Well it seems to me that the world is on fire and I just saved a bunch of money by not switching to Geico, I concur that reality is just something and nothingness is everywhere, but as we all know none of that really made any sense (except the Geico part) we shall take a look at the world as only the Random one sees it:

1.  Congrats are due to the Green Bay Packers for becoming Superbowl Champions for the 4th time and giving everyone in that city the chance to say R-Truth who? er I mean Brett who? as Aaron Rodgers can finally get that monkey off his back.

2.  Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas was the first female to perform onstage at halftime since the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” though the only malfunction this time was Fergie opening her mouth to sing.  In her defense, the whole halftime show royally sucked anyway and not even Slash could save it.

3.  RIP Gary Moore

4.  Now I haven’t watched the 2/10/11 edition of Smackdown, so any and all comments are from last weeks edition, if I have any.

5.  So, WWE “fired” Kelly Kelly this week.  Why do I think this is just a way to further her storyline with Drew McIntyre where he gets Kelly her job back.  It’s either that or Kelly got too old to be a WWE Diva so she is on the chopping block.

6.  Booker T replacing Matt Striker on commentary shouldn’t happen.  Booker should replace Michael Cole instead.

7.  Not really surprised on who is in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match, it should be good thought I don’t see anyone winning it outside of Edge or Rey Mysterio.

8.  Vince announced on RAW this past week that there will be a SPECIAL GUEST HOST for Wrestlemania this year.  Who will this be, I don’t know.  Names that have thrown around are Justin Bieber, Bob Barker, and The Rock.  Let’s just hope we don’t get stupid skits during the program.

9.  I like Punk going to the past and reminding us all that it was Randy Orton and Legacy that caused him to forfeit the World Title back in 2008.  Hell I forgot that the attack even happened.

10.  I like JoE’s idea of waiting until 2/21/11 to find out about those videos and who they are referring to.

11.  I’m also hearing a rumor that this year Undertaker vs. HHH will happen in a streak vs career match.  Um for Wrestlemania 28, good idea for this year (27 for those who don’t know) not so good since there isn’t enough time in my opinion for this to be built up.

12.  Remember Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins tag team that was split so they could both be single’s stars.  Well last week they were on Superstars in separate Tag Team matches.  What was the point of the split of they’re just going to end up where they began.

13.  R-Truth you were in Milwaukee for RAW.  Well I guess that’s what happens on a live show.  Next I think you should write the name of the city your in on your glove so you don’t forget net time.

14.  Vickie needs a new phrase, the EXCUSE ME, is tired and boring now.

Alright I think that’s all I’ve got for now thank you all for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 2. A friend of mine said it was turrible

    6. Complete agreement.

    8. What if it's Vince himself? Ha haha…

    9. Some people have bashed this, which I find rather silly. I liked it myself, especially in that it puts the title over as something important. If we are to believe that being the champion is relevant, this would motivate a character to hold a grudge for this long. In fact, CM Punk should never let this go… it's also neat that both men have swapped roles as face/heel since that moment.

    12. This was a blunder of a move. What I find sadder, is that Ryder "retired" Dreamer as well. Lots of things were a waste involving these guys… wait… what? Hawkins is still employed? News to me.

  2. 2. It was the worst one I ever seen and that includes the year Aerosmith performed with Britney Spears, Nsync and Nelly.

    8. That would be a nice swerve.

    12. Yeah he's over in near released land known as Superstars. What happened to Vance Archer?

  3. 2. I had the misfortune of sitting through it. I was hoping Axl would've been in the crowd, jumped a guardrail, and strangled that bitch when she started "singing" Sweet Child O' Mine.

    12. Vance who? He got the axe a month or so ago. Batista may have gotten away with a bellybutton tattoo, but apparently NOBODY could take Lance Hoyt seriously with that tramp stamp.

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