Well I went at it again and recorded another podcast for your listening pleasure and actually took some time to edit out some of my screw-ups, so enjoy:
Randomness Podcast 2


  1. Did we flip the W upside down and become bored METAL fan? You went 8:45 at the beginning without even mentioning wrestling 😛

    Anyways, I think a lot of people found out through me that Dio passed away. I heard the rumors Saturday night, but at that point he was still alive. I heard again later that he died but I passed it off as a rumor until I went to ronniejamesdio.com and saw the message from his wife.

    Yes, I did indeed have a sign ready for SmackDown, but even if a miscommunication didn't cause it to get left at home, it wouldn't have made it on TV anyway. The closest we got to being on was when Big Show kicked the football up over the lighting rig and into our section, but even then we were just out of view of the camera.

    That Ziggler/Masters match was great to see live. The Swagger segment, not so much. The difference between a Swagger 20 minute promo and a Triple H 20 minute promo is that Jack Swagger's promos are supposed to come across as boring. Believe me, you didn't miss much during the break. My bass player and I were hoping Big Show would've eaten the Swaggie instead of smashing it along with the rest of the trophies.

    Good show as usual man, keep up the good work!

  2. First: "bored METAL fan?" @ both: You are more than welcome to post that here or at Wonderboy ANYTIME!

    Ok, now for the thoughts… RIP

    Anthrax without the original vocalist? Hmm….

    Better installment this week… more cohesiveness for sure man!

    Liked the NXT rundown. Yes Josh Matthews has certainly improved!

    TNA was meh last week. Ok, not great… Caught the PPV (well the first match until the feeds crapped out and I said screw it and watched Survivor)….

    I'm on the fence with the Swagger issue man, but whatever, new blood is new blood and it's time for things to change.

    Lebron lost his smile, that's why I think he lost. Your criticism is valid though… certain markets sometimes feel doomed. However, in hockey you'd think Tampa and Carolina would follow suit. Not the case.

    Whatever, good job bro!

  3. Just any fyi GEE, Joey Belladonna isn't the original vocalist for Anthrax, it's Neil Turbin. But if you ask me I like both Bush and Belladonna, I actually Anthrax with the classic lineup in 2005 when they opened for Judas Priest and it was awesome.

    I did kinda rush thru this week's edition though, I'm gonna try something different this week, maybe it'll work out better.

    Thanks guys for the input.

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