Well with then end of the world not happening or now not happening until October, I guess we are here for a few more months I guess. Well that’s not really a bad thing since we are still up and running to give you the best at what we do, what ever that may be.  So now without further ado, here’s what I do:

1.  A big congrats to our fearless leader ThinkSoJoE who got married this past week.  Hope you two have a great life together.

2.  The big rumor going around is that the reason for Kharma’s big breakdown on RAW this past week is that she is pregnant and will be written out of storyline this week. If she is congrats.  I guess I can now go back to ignoring the Divas again.

3.  Nice tribute by CM Punk this week on RAW wearing the Macho Man style trunks and boots.  When I first saw him in the night I thought “what’s up with the boots?” but then later on when he wrestled it made more sense.

4.  WWE also did a nice tribute to Macho Man too.

5.  So, Michael Cole is back to being (or at least trying to) a babyface announcer on RAW while still being a heel announcer on Smackdown.  Really WWE????

6.  Otunga & McGuillity are the tag champs now with help from CM Punk kicking Big Show in the back of the head. Well I gues Punk has the new superkick of final ultimate doom or whatever Green Teabagger calls it.

7.  Here we go guys we’re finally getting the Alex Riley push we’ve been waiting for since he was supposed to win NXT season 2.  Oh wait, now one cares!

8.  It looks like Dolph Ziggler ran out of hair dye since he’s now back to the blonde hair.  Good for him.

9.  Sheamus is now #1 Contender for the worle title on Smackdown, wait didn’t we already have Orton vs. Sheamus feud on RAW for the WWE title last year?  Wasn’t the draft supposed to shake things up? While I don’t mind Sheamus in the title picture, I just don’t like more of the same, I just don’t.

10.  Sin Cara still sucks even with the special lighting he gets with his matches.

11.  Apparently Chyna has shot another adult film, tentatively called “Backdoor Into Chyna” and is set for release later this year.  As someone who didn’t bother seeing the last one, I will not be watching this one.

12.  I got the new CD by The Rods called Vengeance.  It’s a great CD and features one of the final recorded song by the late great Ronnie James Dio so check it out.  It is however only available on iTunes, amazon.com and thru their website therods.com.

13.  The NBA Finals are here and feature the Dallas facing the best team money can buy Miami Heat in a rematch of their 2006 finals in wich Miami won.  Well I think this time things will be different and Dallas will finally win it.

14.  The NHL finals are here too pitting the Boston Bruins vs the Vancouver Canucks.  Well what can I say, I’m not a big fan of hockey but I know that my hometown Syracuse Crunch were once the farm team for the Canucks.  That being said I’ll pick the Canucks for the to win the Stanley Cup!

15.  Last but not least, I went against all I’ve said and got a smartphone this past week and have to say that I quite like it. I even have this site tagged as a favorite and it is quite readable from my phone.

Well i guess that’s all for now thanks again for reading and see you all next time.



  1. 4. Vintage Collection this weekend was a tribute episode, albeit one that had been edited from a previous installment since it had Matt Hardy discussing Savage's contributions. They did have Mean Gene record some new comments to close the show.

    5. I agree. This was dumb. Just plain stupid.

    11. You think she'll get an Oscar nod this time?

    13. Anybody but the Heat. Also would like to see Dirk prevail with the Mav's here.

    14. While I am hoping for a dramatic series, I've always rooted for Western Canadian NHL teams (as long as they are not playing against my Oilers). Vancouver all the way! Malhotra is likely to return from his eye injury in the series too, which is awesome for the team. Not only is he a reliable third line centre, he is perceived by the team as a huge morale booster in the locker room.

  2. 1. thank you.

    13. Money does NOT buy championships. The New York Rangers had Jagr, Messier, Gretzky, and a host of other top players a few years back, and didn't even make the playoffs.

    14. Interesting factoid – the two other times that Canada hosted the Olympics, the host city's NHL team won the President's Trophy and the Stanley Cup that same season. Vancouver is four wins away from continuing that tradition.

  3. 13. I never said it did and probably won't this year. Dallas is pretty much unstoppable. And G I don't hate the Heat particular I just hate LeBron and hope he never wins a championship.

  4. As much as I want to contribute to this, I have no playoffs comments, as I know nothing of such things. I feel so left out! 😛

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