But  all seriousness, this is a good idea and they can still advertise that it’s the best hour on tv (or whatever they call it) because if every participant comes in at 90 second intervals (or 1.5 mins) it will take an hour to get thru all 40 participants.  Hopefully WWE doesn’t overfill the ring and it breaks during the match.  I wouldn’t be surprised that if this year the #1 entrant were to win it.

2.  Since when are we supposed to take Trent Baretta seriously????  Wasn’t he in a tag team?  What happened to that?

3.  I like Ezekiel Jackson as part of the Corre.  I like the fact the Corre is going without a leader.

4.  Heath Slater should never be allowed to use a microphone.

5.  So WWE is going with Daniel Bryan is a virgin angle.  OK WWE I thought you supposed to be family programming or are you trying to be a little edgy again since someone isn’t running for Senate anymore.  But really from what I’ve heard, that this a mock at the internet fans.  Hey I’m an internet fan and I’m not a virgin, so there WWE you got it wrong.

6.  Batista returned and is the newest member if Nexus, oh wait that wasn’t him than who was it?  Actually it was Mason Ryan from FCW, don’t know if he’ll be called that next week on RAW.  Looks a lot like Batista doesn’t he though (well at least a younger version).

7.  Just to let everyone know, I’m going to win the Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania!!!!!!!!!!

8.  All right I think that’s all I’ve got to say about WWE so let me git to my NFL picks for the NFC and AFC championship games:

  • The Green Bay Packers vs. The Chicago Bears-  This is the rivalry in NFL for those who don’t know.  These two teams have faced each other more times than any other in the NFL, yet this only the second time ever in the playoffs and the first time for the NFC Championship, I’m just glad I get to experience it.  After watching both these teams play last week, we’ll be in for a great game.  After manhandling the Falcons last week and with Chicago’s inability to close out games, I’m picking the Packers to win the NFC Championship and go to Superbowl XLV.
  • The New York Jets vs. The Pittsburgh Steelers-  The Jets did the impossible and beat Tom “Douchebag” Brady and the New England Cheatriots not once but twice in the same season. That just doesn’t happen, ok once yes but not twice.  Not that I won’t be surprised if the Steelers pull this one out, but The Jets are on a roll and I don’t this it will stop until after Superbowl XLV.  I’m Picking the New York Jets to win only their second AFC Championship and go to Superbowl XLV.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks for reading and see you all next time!


    1. 2). His partner was released.

      3). Is the "Corre" actually spelled with two "r"s? Why? I don't get that at all. Big Zeke will benefit from this role as the muscle of the faction, since he can't do that much as a singles competitor. He's already had that ball, so maybe this will help develop him towards that end.

      5). HAHAHAHHAHA! PG TV!!!! Loving it!

      6). Chris Jericho tweeted it as "Batistwo."

    2. 2. Wow really. Did he fail a pee test or was it too much Guitar Her before the matches.

      3. Yes it is. I watched Smackdown earlier (after I wrote the article) and that's how it was spelled. Agreed about Jackson.

      5. Yeah I people were complaining about it on the other website forums so I'd figure I'd mention something about it.

      6. I heard about that too, though I don't live on twitter so I didn't see it for myself, just went from what I saw on my TV.

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