Well here we are the time of year that is almost Wrestlemania time as college basketball hits it’s tournament to crown a National Champion (GO ORANGE!)  but since this is a wrestling website, and Wrestlemania is only 2 weeks away I think there should be some wrestlemaina talk so lets go:

1.  I saw the documentary portion of The True Story Of Wrestlemania and have to say that it is worth Netflixing if you can.  It’s a good behind the scenes look at Wrestlemania and features many of the stars who participated including Hulk Hogan.

2.  Quote HHH in the documentary on Takers streak “It’s the streak that they shouldn’t end.”

3.  TNA had a pay per view last week that if of the few that watched it got a Jeff Hardy showing up in no condition to perform and because of it viewers got a 88 second main event.  And they wonder why they can’t keep viewers.

4.  Well it looks like Snooki on RAW is becoming Snooki in a match at Wrestlemania.  Really????  WWE doesn’t need the buys.  I’m not gonna come on here and say deal with it, and that it’s a good thing because the only good that comes out of it is that John Morrison might finally get a main event push from this.

5.  I like Cole being his own little box to do his announcing.  Now if he would only stay there and someone mute his microphone it would be even better.

6.  Good to see Jim Ross on TV even though he was legit injured at the hands of Michael Cole’s ankle lock.  He got stretched ligaments in his leg and ankle.

7.  Randy Orton has single handedly buried NEXUS.  I’m not sure if Punk will have a new group after WM but I have a feeling that we won’t be seeing them anymore.

8.  Superstars is being canceled as of April 7.  Don’t know if it’ll be moved to another network, wwe.com, or just canceled altogether.  Well to be honest I wasn’t really motivated to watch it to begin with so that will be just 1 less show to watch every week.

9.  Good to see Sheamus end his losing streak and become the US Champion, though he should be in the WWE title picture not the US but at least he’s being used.

10.  Liked the Christian/Del Rio steel cage match but didn’t like the fact that Christian won it.  I know that Del Rio still looked strong in the end but WWE still should’ve had him win the match too.

11.  I totally thought that Edge was gonna do some damage to Del Rio’s rent a car Bentley.  It would’ve totally been awesome.

12.  This has to be the worst song ever.  EVER!!!!!  It is poorly written and it looks like the girl singing it isn’t too proud of it either.  Yet it has over 26 million views and is the # 44 most downloaded song on iTunes.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now thanks for reading and see you all next time.


p.s.  I write this to let you all know that I appreciate all who read my article and have to say that this will be my last one for a while as I am taking time off to deal with a family issue.  Some of you know this reason and if you want to know send me a PM on the forums or on facebook as I am choosing not to let it out here.

Thank you and see you all soon



  1. 2. "It's the streak they shouldn't end. It just goes on and on, my friends! Some people started booking it, not knowing what it was, and now they're stuck booking it forever just because this is the streak they shouldn't end. It just goes on and on, my friends! …."

    7. Husky Harris already has a new gimmick. Check it on YouTube. He is now Axel Mulligan, in torn jeans and t-shirt, and a mask. While at first he may look like "a poor man's Mankind," I think that this may actually work for him. His physicality is great, and he uses the Whippersnapper as a finisher. I'm not crazy about the mask, but the rest of it is rather good.

    9. Agreed. Hopefully this is the start of his ascension.

    We love you, JT, and no one on BWF will object when I say that we're all here for you, we'll miss you while you're gone, and your eventual return will be welcomed with almost Rock-like support from all of us. Except for that Kennedy git, I hear that he hates us gingers. 😛

  2. I'm not going to bother with the points, and just say that J.T. is awesome. Do what needs to be done brother, we'll see you when we see you! 🙂 I'll miss these, but won't wonder why I don't see them. And neither should the readers. Life takes precedence.

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