Well hello out there. Long time no see, well I’ve seen the site just the site hasn’t seen much from me lately.  But here it is your big surprise, my big return.  What did you actually think that we were gonna charge you?  Well it’s good to be back and let’s this show on the road and look back at some of the things that happened while I was gone:


1.  We got him! A big thank you to the U.S. Navy Seal Team who got the job done! We americans are forever in your debt!

2.  I have to be serious for a minute or three.  I recently lost someone very close to me, my father, who if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here now since he was the one that got me into watching wrestling in the first place.  Because of this loss I wasn’t able to participate in the Roundtable podcast and almost didn’t watch Wrestlemania altogether since it wouldn’t be the same.  But with taking things one day at a time I was able to get through the pain and am glad to have all the great friends and family out there so I want to say thank you for all the support in these tough times.

3.  Well Wrestlemania happened and well I have to say that I don’t think that it sucked, but it wasn’t great either.  My favorite part was chatting with JoE via text message throughout the whole thing.  I’m very glad that all I spent on it was to buy chops, pizza and beer.

4.  Sin Cara finally debuted and I have to say that, I’m not impressed.  All he reminds me of is a younger Rey Mysterio and we all know how much I’m not a fan of him.

5.  I can actually watch Diva wrestling again as Kharma (aka Awesome Kong) finally debuted in WWE.  I can finally use my old tag line “Kong Mad, Kong Smash!” on the message boards again.

6.  The annual WWE Draft was held and I have to say that drafting John Cena from RAW to Smackdown then back to RAW at the end of the program was the stupidest thing they’ve ever (EVVVVVERRRRR) done.  Plus the supplemental draft is pretty pointless too especially if your an “entertainment” company.

7.  Edge’s retirement came as a shock to me.  I didn’t watch the RAW live since I was at a friends house playing poker but when I came home and saw it everywhere on the internet, I was actually quite shocked.  I actually had tears in my eyes while watching his farewell speech on that week’s Smackdown.  I’ve been an Edgehead for a long time and have to say thank you for all the memories.

8.  So this past week’s RAW was the Rock’s birthday celebration.  Well Happy Birthday I guess. What surprised me most was hoe I heard people bitch about how stupid it was and how his birthday celebration was excessive.  Well guess what, we were advertised that it was gonna be Rock’s Birthday celebration and that’s what we got.

9.  Miz, all you had to do was throw the belt outside the ring and you’d be WWE Champion right now.

10.  So we finally get a Christian World Title run only for it to last 5 days (yes I know it’s actually 2 but the wwe website has at 5).  My thoughts, BULLSHIT!!!! Give the guy a chance will ya.  Have his first title defense end as some sort of DQ or count out and drop it at a pay per view but one on regular TV.


Alright I think that’s all I’ve got for now Thanks again for reading and see you all next time.


  1. Nice to see this series come back from as understandable hiatus. I pretty much agree with everything in regards to wrestling related points, except maybe Sin Cara, so no need for the bullet responses from myself for this edition. Still quite angry with how Christian's title run was handled, albeit, the teaser the set up for a potential chase if the 'E follows through with it. I will choose to be optimistic at this time about that.

  2. Welcome back, JT!!!

    I'm sooo looking forward to the return of "KONG MAD, KONG SMASH!!!"

    Most people seem to have less of a problem with Christian losing the title and more of a problem with the rushed way that it was done, as if the WWE Universe would collapse upon itself and result in instantaneous bankruptcy if Orton didn't hold it NOW. I would like to think as _G_ does, but my optimism in matters wrestling has worn thin to the point of nonexistence.

    • "[…] as if the WWE Universe would collapse upon itself and result in instantaneous bankruptcy if Orton didn't hold it NOW."

      Ha hahahaha! Well put!

  3. Welcome back, JT! We missed you!

    It was certainly great hearing from you throughout the night during WrestleMania, as is starting to become a tradition. One of these years we'll be drinking and watching the show in the same place!

    Sin Cara's debut impressed me, but since then it's been "meh" for me.

    Edge came as a shock to all of us, and I found out in a very similar manner to the way you did, though I was on a bus headed to work instead of at a poker game.

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