Welcome all to another edition of what I do here on this site and as the days get longer it can only mean one thing, Wrestlemania is near.  What did you think I was gonna say spring?  We don’t really get that here since it can snow here some years as late as Mothers day, we just kinda transition from winter into summer so for me to say that spring is coming just wouldn’t fit, but without further ado, I have wrestling to talk about so lets get this train a rolling:

1.  Firings, firings, firings.  First Dolph Ziggler, then Vickie Guerrero, now Alex Riley.  While they are only storyline fired, this just feels weird to have these guys just be taken off TV so close to Wrestlemania.

2.  Also gone, Michael McGuillicuty, who was punted back to developmental this week.  Man I guess it isn’t too good to be a season 2 NXT rookie.

3.  Why do I have a feeling that Nexus will be done after Wrestlemania?  With Randy Orton facing all of the other membersof Nexus in one on one matches where if they lost they are banned from ringside in the CM Punk vs. Randy Orton Match.  It just feels that after this is all said and done, Punk will be left standing alone.

4.  Number of time Wrestlemania was said during RAW this week: 75

5.  Michael Cole is being trained by Jack Swagger.  Well at least Swagger will have something to do for Wrestlemania.  However if Jerry Lawler taps out to Michael Cole’s ankle lock, I quit wrestling forever, I am done.  Also for that match is that Cole gets to pick a special referee, who it is I don’t know.  All I’ve heard is that it’ll be someone who has nothing to do with the feud itself.

6.  Triple H says that h’e gonna end Undertaker’s streak, Undertaker says that his streak will never end.  I guarantee you that one of these men is right though I am apt to believe that history will repeat itself.

7.  Cody Rhodes unmasked Rey Mysterio!  Awesome!   While I know Rey has like 8 million masks and probably won’t miss that one, it was still cool to see him be unmasked.  Plus Cody’s new psycho heel gimmick is pretty damn cool.

8.  I’ve never seen Mistico in action yet so I won’t have any opinions on him yet.

9.  Welcome back Evan Bourne even though it was at the expense of King Sheamus.

10.  Chris Jericho will be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.  Um yeah, I ‘m not gonna watch.

11.  Finally The Rock has come back, to his living room.  No surprise that he cut a promo from his home in Los Angeles instead of being at RAW live.  He is only scheduled to for like 3 live RAW appearances and since he’s already been at one  and so much time left before Wrestlemania, this just makes sense (sorry JoE).

12.  Christian’s back!  Always good to see this.  If both him and Edge stay healthy, maybe we could see Edge vs. Christian for the World title after Wrestlemania.

Alright that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. You'll like Mistico/Sin Cara. If the WWE lets him be him, he will make millions for them.

  2. 2. Really? That's crap. The guy may not be a talker, but why can't they just let him wrestle? Oh, wait, I forgot.

    3. I wondered that as well. No one seems to matter in the group, it's all about who leads it. Punk is a fantastic group leader, but he hardly needs them. Despite the new shirts, I think Nexus is done.

    7. I absolutely LOVE this! The best part is that everyone can see that Cody's face looks exactly the same as it did before Rey kicked him. The "unbalalanced" aspect of the whole thing is really working for me. I know that I've already done it, but I take back every negative thing that I ever said about Cody Rhodes. The "Dashing" gimmick has completely changed him, in all the right ways.

    8. The key here is "let." I've only seen a little bit from Mistico, but if the only changes that Vince makes are a slightly different mask and making him speak English, then amazing things are in store. If they try to force him into the "WWE style" in some form, then I shall not look forward to it.

  3. 1. Yeah, it does seem to be in excess. In reality, there is only so much room on the card for the PPV though. I agree that finding a new way to tell that story would be ideal. I am assuming that the Vickie scenario is more likely a vacation or she wants to leave. Riley and Dolph both need to be repackaged because their previous roles are kind of keeping them from taking that next step.

    2. He's far from the level of his dad…. yet.

    3. I agree with you and DG on this one.

    5. I laughed my ass off last night at Cole running around the ring doing the airplane gestures. This is a fantastic way to use both guys, or so this smark thinks.

    7. Me too. Mysterio handpicked Rhodes for this, which is awesome. I'm still not a fan of the son of a son of a plumber, but shit like this is making me into one.

    9. Speaking of number 8 in your list, I want to see this combined with 9… AT Mania. Fuck I miss the cruiserweight division. And no, not Sheamus.

    12. He's said he should be healthy by WM. I realize a lot of people are concerned about having too many gimmicks at WM. I am as well, but at the same time I really want to see a MitB at the PPV. With Christian and Morrison in it. AND if number 9 doesn't happen, put both Bourne and debut Sin Cara in it as well. Hell, put all of the Corre in it as well and you have 4 heels and 4 faces AND all of these angles have a place on the show.

    JT FTW!

  4. 4. Did you actually count?

    7. I absolutely, positively, LOVE the newfound dark side of Cody Rhodes. He's been absolutely brilliant the last three weeks. I love the Phantom of the Opera vibe he's got going on, it's just so different than anybody else at the moment.

    11. If I'm not mistaken, Justin Roberts introduced the video to the live crowd by telling us that The Rock was coming via satellite from his house in Miami, not L.A. I know on TV they said L.A. though.

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