Hello ladies and gentlemen! The RAW Review is back this week, just as it was last week, and I’m frazzled.  I decided to take on the challenge that is National Novel Writing Month, but I’ll suck that up quietly in peace and not bring it to RAW.  Anyway, I’ve tucked away all the stuff for that for now, and I am focused on RAW!  Just a side note, however, I am going to be missing the November 22nd edition of RAW, for I will be there LIVE when they come to Orlando!! So I may get a late review up on the 23rd or something like that depending on how tired I am.  We’ll see how that goes, but why am I jumping ahead!? I have to get through tonight!!

However, before we begin, our very own ThinkSoJoE and Random Redhead’s birthdays are on the same day as Wrestlemania 27 tickets… Just an idea… 😉 There’s your plug, sweetie.

I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

We start out RAW first thing with Randy Orton making his way onto the stage and into the ring.  He says that he doesn’t think there’s a man alive who could take the title from him, but if someone did, he would accept it, but he couldn’t accept it if he lost it because of a crooked referee.  Especially if that crooked ref just so happened to be John Cena.  So, he’d like to ask Cena to come out to the ring because if he’s gonna screw Orton over at Survivor Series, the least he could do is be man enough to say it to his face.


Cena walks out and says that he will say something to Orton’s face: cut him some slack.  He knows Randy is the WWE Champion, he’s been there before, they both have.  Orton’s smart enough to know that championships are won and lost, they come they go, and he has a decision to make at Survivor Series.  If Barrett beats Cena at Survivor Series, he’s finally out of Nexus, but if Orton wins, Cena’s fired.  And he has to be the guest referee.  Cena says that if there’s a situation, if something happens, he doesn’t …  He asks if he sees all that chaos on unrest, but he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.  He’s either free or fired.  Orton says that he sees that, and it’s Cena’s bleeding heart way of saying that he is gonna screw Orton over at Survivor Series.  Cena denies it, but Orton says that if he does screw Orton over, then he keeps his job, but he’ll be the biggest phony in the WWE.  And don’t bother coming out talking about Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, especially respect, because he’s obeying Barrett and disrespecting every champion, including himself.  Then, Orton tells him to get out of his ring, because Cena doesn’t deserve to be in it.  Orton then apologizes and says that Cena can’t get out of the ring without asking his master for permission.  Cena says that they both worked hard to get there, and that Nexus runs the show while Cena gets coffee.  Cena says that Barrett may have enough skill to compete for the WWE Championship, but he’s classless, and Barrett’s the one who doesn’t know about respect.

We walk alone, through the unknown…

Nexus – now with their new members McGuillicutty and Harris, make their way onto the stage.  Barrett thanks Cena for his kind words, and he gives Cena permission to say whatever he wants about Barrett because actions will speak louder than words, and when push comes to shove, Cena will do exactly what he’s told.  And at Survivor Series, Cena will raise his hand as the new WWE Champion.  Cena says that all he knows that in three weeks, it’s over.  He’s either out of Nexus or, and Barrett says or he’s fired.  Cena asks Orton if he can have a second with his boss.  Cena says that in three weeks, this thing is coming to a head, and whether he leaves Nexus or leaves the WWE, he’ll leave Barrett a parting gift: when this is all over, Cena will beat the hell out of Barrett.  Orton then says that he doesn’t have to wait until Survivor Series, and as far as Orton is concerned, Barrett’s a scared little child who needs to hide behind seven other guys, and he’ll beat on him until the only thing left for Cena to do is count to ten and declare Orton the victor.  Barrett starts toward the ring.

“Randy Orton, as the WWE Champion, I feel for the position you’re in.  You want to know what Cena is going to do, we all wanna know, so I think we should find out tonight.  Later this evening, there will be a main event with Wade Barrett and a partner of his choice vs you, Randy, and a partner of your choosing.  And the special guest referee is going to be John Cena.”


@CawCawBang Someone’s going to get their head punted in

@thinksojoe No, Michael Cole, you may NOT have my attention. #BWF #RAW

@Niki_Sushi So… was Cole reading the ‘e-mail’ off of Microsoft Word?

@Lunna1969 And I quote, shut the hell up Michael Cole!

We return to WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater in the ring.

WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd with Natalya

So, are these two actually going to split, or is this going to be teased the entire time?  Curious…  And I may be wrong.  I don’t see Natalya.

Kidd and Slater start out, getting good momentum, but Kidd tags – see, punches – Smith in, and Smith dominates Slater.  Smith hits the suplex on Slater, going for a cover, but Slater kicks out at two.  Smith continues to dominate in the center of the ring, until Slater manages to get behind Smith and Gabriel tags himself in, getting a quick hit on Smith and taking advantage.  Slater and Gabriel tag in and out, dominating Smith in their corner.  Gabriel gets Smith in the middle of the ring in a headlock, and I see now that Natalya was not out here.  Smith hits a scoop slam on Gabriel.  Smith manages to get Kidd in, and Kidd gets a good advantage, hitting a neckbreaker before going for a cover, only for Slater to break it.  Smith sends Slater flying outside of the ring, and Kidd takes advantage, dropkicking Gabriel out of the ring.  Slater shoves Smith into Gabriel, sending Kidd flying into Smith.  Slater then distracts Kidd, and Gabriel goes to the top rope and hits the 450 for the win.

WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater win via pinfall.

Smith yells at Kidd for a while, once again teasing the breakup.

Backstage, Cena’s standing there and Truth comes up.  Truth says Cena got buck, confusing all of us, and then explains that Cena just stood up for himself.  Truth then says when the moment of truth arrives, what is Cena gonna do?  He says that he’s Cena’s friend, and Cena walks away.


@KeepItFiveStar Oh Hart Dynasty…ya dun goofed…again

@Niki_Sushi I was all pumped up to see Justin and Heath, but then a couple Harts came out and ruined it for me. Ah, dammit. #BWF #RAW

@seraphalexiel I wanna know when Truth and Cena got so chummy. Did anyone know they were friends before Cena became a slave?

@HitTheRopes Umm, that’s not what “getting bucked” means, R-Truth. #wwe

@kickoutblog I’d really like to see Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel lock up in the future.

The guest star tonight is PeeWee Herman.  And just this song is driving me crazy.

It’s a shameful thing, lobster head, too many limes, too many limes!

<VIDEO PACKAGE: John Morrison assists Santino Marella defeat Sheamus.>

Sheamus says that everyone expected him to come out and throw a tantrum over Santino’s loss last week, but Santino didn’t beat him, he beat himself.  Santino, he’s given you a week to bask in the glory of his fluke victory, but now he’s gonna pay.  So, fella, come out here and try that one more time.  And come out Santino does, in street clothes.  Santino says that first of all, he would just like to say that he respects Sheamus as a human being.  In fact, he is a little bit of a fan of his.  Actually, he went trick-or-treating dressed as Sheamus.  The only problem is that everyone thought he was a ghost.  Sheamus smirks a little.  Santino says that it was quite irritating and no wonder Sheamus is so angry.  Sheamus isn’t grinning anymore.  Santino says last night he consumed too much candy, and bad things happen.  So, unfortunately, the doctor said that if he wrestles against Sheamus, he’s going to accidentally throw up in Sheamus’ face.  He doesn’t think that anyone wants to see that, but the crowd disagrees.  Santino says that he did find Sheamus a suitable replacement.

Yeah, you’re a stoopid boy…

Vladimir comes out and says that Sheamus talks funny.  Now, Vladimir crush him.  HULK SMASH!

Sheamus vs Vladimir Kozlov

Vladimir gets a good start against Sheamus, getting an early advantage, but Sheamus fights back.  Vladimir wastes no time in getting it back, and Santino plays cheerleader for Kozlov.  Sheamus gets Kozlov in the corner and gets Kozlov in the middle of the ring, hitting a back breaker and going for a cover.  Kozlov kicks out at two, and Sheamus uses some rather Orton-like knee drops to the skull.  Kozlov then grabs Sheamus and head butts his chest, going for the cover, but Sheamus gets his foot on the rope. Sheamus fights back and hits the Brogue kick for the win.

Sheamus wins via pinfall.

Sheamus then gets Santino’s hand under his boot and steps back, only for Santino to scurry out of the ring.  Sheamus follows him, and Santino offers Sheamus candy in exchange for safety, then offers to give him money.  Sheamus drops the money and continues to stalk Santino.  Santino then offers him the credit card, and Sheamus chucks that too.  Santino then offers to write Sheamus a check, but Sheamus shoves him backward, and then kicks his stomach.  Sheamus lifts Santino, and gets ready to hit the Irish curse, only for Morrison to come to his rescue, kicking Sheamus in the stomach and head.  Santino trumpets the fact that he’s okay, and Morrison watches him.

Truth walks up to Orton backstage and Truth says that he’s cool with Orton, but he and Cena are friends.  Truth says that he doesn’t like what he saw, and he thinks that Cena’s already made up his mind.  Truth says that Cena’s not going to let himself get fired, and he has a funny feeling that Cena’s gonna count Barrett victorious.  Orton says that tonight, he’s going to make Truth his tag-team partner.  Cena and Orton have never gotten along, but Orton wants to see how he treats his friends.  Orton says that tonight, they’re going to find out that Cena doesn’t have any friends.


@seraphalexiel Obviously, Truth’s new gimmick is Danny Glover. More hood, less awards

@Niki_Sushi Its a shameful thing, lost my shorts! Too much sun, too much sun! #BWF #RAW

@HitTheRopes When the Hell did R-Truth become Dr. Phil of the Raw locker room? Stop being an instigator, Truth. #wwe

@ThingsColeSays Hey Truth, who is Wade Barriet?

@FrankWWEClown “Odds are I will eventually throw up…….IN YOUR FACE.” –Santino #WWE #RAW

@bethsharae I’m not entirely positive that R-Truth speaks the English language.

Mark Henry is on the phone with PeeWee and says that things aren’t the same since Evan got hurt, because he’s not just his tag partner, but his friend too. PeeWee says that he felt the same thing with a splinter, and I don’t know what he’s talking about.  Henry turns around and says it’s a great story, but he still has to find a tag partner, which is why he’s there to see him.  Herman says he’d be glad to be his tag partner.  Henry says that Herman is just the man to give him a big hug, and Henry crushes him.  Herman says that he knows what may cheer him up, and that’s Diva Twister.  The Bellas, Melina, an Eve.  Dear, God.

PeeWee says he’s taking some time off from his Broadway show – the PeeWee Herman show – for plenty of surprises, and Lita shows up!, joining them for Twister.


@HitTheRopes Thank gawd they introduced the Divas because this segment had *PAUSE* written all over it. #wwe

@kickoutblog Ya know, as much as I love Pee-Wee, it’s probably a really bad idea to play Twister with him. Just sayin.


Well, Joe, you got part of a Ryder entrance!! That counts, right?

Zack Ryder vs Ezekiel Jackson

Ryder gets a small advantage, and Jackson takes that away without even blinking.  Big Zeke wins.

Ezekiel Jackson wins via pinfall.

The main event is going to be Orton and Truth against Barrett and Otunga with Cena as special guest ref!


@Niki_Sushi Zack Ryder, meet your new pimp. Be sure to shave your legs and wax your bikini line; clients don’t like that shit.

@kickoutblog Ow, Ow, Ow… you know it! #BigZekeWillBreakYou

… PeeWee came out… but now I’m terrified.

Tonight’s secret word is ring.  Apparently, we’re supposed to do something.  And King is too excited about this.  Scream, of course.  I must have erased that from my memory.  And I totally did just put arrested… Freudian slip.


Cole welcome us to Miz-ville, and I want to punch him.  PeeWee’s making some kind of noise in the mic as Miz climbs into the ring.

Miz says he thought RAW losing at Bragging Rights was the lowest point of the show, but he was wrong.  Miz doesn’t like PeeWee – though Riley does – and he always liked He-Man.  PeeWee asks why he doesn’t marry He-Man.  Miz tells him to get out of the ring, and everyone screams.  Riley tells him not to say the secret word, and Miz says that he doesn’t care about the secret word, and he wants PeeWee out of his ring – cue screaming.  Miz says that he’s not a cultural icon, just a pathetic excuse for a man.  Miz and PeeWee proceed to fight like kindergartners, and Riley says he’ll handle it, but Riley gets in PeeWee’s face and Miz has to stop him.  Miz asks if PeeWee is stupid, and says that he’s Mr. Money in the Bank.  Miz doesn’t care who PeeWee is, and asks if PeeWee wants him to beat him into a pulp, and PeeWee says that he’s shaking, and that PeeWee is starting to get angry.  He’s a loner and a rebel.  PeeWee says that they should not anger the P.  He got his cousin backstage, and Miz mocks him a little bit.  Miz says that’s so funny he forgot to laugh, and to bring his cousin and the whole Herman family, because he will destroy them all.  PeeWee says that he’ll be out there to wipe the smirk off his face.

WELL, It’s a Big Show!

Show comes out in a PeeWee imitation suit, and I die a little inside.  Show double clotheslines Miz and Riley out of the ring and picks PeeWee up.  Pee Wee asks if they had a nice trip out of the ring.

“Miz, you’re not getting out of this so easy.  You said you’d beat anyone in PeeWee’s family, well, tonight’s secret word is pain.  Because you’re going to face PeeWee Herman’s cousin, the big PeeWee, next.”


@kickoutblog If Big Show does the Pee-wee Tequila dance, I might have to stop watching wrestling since nothing will ever top that.

@HitTheRopes Okay, who came in and changed the channel. I could have sworn I was tuning in to watch WRESTLING. #wwe

@Niki_Sushi Oh fuck me. This is…. this is horrifying. Even Miz looks embarrassed for Show.

@RingsideRants Jesus, I miss wrestling. #WWE #RIPWrestling

@KKonvictionCom Oh it’s Pee-Wee. Hide yo kids, hide you wives, hide your husbands…cuz he’s rapin errbody up in hurr.

The Miz vs The Big Pee Wee Show

Show dominates Miz, which just hurts my heart even more than- no, less than that last segment.  Show Irish Whips Miz, who ducks out of the ring for a moment, climbing back in the ring.  Show then returns to dominating Miz, which we all know is because of his movie (alright, alright, I’ll stop being a fangirl. xP), and steps down on Miz’s throat, though Miz comes back, ducking under a clothesline and getting some hits to Show’s knee.  Show comes back with a hard hit to Miz, then flips him onto the ground and hits a hard elbow drop.  Show goes for a cover, but Miz kicks out.  Miz looks a little dizzy, but continues to kick at Show’s knee, alternating between his head and knee.  Miz hits a dropkick on Show’s knee, finally getting him down to his knees.  Miz then gets Show in a headlock, holding it there tight.  Show stands up, but Miz holds on, paying for it as Show falls backwards.  Miz and Show both make their way to their feet, Show regaining momentum.  Show climbs up to the second rope, watching Riley, and then dropping backward, only for Miz to roll out of the way.  Miz then goes for the cover, but Show throws him into the ref.  Miz attacks Show while he’s down, kicking him in the face before hitting some hard hits and going up to the top rope, aiming to knock Show down again.  Miz goes up again, dropping his knuckles on Show’s head, once, and then doing it again for a third time.  He goes for the cover, but Show throws him off again.  Miz gets Show in a headlock, holding on tight once again.  Show struggles to get up to his feet, flipping Miz off him and then clotheslining Miz once, twice, and Irish Whipping Miz and then throwing him over his back.  Show makes a train noise and then runs across the ring, getting Miz set up for the choke slam, but Riley distracts Show, who uses the briefcase and gets disqualified.

The Big Show wins via disqualification.

<VIDEO PACKAGE: Stand up for WWE, Celebrity Edition.>

Backstage, Cena is talking to Barrett.  Barrett says after Cena raises his hand in victory, he wants Cena to clean his locker room: Sweep, mop, and then scrub Barrett’s back.  Cena looks over and sees Otunga.  Otunga says that Cena won’t be scrubbing Barrett’s back, because he’ll be raising Otunga’s hand.  Otunga has more talent than anyone in Nexus, and more than Cena.  Yeah, okay, Otunga.


@KeepItFiveStar John Cena’s also gonna shave Wade Barrett’s back and Barrett will purr like a Walrus

@kickoutblog Pee-wee + Big Show + The Miz = wrestling gold

<VIDEO PACKAGE: Goldust and Aksana get married tomorrow night on NXT.>

That may have been a commercial, but it made me grin.  Remember, DiBiase has a personal vendetta against Goldust for stealing Daddy’s belt.  Which means daddy’s more pissed off.

Ted DiBiase with Maryse vs. Daniel Bryan

DiBiase starts to get an advantage, but Daniel eats his advantage with his feet.  … I don’t know what that meant either.  Anyway, Maryse walks over to Cole and says something, and Cole says that he’ll let us know.  DiBiase tries to get the advantage away from Bryan, and does so after a hard fight.  He gets Bryan in the middle of the ring, holding Bryan in a headlock.  Maryse looks like she’s got something in mind, so keep an eye on her Bryan, and not a creepy one.  Bryan attempts a LaBell lock in mid-air, but turns it into a cover, twice, and DiBiase kicks out both times.  Alright, that staircase flip thing off the ropes was impressive.  Bryan pounds the mat as he avoids DiBiase, getting pumped up, and then kicks DiBiase in the chest once, twice, three, four, five, six times.  DiBiase counters a jump into a cover, but Bryan kicks out at two.  DiBiase gets behind Bryan and tries for Dream Street, but Bryan gets him in the LaBell Lock, and DiBiase taps.

Daniel Bryan wins via submission.

DiBiase freaks out on Maryse and says that he can’t concentrate and he needs his title back.



@TheWWETweeter AHAHAH!! David Otunga just said he’s the most talented guy in @TheNexusWWE!! That was hilarious!! ..Oh wait.. He wasn’t kidding..? #WWE #RAW

@KeepItFiveStar #umad Ted. Its Daniel Bryan, there’s nothing you can do

Damn it.  LayCool is here.  I mean… No, that’s what I meant.

McCool says that she feels that LayCool got off on the wrong foot with everyone and she doesn’t care.  They apologize for hurting the WWE Universe.  They just need a fresh start, and the more they give, the more people take it the wrong way.  Natalya, for example, is what they call special.  She’s Canadian, and they’re going to be nice.  They say that they’re going to give Natalya another chance at Survivor Series if she beats McCool tonight, but she won’t do that because they’re the best there was, is, and ever will be.

Diva’s Champion Michelle McCool vs Natalya

I really thought Cole was going to say it was time for the most exciting sixty seconds of RAW.  I was going to cry a little as I laughed myself to death.  Anyway, Natalya gets a pretty good start, but McCool yanks it away from her and beats the shit out of her for a while.  Just when it looks like Natalya can’t get back in it, Natalya steals an advantage back and throws McCool into Layla, then moves out of the way so that McCool kicks Layla, and then sneaks a pin in there for the victory.

Natalya wins via pinfall.

We see a heart monitor beeping, and then Freddie Prinze Jr comes up, and says that the someone’s still in a coma, and he’s going to miss the election.  Then, we see it’s Vince McMahon?!


@Niki_Sushi Michelle’s weave met some chlorine, apparently. #BWF #RAW

@kickoutblog Look out, women are actually wrestling on WWE TV. #SignsofApocalypse


@BrdWrstlngFn As much as I can’t stand these two – I love the gimmick. It works.

@ThingsColeSays Oh God. That can’t be good.

@FrankWWEClown Aw, Layla is crying. How dare you Natalya. #WWE #RAW

@YourBoyDrew Vince..I just saw you at the appreciation show, what happened within that one day? Haha

Freddie talks to Vince and says that at least Linda comes over to visit, and she’s dedicated, even though she spent $50 million on a campaign.  I was right.  This is the obligatory Linda for Senate segment!!  Now Freddie has to break the news that Taker was buried, Nexus is stronger than ever, Cena’s in Nexus, Paul Bearer’s back, Goldust is getting married, and RAW’s being taken over by PeeWee Herman.  Vince says next, Freddie’s going to tell him Bryan is US Champion.  Right on the money, Vince.  Vince pulls off all the stuff keeping him hooked p and says that he has to go to the bathroom.  Then again, if his wife can run for Senate, he can run to be the President.  Oh, dear God.  There’s a Blumenthal sign on Vince’s butt.

Stephanie suddenly shoots up in bed and says that she had the weirdest dream.  She asks Triple H to make sure her dad’s still in a coma, and he says yes, and Thank God.

BRRRRRRRRRRRR What the hell is Creative on tonight?

Wade Barrett and David Otunga vs Randy Orton and R-Truth with Special Guest Referee John Cena


@HitTheRopes With the Blumenthal poster on his keister, WWE gave both candidates time in that segment. LOL

@RingsideRants Stay classy, Vince.

@kickoutblog Okay, Vince waking up after hearing his wife spent $50 million was pretty funny. Not digging the free Linda ads though.

@seraphalexiel D: I hate politics too. Go away

@CawCawBang Mr. Mcmahon is Mr. Krabs

@FrankWWEClown Cena would make a great ref if he wasn’t a Superstar, he just pulled out the tag ropes for this match. So vital. Eat that, Chioda. #WWE

@Lunna1969 Super Cena don’t look right in black and white stripes…

@KeepItFiveStar If John Cena destroys R-Truth I will love him for life

@ThingsColeSays Vince McMahon has lost his damn mind.

Otunga and Orton start out, locking up in the middle of the ring.  Otunga backs Orton into a corner and beats on Orton for a while.  Orton gets out, and hits a shoulder block on Otunga, getting him to his knees before kicking him in the stomach.  He then Irish Whips Otunga and runs into an elbow.  Otunga tags in Barrett, who gets a clothesline from Orton as he gets in.  Cena gets Orton off of Barrett and Barrett takes advantage and rolls Orton up, only for Orton to kick out at two.  It happens again, but Barrett tags in Otunga, who eats a scoop slam.  Orton and Barrett lock eyes, and Orton drops his knee in Otunga’s face, then follows him out of the ring.  Cena tells them to get back in the ring, and Orton goes to throw Otunga into the steps, only for Otunga to reverse it and throw Orton in.  Cena tells Otunga to get Orton back in, and he does.  Otunga goes for a cover, but Orton kicks out at two.  Otunga tags in Barrett, who immediately begins stomping on Orton.  Barrett gets Orton in a headlock, but Orton gets to his feet and gives Barrett a very hard throw to the mat.  Both men are down and work toward their corners, Otunga and Truth tagged in.  Truth hits a hard, two hard elbows on Otunga, then throws Otunga down.  Otunga Irish Whips Truth, who jumps off the corner and does his fancy dance moves, and goes for a cover, only for Otunga to kick out at two.  Truth throws Otunga into the ropes, and Barrett is tagged in.  Barrett goes for the cover, but Truth kicks out at two.  Barrett Whips Truth into the corner, and Barrett hits a back breaker.  Barrett lifts Truth and punches him in the face, then going up to the second rope and missing an elbow drop as Truth moves out of the way.  Both men are down, again.  Truth tags Orton, but Cena never saw the tag due to Otunga climbing into the ring and distracting Cena.  Barrett drags Truth over to their corner and the Barrett tags Otunga in.  Otunga slams Truth onto the mat and hits an elbow drop, going for a cover only for Truth to kick out at two.  Otunga tags in Barrett, Cena kicks Otunga to the apron, and Barrett beats Truth up a little.  Otunga goes for a cover, but Truth kicks out at two, then puts Truth in a headlock.  Truth fights back, and the two of them are down in the center of the ring after a double cross body.  Otunga tags in Barrett, but Cena misses it because Orton distracts him.  As Cena yells at Barrett, Orton hits the RKO on Otunga and takes Barrett out of the ring.  Truth then gets the pin on Otunga.

R-Truth and WWE Champion Randy Orton win via pinfall.

For some reason, Truth’s music changes to Randy’s.  The sound guys probably realized that playing Orton’s music made more sense since Orton really got them the victory.  Either way, we end RAW with an epic staredown between Orton, Barrett, and Cena.

Overall, not a bad RAW, if you take away the scary ass PeeWee segments.  See ya next week, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. When I got over my initial borderline-fear of him, and now thinking back, they were kind of funny in their own way.

    I don't know if Lita's gonna come back or not, but she did look happy for all of the fifteen seconds we saw her. Doesn't look like she's changed a bit though.

    I adore Santino to no end. And Vladimir did make me laugh too. He's getting better in the humor department.

    Thanks so much!! I appreciate it.

  2. I loved Pee Wee as well. And was happily surprised at this…. honestly I was prepared to cringe through out the segments. But, I too grew up watching the Playhouse… He delivered exactly what Pee Wee could deliver minus Chairee, etc.

    Lita did look fantastic. Yeah, my jaw dropped a little…

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