Well when it comes down to it there’s nothing like a good stiff drink with some good friends and some good food.  But what isn’t fun is when you have the worst sinus infection and allergies at the same time.  I was fortunate to experience all this in the same week, yay me.  But lots of drugs are helping me so I can give what I can this week:

1.  When I first started watching RAW I thought that my DVR screwed up and recorded it without sound as it did a few times before, but that was an old DVR machine but when I saw that it was just technical difficulties, I was like ok. However the difficulties did mess up the beginning of RAW in which R-Truth did one of hie best promo’s ever. But I think this will put more fuel on the fire for tomorrows RAW with his whole conspiracy against him gimmick.

2.  Christian has turned heel.  I don’t really know about it this time, though I’m sure this was the route they were going if Edge didn’t retire and I know that he is awesome as a heel so this will probably end up being a good thing.

3.  For those that live under a rock, Kharma revealed that she is pregnant.  Well congrats are due and since she is a high risk, I wish nothing but the best and hope that she has a safe pregnancy.  Hopefully we will see her in a year.  It was nice for WWE to allow her to break character to make her announcement, but then again did she really?  We didn’t really hear her speak while she was coming to destroy whatever diva it was so this might’ve been her personality was going to be anyway.

4.  Click here for some a scary nsfw, hell not safe for anybody.

5.  Good for WWE to shake things up at the draft by giving restarting up the same feuds on RAW that we had last year on Smackdown.

6.  I’m still not buying the Alex Riley babyface push, I’m just not.

7.   Yoshi Tatsu still works for WWE?  Wow, I totally forgot.  I remember when he was exciting to watch.  What the hell happened?

8.  I like Daniel Bryan, I don’t like Sin Cara.  Putting the two of them together won’t make me like Sin Cara either.  I mean come on, Cara gets his own lighting on a run in?  I guess it gives him his super flippy floppy power.

9.  I wonder if the president know that the WWE is using him to sell the Capitol Punishment ppv?

Well that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks for reading and see you all next time.



  1. JT, can I add a "Random Randomness" here? Good, I thought you'd say ok. I just picked up the Transfomers Dark of the Moon Shockwave!!!! OMG it is so awesome! Really captures the G1 design and feel while being in the Movieverse (unlike a lot of the characters, I'm looking at you Starscream and Megatron). Finding that erases the pain of seeing any clips or videos from the latest wrestling related DVD that stars 1/4 of last months intergender tag team match at the last TNA PPV.

    • Yeah, I saw that one. It does look pretty nice. Though with the unfortunate fact that all my money goes to bills, I can't buy it. Are you still trying to buy all the transformers that ever existed?

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