Well here I am back on my usual time slot on Sunday, mostly because I didn’t feel like doing this yesterday, but it’s great to be back in my regular time slot.  Will this be a permanent thing, I don’t know just yet, but for right now does it really even matter as long as you get an article from me right.  Well since we lost an hour today, lets get this party started:

1.  R.I.P. Mike Starr.  For those who don’t know he was an original member of Alice In Chains and left the band shortly after the release of their 1992 album Dirt and pretty much disappeared until he resurfaced last year on the Celebrity Rehab and Sober House programs.

2.  RAW is going to get smooshed this week as Snooki from Jersey Shore will we appearing.  Great just great.  Good thing I’m probably gonna DVR it so I can just fast forward thru her on the progeam.

3.  John Cena’s Final Round KO can be put in just one word, lame.

4.  For those of us older than 10, we’re supposed to pretend that HHH vs. Undertaker never happened at Wrestlemania before even thought it did and we have it in DVD to prove it/

5.  Speaking of HHH, The Chaperone is on Netflix so if you want to see it and not spend money on it, watch it on there.  Don’t have a subscription, get one and your first month is free so you can actually watch it and not pay a single penny.

6.  Sunny is the latest member of the 2011 Hall Of Fame.  Congrats.  She is very deserving and it’s about time that the original Diva gets inducted.

7.  Good to see JBL on RAW this week.  Even better to see him get stunned by Austin.

8.  I like Austin as the special referee for the Cole vs Lawler match, but it gives me the weird feeling that Cole ends up winning.

9.  The e-mailing GM isn’t so bad when Jerry Lawler is doing it, I wonder why?

10.  Brodus Clay looks like one of the killers from the movie The Running Man.

11.  I like Kane & Big Show as a tag team, but if they take on the whole Corre at Wrestlemania and win, it won’t be good.

12.  Have I said that I really like Psycho Cody Rhodes.  WOW.  He’s come a long way from Cody zzz Rhodes.

13.  Dolph Ziggler to RAW.  Not a bad idea, I told you he’d be back.  Now Vickie on the other hand, she needs to stay away for a little while longer.

14.  If Sheamus doesn’t win the US title from Daniel Bryan, then he quits.  Wow a lot of quitting/firing going on.  Well I think this means the end of him on RAW and a new beginning for him on Smackdown.

15.  Has it really been 10 years since Edge & Christian been a Tag Team on Smackdown?  How time flies. though it was great to see them reunite .

Well that’s all I’ve got for now thanks for reading and see you all next time.


  1. 2. Agreed. I understand why they're doing it, and it makes good business sense, as the Illustrious Mr. Ruff pointed out. I just have no interest in giving legitimacy to that orange midget piece of trash who has no business having a career when I don't.

    3. Lamer than a horse with no legs.

    4. I know! I understand not wanting to draw attention to it, but pretending that these two have never met at Mania before is silly. They could acknowledge it, and point out that HHH is not the same guy that he was then. They don't have to make a big deal about it, or focus on it, but ignoring it looks bad.

    6. Huzzah! Now, if they would just follow Gee's idea and let Ron Simmons induct her…. Gold, I say!

    10. All hail King Hippo!

    12. Absolutely! I never would have picked him out as the one I'd want to see out of the three members of Legacy. I like being surprised in a good way. It should happen more often.

    15. Those of us who watched the Brood in person are feeling really ancient right about now. 😛

  2. 1. Oh wow… didn't hear about that. Shitty deal.

    2. I don't expect her to be too involved with the show, but record all wrestling always.

    7. Me too. The JBL swerve was well executed. I would have liked him to poke fun at Del Rio in some capacity based on their ring entrances though…

    10. King Hippo does indeed look like the Sub-Zero Goalie killer! Good call. Man, Clay has many alternate identities.

    14. Considering how badly he's been handled… well, pretty much since he won the King of the Ring, Smackdown would be a good move. I'm guessing that he'll jump, but this could have been done with the pending brand draft.

  3. 1.) RIP Mike Starr

    2.) Ugh

    3.) I used to like Cena when he was doing the rapper gimmick. In fact, I actually own a copy of "You Can't See Me." But his rap this past Monday was absolutely terrible.

    5.) I actually watched The Chaperone last night on Netflix. It had it's funny moments, and the plot wasn't as lame as it sounds. Personally, I enjoyed it. I issue a challenge to my fellow Bored Wrestling Fans to watch this and not think to yourself something along the lines of "Oh shit, there's the angry Triple H face – those guys are in for it now!"

    6.) Applause! Now if we can get Chris Candido inducted…

    7.) I'm always down for a JBL appearance!

    9.) I was there the first time he did it!

    12.) I've been on the Cody Rhodes bandwagon for a while now, and this is by far the best he's ever been. Looking forward to seeing him face Mysterio at 'Mania!

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