Sorry this took so long everyone.  I was fighting with technology all night.

What’s up everyone!! Tonight, RAW comes from my home state of North Carolina!! What is going on with the Season One NXT Rookies?! What’re the matches going to be to prepare us for Fatal 4Way? WILL SHEAMUS EVER TAN?! All questions will be answered tonight… Not really.

Raw starts us off with a rewind of what happened last week.  If you didn’t see it, YouTube it, because I’d really rather not cover it again.  It was the NXT rookies beating the hell out of everyone, and that’s all I’ll say about it.  I saw enough of it reviewed and talked about and replayed in the past week that I’m so over what’s happened.

We start out with Wade Barrett in the ring, and he introduces himself as the Season One NXT Winner.  He says he’s out there because RAW General Manager, Bret Hart demanded that he come out and apologize for lats week.  He says that the rest of the NXT Rookies need to come out too so that they can apologize properly.  The NXT Rookies fill the ring, and Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole leave, along with Justin Roberts and a few other people.  Barrett starts with Heath Slater, asking him to apologize.  Slater says no, and he would do it again in a heartbeat.  Barrett moves to Justin Gabriel, who says never and he still has goosebumps.  Skip Sheffield says no apolgies, no regrets.  Michal Tarver says that the look of fear lived on the sweetest of his dreams, and there is no one in the WWE who can make him apologize.  Darren Young says not a chance, and he had the time of his life last week.  David Otunga says apologize?  For what?  After how the NXT Rookies were treated, they need to apologize to them.  Barrett takes the mic back and says it looks like it’s unanimous.  The rookies were treated like dirt, animals, and sooner or later, people will behave like animals.  They were made to change in a small locker room, do ridiculous challenges, and were at the mercy of overzealous pros.  The rules changed at a moment’s notice, they were eliminated on a whim, and they were made an international joke.  Last time he looked, jokes were supposed to be funny, but no one was laughing after RAW last week when they destroyed the ring and John Cena (Obviously, this guy doesn’t read through the Twitter feed I was getting…)

Bret Hart makes his way out and says that they look proud of what they did.  Where he comes from, eight on one doesn’t make you tough, just makes you look more cowardly.  He reminds us that last week, they attacked John Cena, the Straight Edge Society, security, Justin Roberts, a timekeeper, and a Hall of Famer.  Wade Barrett says that Daniel Bryan showed some remorse for it (because apparently that’s how they’re going to play off his firing…), and we’ll never see Daniel Bryan again.  Bret says that despite everything, John Cena will still be competing this Sunday at Fatal 4Way.  Wade says this had nothing to do with Cena, or the people in the arena.  It’s between the Rookies and WWE Management.  Aside from some of the pros, they don’t have a problem with anyone in the locker room.  The Rookies could stay out arguing all night, but they need to get down to business.  Wade has a contract, and a title opportunity at a Pay-Per-View of his choosing, but the other Rookies have their own demands.

David Otunga takes the mic and says their demands are guaranteed WWE contracts, private dressing rooms, and first class travel accommodations.  If they fail to comply with even one demand, last week was just the beginning.  Barrett takes the mic back and says that before Bret says anything, two weeks ago, Vince McMahon informed him that he would have difficult decisions to make as RAW’s General Manager.  This isn’t a difficult choice, because behind him are a group of highly-polished athletes, who could be the future of the WWE.  They’re dressed, here, and ready to fight.  All they need is a contract.

Bret says that Barrett is right.  It is his job to find new, fresh talent.  But, with that in mind, his answer is no.  He’s not hiring anyone.  Barrett says he’s making a mistake.  Bret says that it’s the Rookies who made the mistake by attacking Cena.  He’s not signing any of them and on account of his actions, Barrett is no longer the breakout star of the WWE (Though Bret said WWF and it made me laugh), and he doesn’t get a title shot, because he’s fired.  As for the rest of the Rookies, they can get out of the ring, or Bret will call the cops to physically remove them for trespassing, and they’re all through, whether they like it or not.


Everyone’s back ringside, and King says you can’t bully your way into the WWE.

Fatal Four Way Match for the United States Championship
United States Champion R-Truth vs John Morrison vs Zack Ryder vs The Miz

Ryder focuses on Morrison, and Truth focuses on Miz.  Truth and Morrison get Miz and Ryder out of the ring, and go at it.  Truth and Morrison lock up, and Truth gets Morrison in a headlock.  Truth goes for a cover, but Ryder breaks it.  Ryder whips Truth, and Miz grabs his ankles.  Truth kicks him off, and Morrison rolls Ryder up.  Ryder kicks out at two.  Miz, Ryder, and Truth are outside the ring.  Miz gets up on the apron, and Morrison flips outside the ring, grabbing Miz and throwing him out and into Ryder.


Miz and Morrison are in the ring, and Morrison goes for the cover.  Miz kicks out at two, only to be covered again, and Miz kicks out at two again.  Ryder’s up on the turnbuckle, and Morrison goes up with him, going for a superplex.  Truth pulls them down and everyone’s down.  Truth goes for a cover on Miz, who kicks out at two, then Ryder, who kicks out at two, then Morrison who kicks out at two.  Miz goes for a cover on Truth, but Truth kicks out a two.  Miz is attacked by Truth, but Ryder pulls him off.  Truth starts wailing on him, then goes for Morrison and salms him down.  Ryder misses a clothesline, but Truth hits Ryder with a scissor kick.  Truth covers Ryder, but Miz breaks it up.  Truth goes for Miz, but Miz pulls on the top rope, sending Truth out.  Miz then hits Morrison with a baseball slide.  Miz then runs at the opposite tunbuckle and hits Ryder with his swinging corner clothesline.  Morrison pulls Miz out and hits him with a clothesline.  Truth and Ryder are in the ring, and Truth hits the Lie Detector on Ryder.  He goes for the cover, but Morrison breaks it.  Morrison went to do something to Truth, but Miz distracted him, and both Truth and Morrison throw Miz out.  Truth knocks Morrison down and goes for the cover, but Ryder breaks it up.  Truth knocks Ryder in the corner, Ryder moves, Truth hit with Rough Ryder.  Ryder goes for the cover, but Morrison breaks it up.  Morrison hits Startship Pain on Truth, Miz throws him out, and covers Truth for the win.

New United States Champion, The Miz!

The main event tonight will be Randy Orton vs Sheamus!

Randy is backstage with Josh Matthews, and Matthews asks how Randy’s shoulder is, considering that Randy is competing tonight.  Randy says that anything can happen at Fatal 4Way, as was just proven.  He says to watch, wait, and see about his shoulder, when he fights Sheamus.  Matthews then asks about the NXT Rookies.  Randy says part of him has to respect it, because he understands why they’re making a point.  But, a bigger part of him just thinks they’re a bunch of punks.  They deserved to either be fired, or have their brains beaten in.  But, considering Barrett only got fired, they got off lucky.


We come back to a Royal Pains package with Big Show, and Mark Feuerstein is with the Bellas.  We’re reminded that this Thursday, on USA, at 10/9 Central, the Big Show guest stars.  Ted DiBiase comes up and interrupts .  He says that Mark could have a shiny new car of his choice waiting for him in the parking lot if he makes Ted co-Guest Host for the night.  Mark says that unlike some people in the room, he has integrity.  The answer is no.  Mark then admits he’s a little scared of Ted, but then sees Big Show.  He says that he would love to let Ted co-Guest Host, but there’s no chance he’s going to let him do that, because Ted’s a spoiled little daddy’s boy.  Mark says that he was a wrestler in high school, and they called him Main Event Mark.  Show clears his throat, and they shut up.  Show says that they can do a match tonight: Show and Mark vs Ted and Virgil.  Ted says done, and he and Virgil leave.   Mark admits to Show that he was really an ice skater.  He does a move where he jumps into Show’s arms, and the Bellas see it.  Show says next time, Mark catches him, because it’s much more impressive.

Up next, John Cena will talk about last week’s attack!


Rewind to last week’s first Viewer’s Choice Match, the Body Slam Contest between Show and Jericho.

Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne

Chris an Evan start viciously.  Chris kicks Evan, then rams him into the turnbuckle.  Chris Irish Whips Evan, who counters with a hurricanrana.  Drop toe hold, dropkick to the face, and then Bourne goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out at one.  Jericho clotheslines Bourne, and goes for the cover, but Bourne kicks out at two.  Chri then drops Bourne, stomps on his back, gets him in a headlock.  Bourne gets up and kicks back, but Jericho smacks him and runs him into the turnbuckle.  He throws Bourne over, but Bourne lands on the apron, kicking Jericho.  He goes for a sunset flip, but Chris counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho, only for Bourne to kick him away.  Bourne goes for a cover, but Jericho kicks out at two.  Jericho hits the Codebreaker, and goes for the cover, but Bourne kicks out at two.  Jericho starts attacking Bourne, and the ref tells him to stop.  Jericho shoves the ref away and keeps going against Bourne.  Jericho threatens the ref the next time he comes over and keeps kicking Bourne.  The ref calls for the bell.

Evan Bounre wins via Disqualification

Jericho picks Bourne up and smacks him.  Bourne kicks him and hits the Shooting Star Press.

Next up, Cena will respond to the NXT attack.



Cena comes out and makes his way to the ring as we flash back to earlier tonight when Barrett was fired.

Cena says that he had the night off, and he thanks Bret for having his best interests at heart.  Thanks to Bret for not caving into the demands of the Rookies, because they’re demands that shouldn’t even be put up for negotiation.  A portion of him respects them for doing it, and they needed a target.  He says he’s the biggest target (and I blame the orange shirt for this), and he’s used to it.  He goes on to say that their plan was almost brilliant, because their genius was blinded by their ignorance.  The problem was with management, and they took RAW away from the WWE Universe, which was a bad move, because they made five million new enemies.  They destroyed the ring, considered sacred ground, and now every WWE Superstar wants their head on a plate.  Wade was fired tonight.  Bold decision, but it won’t fix the problem.  If the group was lawless enough to stop a broadcast of RAW, he says that getting arrested for a misdemeanor is the least of their problem.  They’ve been kicked out, but he’s still there, and he hopes their watching.  He’s going to Fatal 4Way, he’ll be on RAW the night after, and he’ll be standing in the ring, demanding they finish it.  They’ve been fired, and all Cena has is his word.  His word is this: If they fight, he won’t press charges.

The NXT Rookies show up from the stands again.  He says that they thought he was a target?  They put the target off him and put it on their own heads.  King gets into the ring joined by Evan Bourne, William Regal, R-Truth, and Santino.  A full out brawl starts, and Mark Henry, Randy Orton, and Edge all join.  Sheamus even runs in with his lead pipe.  The NXT Rookies run away, but the Superstars chase them backstage and out of the arena.


Sheamus is backstage with his lead pipe and Josh Matthews walks up and asks why he helped.  Sheamus says that he won’t let the NXT Rookies ruin his match at Fatal 4Way, and if anyone’s going to take out Cena, it’s going to be him.

Rewind to last week’s Battle Royal.

Diva’s Champion Eve Torres & Gail Kim vs Maryse and Alicia Fox

It’s been announced that the Diva’s Championship is on the line in a Fatal 4Way as well on Sunday.  Diva’s Champion Eve Torres will defend against Gail Kim, Maryse, and Alicia Fox.

Maryse shoves Eve before the match has even started, and the two start attacking as soon as the bell rings.  Eve kicks Maryse in the stomach and throws her down.  Eve bounces back, but Alicia grabs her hair.  Eve tries to pay her back, but turns around to get hit by Maryse with a spinning back kick.  Alicia gets tagged in and they hit a double team, before Alicia covers Eve, but Eve kicks out.  Alicia hits a superplex and then goes for the cover, but Eve kicks out again.  Alicia puts Eve in a headlock, Eve fights out, and Alicia throws her onto the mat.  She drags her by her hair to the corner and tags in Maryse.  I missed some part or another here, but Alicia’s back in, she kicks Gail away, and then Eve is thrown into the corner.  Alicia goes for a kick, but misses and ends up kicking Maryse.  Eve hits a neckbreaker on Alicia and wins.

Diva’s Champion Eve Torres and Gail Kim win!

Turns out John Cena has decided to compete tonight after all, and the main event is now the one we missed the other week: John Cena and Randy Orton vs Edge and Sheamus.  But, next up, Mark and Big Show will take on Ted DiBiase and Virgil.


The Big Show & Guest Host Mark Feurstein vs Ted DiBiase & Virgil

Ted and Show start out this match.  Ted tries to get Show in a submission, but Show powers out and shoves Ted into a corner.  He then proceeds to put his ass in Ted’s face.  He stands Ted up and slaps his chest once, twice.  Ted is throw into the opposite corner, and manages to poke Big Show’s eyes.  Ted tries to pick him up, but Show just throws him.  Ted then tags in Virgil, who looks at Ted like he’s nuts.  He gets off the apron to talk to Ted, but Show grabs his head and just hurls him into the ring.  Virgil rolls to the other side of the ring and out, but Mark grabs him and throws him back into the ring.  Show bodyslams Virgil, then steps on him.  He picks him up, throws him into the turnbuckle, rips her shirt, and slaps him too.  Show gets Virgil with the chokeslam.  While Ted’s yelling at a motionless Virgil to get up, Show tags in Mark.  Mark breakdances in the ring for a minute before he does the worm over to Virgil.  He winds up, and then drops… next to Virgil in an attempted elbow drop.  Anyway, he covers Virgil for the win.

Big Show and Mark Feuerstien win!

Ted looks both humiliated and pissed.  He starts to just walk right by Virgil, but then he stops and pulls $100 out of his boot, walking over and sticking it in Virgil’s mouth.  He then walks away, but goes back, grabs the money, wipes it on Virgil and puts it in his trunks, reminding me of a hooker, before he walks out.


Showstopper by Toby Mac is the official F4W theme!

William Regal vs Santino Marella with Vladimir Kozlov as the Special Guest Referee

Kozlov starts the match and Santino, reminiscent of the other week, attempts a few kicks on Regal before Regal nails him with a shoulder block, stomping on his arm.  Santino’s flipped, and Regal’s back on his arm.  Regal’s focusing on Santino’s arm, but Santino manages to get Regal down with a handful of tights, and Kozlov gives him the three count.  Regal argues, but Kozlov rolls out of the ring.

Santino Marella wins.

Bret comes out and says that he wants every Superstar out on the stage to prevent history from repeating itself.  Up next, the main event!


Edge & Sheamus vs WWE Champion John Cena & Randy Orton

Sheamus starts with Cena.  They lock up, Sheamus gets Cena in a headlock.  Cena pushes down on Sheamus’ knee with his foot to get out, and reverses it.  Sheamus gets to the ropes.  Cena reaches out to Sheamus’ hand like he’s going to lock up again, then goes around him for a full nelson, but Sheamus gets to the ropes again.  Cena moves over and tags Orton in.  Orton punches Sheamus, then puts him in a headlock.  Sheamus pushes Orton into the turnbuckle and gets him down, kicking at him.  Sheamus tags in Edge, but Oton hits Edge with a backbreaker.  He goes down, pounding on the mat, then gets up and goes for the RKO, but Edge pushes him away and rolls out of the ring.


Cena gets the upperhand on Edge, hits a fisherman suplex and goes for the cover, but Edge kicks out at two.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Edge gets out and goes for a clothesline only to miss. Cena hits a clothesline, however, and goes for a cover.  Edge grabs the ropes.  Cena punches Edge a few times and then knocks Edge out of the ring.  Edge gets back in, but stays on the apron, grabbing Cena’s head and jumping off the apron.  Cena falls back, and then Edge drags Cena to the other corner.  He gets him in an arm bar before he tags in Sheamus.  Sheamus kicks Cena, then goes for the cover, but Cena kicks out at two.  Sheamus delivers a running high knee to Cena, then shoves his head down.  Sheamus distracts the ref, and Edge holds Cena in a headlock.  Sheamus then tags in Edge.  Edge tries to get Cena up, but Cena hits a superplex on him.  Edge then tags Sheamus back in, and Sheamus hits an elbow drop.  Sheamus, once again, distracts the ref, and Edge takes advantage outside the ring.  Sheamus rolls out and throws Cena into the barrier.  He gets him back in the ring and goes for a cover, but Cena kicks out at two.

Sheamus hits a clothesline and goes for another cover, but Cena kicks out at two again.  Sheamus gets Cena in a headlock and wraps his legs around Cena’s torso.  Cena stands up, holding Sheamus and reaches for Orton, but falls.  Sheamus goes for the cover, but Cena kicks out at two.  Sheamus tags in Edge and Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment.  Sheamus drops him, and Cena is set up for the Spear, but moves last minute.  Orton and Sheamus are tagged in.  Orton keeps dropping Sheamus to the mat, and then hits a scoop slam.  Orton gets Sheamus between the ropes and drops him face-first into the mat.  He drops to the ring again, and then gets up to RKO Edge.  Sheamus hits Orton with an Ax Handle, and then hits what King (I think) called the Irish Curse Backbreaker, and goes for a cover, but Orton kicks out.  Sheamus gets Orton in a submission, but Orton fights out.  Sheamus puts his knee in Orton’s gut, and goes for the cover, but Orton kicks out.  Sheamus drags Orton to his corner and tags in Edge.  Orton fights Edge and Sheamus, and Edge hits a drop toe-hold and beats on Orton’s shoulder.  Orton gets to his feet and then is Irish Whipped.  He kicks Edge, who hits a clothesline.  Orton tags Cena.  Cena hits two shoulder blocks when the lights go down.

The NXT Rookies are destroying the backstage area.  Two of them, I’m not sure which two because everyone started looking the same, get Bret in the back seat of a limo, which then proceeds to rear end a bunch of cars.  They pull him out and say they want an answer by Sunday, and then they scatter.

So!  What will the answer be at Fatal 4Way?  Will the Rookies ever go away? STAY TUNED!!

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