Well Here it is, the 1 year anniversary of  this very article, man where does the time go.  Well actually the first edition didn’t go under the mane Random Randomness but “Thoughts on this week in wrestling” and can be found here: http://boredwrestlingfan.com/2008/11/09/thoughts-on-this-week-in-wrestling/.  Well instead of doing my usual give you my thoughts on the week, I figured that I would take a look back at what has happened this past year:

1.  In January, Barack Obama officially becomes the 44th President of the United States.  Republicans & Conserviatves give him about 15 seconds in office before criticizing on how bad a job he’s doing.  (Note: JT’s opinions are not that of  Boredwrestlingfan.com and should not be taken seriously, he just writes things as he sees them and not to start a political debate)

2.   Guns N’ Roses album “Chinese Democracy” is finally released.  The album gets good reviews by critics but gets a mixed response from fans, mostly because of the lineup and not the music.  In this writers opinion, it’s one of his favorites.

3.  WWE finally rolled the ball and made Jeff Hardy WWE Champion, giving their fanbase what they want for a change.  At the the time of his WWE title reign, Matt was also ECW Champion making the Hardy Boys reign supreme over 2/3 of WWE programming.  If there only was a 3rd Hardy Brother.  

4.  Jeff would also go on and win the World Title two times this year also giving him 3 total.  Then just days after losing the Title to CM Punk, he is arrested for drug charges.  Rumor has it that he was set up and the charges will be thrown out.  As of right now the case is still up in the air.

5.  Metallica gets inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame.  There they reunite with former bassist Jason Newstead for one night Metallica performs “Battery” and “Enter Sandman” as a 5 piece.   Then at the end of the show sees them playing “Train Kept Rollin” with an all star lineup including Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin), Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

6.  Guitar Hero Metallica is also released, awesomeness ensues!

7.  CM Punk becomes the first man to win the Money In The Bank ladder match twice and in back to back years.  The he is drafted to Smackdown and becomes World Champion making him the only WWE superstar in the tri-brand era to be champion on all 3 brands.

8.  Christian returns to WWE after a 3 year hiatus, er I mean stint in TNA.  He is put on ECW and becomes ECW champion not once but twice.  Many of us thought he would be shipped to RAW or Smackdown by June, but he wasn’t which in this writers opinion is for the best.  I’d rather see him as a bi fish in a small pond, than be lost in the mix on RAW or Smackdown.

9.  RAW become the worst wrestling show on TV.  Yes it got even worse than iMPACT!

10.  Tommy Dreamer becomes ECW champion and holds the belt for longer than an hour.

11.  In front of a live crowd of over 125,000 and 9 billion viewers watching at home, JT defeats WWI superstar RDLee 7-6 in a 60 minute iron man match.  When asked the purpose of the match JT said “Because we can” and RDLee stated “we knew we could get the highest rating ever and we did!” *

12.  Because WWE didn’t think we had enough wrestling to watch every week, they added another program, or actually brought back Superstars.  Focused mainly on wrestling, the show is actually pretty good.

13.  Santino Marella dresses up like a woman, calls himself Santina and wins the “Miss Wrestlemania” crown at Wrestlemania.  While the Santina character is good at first, it quickly wears out it’s welcome and becomes stale and luckily dropped by WWE by Donald Trump firing Santina. 

14.  Kurt Angle was arrested for stalking his girlfriend the night before a ppv, yet TNA still keeps the title on him. 

15.  Green Day releases their follow up to 2004’s “American Idiot” called “21st Century Breakdown.”  The album is hailed by critics and is stated to be better than “American Idiot.”  JT’s opinion, it’s a great album, but it is nowhere near as good as “American Idiot.”

16.  VH1 Classic debut’s “That Metal Show” hosted by Eddie Trunk and comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jameson.  It’s a good show for anyone into Heavy Metal music and it names on of the “50 reasons to watch TV” by Rolling Stone magazine.

17.  We lost the talents of Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Ed McMahon, Steve McNair and Patrick Swayze.  R.I.P.

18.  KISS returned with a new album this year called “Sonic Boom.”  I didn’t even know they were working on a record until right before it was released, so much for that retirement tour you went on in 2000.  This time they wear the classic makeup but original member Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are not on board.  This album features Eric Singer on drums (who played on Revenge, Alive 3, Unplugged, and Carnival Of Souls) and Tommy Thayer on Guitar (who played on Alive 4).  The reaultis a great CD with songs that range from all points in their carrer.  However it comes with a bonus Disc called “Klassics”  which is jus a rerecording of their biggest hits and not done well.

19.  Donald Trump buys RAW and then sells it back a week later.  In the brief time he owns it, he decides that there will be a celebrity guest host every week which continues on to this day.  Guest host have included: Seth Green, Jeremy Piven, Ozzy Osboune, Bob Barker, Shaq, Two Nascar guys, Al Sharpton, Cedrick The Entertainer, and Floyd Mayweather.  The results, some good some bad and some so bad that we don’t want to remember it happened.

20.  Gregory Helms brought back The Hurricane!  Only this time WWE plays it off that Helms and Hurricane are 2 different people.

21.  The ECW new talent initiative gave us the likes of Yoshi Tatsu, Shameus, Tyler Recks and Abraham Washington.  Tatsu and Shameus have promise, the others don’t.

22.  Zack Ryder is drafted to ECW and Kurt Hawkins disappears.  On ECW Ryder stops being the Edge follower and creates his own identity, and has become quite good in the process.

23.  Batista returned form injured, then got injured again, rinse repeat.

24.  Founding member of the Triumvirate of TN-Awesomeness Fritz Stephey goes out on an AMP binge, disappears and is never heard from again.  Taking his place in the Triumvirate, the understudy Drowgoddess!  Hmmm I’m thinking a conspiracy here.*

25.  Degeneration X returns not just for 1 night only, but permanently for now.  *groan*

26.  I attend my first ever indie show.

27.  In the span of the same 30 day period, I attend both a TNA house show and a WWE house show.

28.  In the match of the year by far, The Undertaker beat Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania25 to keep his undefeated streak alive.  That match itself was worth the $55 I paid for it.

Ok well I think that’s all I’ve got for you all this week.  Thanks again for reading and note, there will not be a Random Randomness next week, I’m taking it off for my birthday, but I should be taking part in the Roundtable for the next TNA ppv.  See you all next time.

*may not have actually happened


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