As the wind blows and the snow falls down, I have to wonder, it was 60 degrees here yesterday, wtf?  Well I guess thats weather in JTland.  But as the race-car drivers get ready to drive in circles for hours on end and the NBA prepares for it’s all-star game, let us not forget that there is still a lot going on in this world we have here plus Screamfest is tonight:

1.  I’m sorry to hear about the passing of Jerry Lawler’s mother this past week.

2.  R.I.P. Guitar Hero.  Sad to see this video game franchise go but honestly I don’t know what the creators of the game could go with it.  Plus with 12 guitar hero games being released in 6 years, I think it’s time for a break.

3.  I got Jericho’s new book “Undisputed: How to become the World Champion in 1372 easy steps” this week, actually on Monday 2 days before it was supposed to come out.  Apparently it was released here last week since my girlfriend bought it for me.  It is a good read thus far and picks up right Where his last One left Off.  It also contains tWO intrOductions form his fellow Wrestling cOlleagues, One of which I may or may not have just spoiled for you.
4.   After Monday Night RAW I can finally say this:  FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!!!  If you haven’t heard by now (and if you haven’t, crawl out from under that rock) that the host for Wrestlemania this year will be The Rock.  Not only is this awesome, but his 20 minute promo at the end of RAW was the best I’ve seen in years.  He hasn’t lost it.  Now will we see him again before WM is the true question here.
5.   It’s safe to say that the 2/21/11 videos are definitely for The Undertaker’s return, but is it just him or will someone else also be appearing too.  This weeks video has me believing that that to be the case.
6.  I liked the use of Clay Matthews last week on Smackdown.
7.  I like the Kofi vs. Del Rio feud it gives him something to do before WM.
8.  Triple H’s movie The Chaperone come out this week to a whopping 3 theaters.  Good thing they showed the whole plot in the trailer so I don’t have to bother when it shows up on Netflix.

9.  Lately since I moved this article to Saturday, I don’t usually get to watch the previous night’s Smackdown before writing this but, I figured that since we have a ppv coming up and with Vickie threatening to strip Edge of the World Title, I did things a little different this week and watched the 600th edition of Smackdown.  Congrats Somackdown on 600 episodes!!!!

10.  I didn’t like Vickie stripping Edge and giving it to Dolph Ziggler just to put it back in Edge an hour later thanks to Teddie Long.  It was great to see him back but I would’ve had him come out while Vickie was yelling at Edge because we now have a Dolph Ziggler title reign that was worse than, um….. um…. ever.

11.  Superstars has totally become a ffwd thru show for me, I might just stop DVRing completely.

12.  Some thoughts on the Elimination Chamber pay per view:

  • Dolph Ziggler will be in the Smackdown Chamber match.  (I totally don’t believe the firing just yet.)
  • Edge should retain the World title.
  • John Cena should win the RAW Chamber.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Lawler wins the WWE title here and has a short (maybe only a week) title reign just to shake things up a little.

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for this week thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 7. Me too. I didn't like the start where it looked like Kofi was being fed to Del Rio, but that turned around quickly over the next 2 weeks. It elevates both Kofi and the title, and going into the Chamber a viable threat.

    12. Lawler could be our next 24 hour champion!

  2. 3. I sooooo want to read it! I have the first one. Curse you, unemployment!!!

    7. I think that it's good for both of them. You know, if Eddie had lived, imagine an Eddie/Del Rio feud. The mic work alone would be GOLD!!! The Mexican aristocrat against "I lie, I cheat, I steal." Oh, the "what-ifs." And the cars. Oh, the cars….

    10. Mocking Vickie for being power-hungry and desperate to maintain control because outside of GM power, she has nothing would be perfectly fine. Mocking her for what they mock her for, well, I've spoken on that.

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