Well now since the sun has actually been out here in JTland for 3 days straight (maybe that groundhog not seeing his shadow actually has some truth to it) I figured I’d get busy doing you some talking about random things:

1.  It’s Superbowl weekend and I have to say that for me this is a hard one for me to pick since both teams are evenly matched and this game could go either way.   But I think it would be no better ending to the season than to see the Packers winning and having Aaron Rodgers getting that monkey off his back int the same year that Brett Favre retires (and yes Favre has said he is done).

2.  Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger went out to dinner and a bar afterwards and was caught on film.  Wow are some people desperate for a news story.

3. Michael Steele best Daily Show guest EVER!!!!!!!!!

4.  Alright since I didn’t have cable, I didn’t get to see the Smackdown before the Rumble but I did see the Rumble at a friends house and have to say that I really enjoyed it.  Some notes and opinions:

  • Eve winning the Divas title, didn’t see that one coming.
  • Nexus causing Orton the title, good since this gives him some time away from the title picture.
  • I think Punk should’ve gone the distance, not win it but making to the final 4 and beating Rey’s time.
  • Chavo suplexing everybody for what seemed like 5 minutes was annoying. He needs to stop doing the suplexes, he cannot do them as well as Eddie did.
  • I found out about Booker T and Kevin Nash (Diesel) being in the match about an hour before the ppv itself but it still didn’t ruin it fore me, in fact I popped for it like everyone else did.  They got the biggest reactions in the Rumble and it is well deserved for both.  I’m glad that Nash didn’t get injured on his way to the ring.
  • John Morrison’s spot was awesome.
  • I didn’t like the fact that the losers of the title matches showed up in the Rumble match when there are guys sitting in the back watching.
  • While we all love him here a bWf land, I didn’t believe for a second that Santino Marella was gonna win the Rumble.  I was glad the he ended up being the last man eliminated.
  • Albertio Del Rio is going to Wrestlemania!!!!!!!  Nothing wrong with that.

5.  Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to fat camp Husky Harris goes after the receiving the Randy Orton Super Mega Kick of Final Ultimate Doom or whatever Green Teabagger calles it.

6.  Methinks that on 2/21/11, Sting will arrive as will the Undertaker return.

7.  I couldn’t be more excited to see that Jerry “The King” Lawler is the #1 Contender for the WWE title.  He deserves it after all this time.  Plus I wouldn’t believe him being in the Elimination Chamber match.  This is also the buildup for him to his first Wrestlemania match, which will probably be against Alex Riley.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 6. This really caught my interest… That could make for a very cool moment. Have Taker come out first, and make people think that this was the person in the vignettes… only shortly there after, have Sting cut a promo in the rafters or atop the Tron pointing out that those clips referred to him. Good shock value, and a sensible swerve. I'd enjoy that… although I'm still on the fence about the idea of Sting going up against the streak. I suppose if it's a retirement match for Sting, it would be acceptable to have happen.

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