Well it’s Friday night and my cable is out and since it hasn’t stopped snowing since the end of November here and since I have an extremely busy day tomorrow, I figured I’d give you this weeks article so here it is:

1.  Superbowl XLV will feature a matchup between the Green Bay Packers vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers who are the greatest Superbowl team of all the times are going for their record seventh Superbowl title (the next closest is 5) in the teams eighth appearance int the game (tied most with Dallas where ironically where it is being held this year).  The packers are going for their fourth Superbowl title in five appearances.  This matchup is gonna take a little more time for me to think about and since I have another week before the big game, you’ll find out my pick then.

2.  Finally the Big 4 hits the states, for one appearance only, anybody want to lend me some cash???

3.  I finally got to see SAW 3D.  Unfortunately it was on DVD and not in 3D but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the film.  Definitely worth watching if your into the SAW movies.  A fitting end to the series.

4.  Anybody notice that Michael Tarver was also on last weeks Smackdown before appearing on this weeks RAW?  Also anybody notice that he was the first one who found Teddy Lon laid out after Long confronted the Corre?  A little convientent I think.

5.  I never did totally believe that either the Corre or Nexus was not gonna be involved in the Royal Rumble.  I was just wondering how WWE was gonna do it and I actually think that WWE did a good job of it with having Cena double DQ both guys and the RAW GM say hey, I can’t change your ruling, but I can change the previous stipulation allowing both groups to be in the Rumble.

6.  Daniel Bryan, pimp daddy!!!!! All he needs is a goofy looking suit and a pimp cup.

7.  One of these days I’ll get back to doing the Roundtable but since I forgot about it last week there won’t be one for the Rumble.

8.  I’m hearing reports that after the Rumble, a bunch of guys will be getting released, so say goodbye to your favorite Superstars wrestlers.

9.  WWE is bringing back the Diva search, just great.  Well at least this time I have DVR so I can fast forward all of it during the shows.

10.  Alright now with the Royal Rumble being this weekend, I’d figure I’d give my two cents one it so here they are:

  • I may end up actually watching it, well if I get my cable back by then (my bill is paid it’s probably out due to the weather I think)
  • if any title changes hands it’ll be the Diva’s title (expect an appearance from Awesome Kong)
  • Expect HHH to return and possibly maybe Evan Bourne. Wait where has Bourne been?  Was he injured while I didn’t have cable or something.
  • Don’t ask me who the surprises are since I have no idea.
  • The winner will either be the #1 entrant or will have picked #31-40. Everyone else, sorry.
  • Kane’s elimination record to be broken, possibly by Kane himself or Big Show.
  • If Kong makes an appearance int the Diva’s title match, she will also make a Rumble appearance.

Alright this high octane beer I’ve been drinking has finally hit so I think it’s time for me to go.  Thanks again for reading and see you all next week!!!!!!!


  1. Curse you, JT! Now I really want to see Daniel Bryan Danielson rocking a full pimp suit and hat.

    I want to see Kong debut as part of the new Nexus, and have her new name be "Faith." Punk has said it so many times that I can't stop imagining that possibility.

    Oh, sweet Jeebus, not more Diva Search! I shall shun and spurn it, as though it were a rabid dog.

  2. 4). Yes, I did. In fact I brought it up in this Rich's review. Glad you caught that too. While he may have laid out Teddy (with a vehicle FOR THE ROCK!), I am also wondering if he is playing the free-agent card, potentially joining either Punk or Barrett's crew. I'd go so far to see him run in at the Rumble when the Corre and Nexus have their staredown moment (you know it's going to happen), and literally have to choose sides. Wouldn't that be sweet?

    5). RAW did not accomplish much this week. That was the defining moment. I agree.

    7). This year is really hard to predict, and as you know… mine tend to suck!

    8). Sigh… yes, that seems to be the way it's going. Their stock is slumping hard.

    10). Yeah, Bourne has been out with an injury for a while. Also, I won't be shocked if Sheamus is the one to break the overall elimination streak, only to have it ruined by HHH with a double elimination of both setting up their WM match.

    @DG – your Kong idea would be pretty epic, actually. Never thought of that one. Also the Diva Search should appear on Superstars since I don't watch it! Ha ha… what a waste of time that contest will be. Thank god for DVR's!

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