As many of the BWF faithful know, the resident Lord and Master of Randomness, JT, has been on a well-deserved holiday as of late.

The remaining staff would never wish to deprive you of one of your favorite weekly columns, so in the spirit of JT, we present to you this week’s “Random Randomness.”

1. President Obama is a U.S. citizen. End of story. Get over it. If he weren’t, it would have come out long before now. If he were 100% white, this wouldn’t even be happening. Since attacking him due to his race isn’t a viable option in this day and age, people who don’t like a black man being president have resorted to this. Take off the tinfoil hats and crawl back into your caves. Criticize his policies and ideas if you’re against them, preferably with some intelligence and research, but this nonsense just makes the whole country look bad.

2. CM Punk’s heel turn is complete, and if you missed his attack on Jeff Hardy at the end of this past week’s “Smackdown,” it was a thing of beauty. If you don’t understand why CM Punk is awesome now, you never will. I’m waiting with baited breath for him to say “I’m better than you” on WWE television.

3. Outstanding match between Jeff Hardy and John Morrison this week on “Smackdown.” Morrison is by far the superior wrestler to Hardy, but the two of them mesh very well in the ring. On the mic, though, I prefer Morrison as a heel.

4. Shaquille O’Neal was the best guest host RAW has had so far. The visual of Shaq and Big Show standing nose to nose was great!

5. Jeremy Piven is set to host RAW tomorrow. He claims to be bringing a co-host with him. Word is that he has a bit of a nasty attitude towards the whole “hosting RAW” gig, so perhaps a more heelish host is in the works? In really real life, Piven caused quite a stink on Broadway by quitting a production of David Mamet’s “Speed-the-Plow,” claiming mercury poisoning from eating sushi. Few people believed it, mockery ensued, and lawsuits were threatened. Don’t be shocked if the negative publicity ties into the persona Piven displays on RAW.

6. Creative team member Dutch Mantel and road agent Savio Vega were released from TNA this week. Both were very close with Jeff Jarrett, who may or may not return to TNA. Some have suggested that Dixie Carter has taken full charge, and means to clean house after the poor reviews of “Victory Road” and the alarmingly low buy rate of 7,000 for “Slammiversary.” Dixie herself won’t say if a complete creative overhaul is in the works, but recent happenings speak for themselves. Whatever happens, TNA is at one of the biggest turning points (no pun intended) of its existence, and what happens over the next month is critical.

7. On a related note, TNA has signed with the American Original production company, headed by Jeff Katz. Katz, despite his young age, has worked for WCW, Fox, and New Line Pictures, and has a blog on the Heyman Hustle site. He said, among other things, that “Well, I’m no fan of the current status quo. I think the wrestling industry needs to stop fighting the wars of the late 90s and start looking forward. I think it’s time to evolve and I look forward to working with Dixie Carter and company to give her company and this business a little something different.” This could prove to be huge.

8. TNA had a presence at the San Diego Comic Con this year, and the tag team match between Daniels and Suicide against the Motor City Machine Guns was praised as the highlight of the night by non-wrestling media. Great idea, good exposure, and hopefully the four guys involved in the match will be rewarded by the company for their efforts.

9. Speaking of the Motor City Machine Guns, those watching “Impact” this past week saw them standing in the audience, holding signs that read, “Yes, We Still Work Here,” and “Conspiracy Victims.” Please, dear wrestling gods, let this be the start of something major for them! The fact that they were briefly acknowledged with one camera shot and one comment by the announce team (possibly due to the loud chants of “Motor City!” that interrupted the Knockouts tag team match), then completely ignored, certainly makes the whole thing look unplanned.

10. The “Cash for Clunkers” program burned through its $1 billion funding in less than a week. Wow. The idea was to stimulate auto sales by encouraging people to trade in older vehicles that were not fuel efficient and get more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective vehicles on the road. You could get up to $4500 for certain years, makes, and models of vehicles (which never would have gotten that much alone), plus whatever dealer incentives they wanted to throw at you. People who used the program thought it was great. Others have complained at great length that it’s essentially taking taxpayer money to subsidize the purchase of a new car for someone who didn’t make smart decisions the first time. Research the issue, and decide for yourselves. 

11. “The” Brian Kendrick was released by WWE this week. While not shocking, the guy was criminally underutilized since Londrick held the tag team titles. Apparently, he was only allowed to become “The” to help get Ezekiel Jackson over, and the recent butt-kickings at the hands of Jerry Lawler were his good-bye. However, “The” isn’t moping about. He was in attendance at PWG’s sixth anniversary show, “Threemendous II,” in California over the weekend, and is booked for PWG’s next show already. Kendrick arrived at the show with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, who were both on the evening’s card. Interesting….

12. “Being Human” is the most amazing series on tv right now! Two episodes, and I’m absolutely enthralled. If you get BBC America, watch it. Given the saturation of the entertainment industry with lame supernatural, the premise may put some of you off, but the show works. A werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost share a house and try to get by. Seriously. It sounds dreadful, but it isn’t. The characters are intriguing, dialogue and story are well-written, and it’s just compelling tv. George, the werewolf, only recently became one, and is the shy, nerdy, awkward one. Mitchell, the vampire, is the chick magnet sexy one, but he has a falling out with the other vampires over his decision to stop killing humans at the drop of a hat, and is ostracized. His struggle to control the nasty vampire traits we all know and love is pretty intense, and he is in no way sparkly. Annie, the ghost, died in the house rented by George and Mitchell. Most humans can’t see her, only supernaturals can. She died from a fall down a flight of stairs, the circumstances of which are not clear. The cast really clicks as an ensemble. Check it out.


JT will be back on the site shortly, and ThinkSoJoe, Legend Killer, tharvey1, and myself will be on our regularly scheduled schedule. Whatever that means. Finally, sign up to join the BWF forums, and spend your upcoming Thursday evening with us, as BWF debuts our very own Thursday night “Impact” thread! You have been warned.

Peace out,



  1. If any toes (or other body parts) were stepped on by my doing this, I shall apologize and grovel profusely while wearing Tara's leather pants that I will steal from her. It wouldn't be a proper week without the Randomness, ya know.

  2. Oooh. I could open up a long, detailed, well-thought-out and erudite six-pack of Libertarian Kung-Fu WHOOPASS! right now –and I know where you live and which dogs to bribe with treats to get in unnoticed– but I'll save it. You address the main question I came here today to discuss: WTF with Sabin/Shell in the audience?!? Is this kay-fabe, shoot, double-reverse kay-fabe or what?

    You should, like, totally pimp my own blog for political commentary etc. Modestly prohibits my putting the link herein….

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