Hot on the heels of Money in the Bank, the main event tonight is a Triple Threat match between Edge, Randy Orton, and Chris Jericho!  But will RAW’s Mr. Money in the Bank, The United States Champion, The Miz decide that Sheamus’ WWE Championship is too much for him to ignore?  And what about John Cena?  How is he going to react after Nexus interfered in his match last night?  All these questions will – hopefully – be answered tonight on Monday! Night! RAW!  Warning, also, a lot of block paragraphs tonight.  Sorry.

@Niki_Sushi So… did anyone see Sheamus last night after the match? No? Me neither. White men can’t jump, but Irish men and RUUUUUUUUUUN. #BWF

Wade is going to fight Mark Henry alone tonight, and Nexus is banned from ringside.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge for a chance to face WWE Champion Sheamus at SummerSlam

Randy started out with a good advantage, hammering both Edge and Jericho away, but then Jericho gets Randy in the corner and hammers away on him, only for Edge to join, and then stand back and watch. Randy fights back into control, however, getting Edge out of the ring before throwing Chris into the turnbuckle.  Edge shows his stealthy side by dropping off the apron and slamming Randy’s head into the top rope.  Chris beats on Randy for a little bit, then starts yelling at Edge to do the same.  Jericho holds Orton while letting Edge hit him, then the two take turns beating on Orton.  They both Irish Whip him and then go to double back drop him, but Orton countered with a double DDT.  Jericho rolled out of the ring, and Randy went for a cover on Edge.  Edge kicked out at two.  Afterward, Orton purposefully stomps on Edge and wears him down.  Randy goes to hit the RKO on Edge, but Edge counters and Jericho hits the Codebreaker.  Jericho went for a cover, but Edge broke it apart.  Edge and Jericho roll out to the outside, and we go to commercial as Edge bounces Jericho’s head off the announce table.


@KiraSwaggaholic This should be the goddamn MAIN EVENT wtf

We come back to Edge and Jericho still outside the ring, and I don’t actually see Randy.  Nevermind, Randy’s inside the ring, and he takes out Chris, throwing him out of the ring and into Edge.  Jericho goes to get back in, but Randy goes to pull him through.  Edge gets up, but manages to get out as Orton DDT’s Jericho from the rope.  Randy goes for a cover, but Edge breaks it and throws Randy out.  Edge rushes into the ring to cover Jericho, but Chris kicks out at two.  Edge goes back to Randy, throwing him back into the ring and going for a cover.  Orton kicks out at two.  Edge hits Randy and panders, in Jericho’s words, to the crowd, before proceeding to attack Randy’s face.  He goes to run off the ropes, but Jericho pulls him out, and bounces his head off the announce table before attacking Randy.  Jericho goes for a pin, using the ropes for leverage, but Randy kicks out at two.  Jericho gets Randy in a headlock in the middle of the ring.  Randy manages to stand and then powers out, gaining momentum with some clotheslines.  A scoop slam into a cover on Jericho, but he kicks out at two.  Jericho rolls out the apron, but Randy follows.  He goes to set Jericho up for a DDT again, but Edge comes in.  Randy gains momentum with a back breaker, goes for a cover, but Edge kicks out at two.  Randy gets Edge up and kicks him out of the ring.  Randy sets Jericho up for the DDT off the ropes again, but Jericho counters and sets up the Walls of Jericho, locking them in.  Randy pulls to the ropes, only for Jericho to pull him back to the center of the ring.  Edge comes in and DDTs Jericho.  Edge goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out.  Edge goes into the corner, setting up the Spear.  Jericho turns, but launches at Edge before he can Spear him, and sets him up into the Walls of Jericho.  Edge makes it to the ropes, forcing Jericho to break the hold.  Jericho goes to hit it again, but Edge counters into a roll up and Jericho kicks out at two.  Orton tries to hit the RKO, but Edge counters and goes for the cover, for Randy to kick out at two.  Edge goes to the opposite corner from before, and sets up the Spear.  Edge runs for the Spear, but Jericho attacks.  Jericho rolls Edge up, Edge kicks out.  Edge rolls Randy up, Randy kicks out. Then, all three of them clothesline each other.

Jericho sends Edge out of the ring, and then Randy goes for the RKO, Jericho counters.  Jericho goes for Lionsault, Randy moves out of the way.  Randy begins pounding on the mat, and then hits the RKO on Jericho, then on Edge.  He pins Edge for the victory.

Randy Orton wins via pinfall!


Edge has stayed in the ring the entire commercial break, and is demanding that Chris comes back out, saying that ‘this has gone on between us for too long.’  Chris does come back out, asking what Edge’s problem is.  Edge asks how many a lot and I missed about three of them.  He says that it has to end right here, right now, tonight.  Chris grabs a mic, after demanding it.  For the first time in eleven years, they agree on something: It’s going to end tonight.  Chris is the reason that Nexus has achieved what they have.  If Chris just snaps his fingers, Nexus would do whatever he wanted them to.  He could call Nexus out here and take years off not only his career, but his life.  Edge doesn’t think that Nexus agrees, and they’d take Edge up on his offer first.  Looks like Nexus is going to answer, because they’re coming out now.

Wade says they’re both veterans and Nexus would be lucky to call either of them an ally.  They’ve had successful, innovative, Hall of Fame careers.  But, Jericho was right.  Nexus wouldn’t take years off his career, they’d end it.  Nexus then attacks Edge, and Jericho’s bouncing around pretty excited.  Edge is then Speared by Sheffield.  Chris then puts Edge in the Walls of Jericho, with Nexus still surrounding them.  Chris seems to realize where he is, because he lets Edge out, staring at Nexus.

Wade says that Edge was also right.  They would really like to shut up the guy who’s claiming to be behind Nexus’ success.  They surround him, and Chris attacks Barrett, clinging to him as Nexus tries to pull him off.  They finally get him off and start wailing away on him.  Barrett claims that Jericho didn’t teach him anything.  Nexus then lifts Jericho, and Otunga takes him down.


@kickoutblog Hey, at least @IAmJericho went down swinging, just like the best in the world should!

Nexus is walking backstage, and they go into the Nexus locker room.  Wade is stopped by Josh Matthews, who says that there is no question he has the most powerful group in the WWE.  I missed the rest of this part because I was talking to my grandmother.  Sorry.

Sheamus comes up to Barrett and says he has a proposal.  Wade tells him to step into his office, and Sheamus says he’d rather wait out there.  Pansy ass.

John is waiting in the locker room area, and is doing an interview with Michael Cole from ringside.  Cena says he didn’t shake Barrett’s hand out of foolish pride and because he thought he could stop Barrett.  No one could stop Barrett.  Edge and Jericho were decimated, Nexus attacked last night, and Cena can see the writing on the wall.  What Cena’s saying is that tonight, he’d like to meet Wade Barrett and Nexus in the ring, because he’s got something to say.  King asks why, and Cena says that they’ve cost him everything.  They say that you’re either Nexus, or against us.  Right now, Cena’s if you can’t beat ‘em… and he walks away.


Eve Torres vs. Maryse with Ted DiBiase

Ted returns the favor tonight and accompanies Maryse to the ring.  Last night, Maryse actually got in the ring and climbed the ladder.  John Morrison pulled her down and put her out of the ring, by the way.  Maryse takes off a ring or something and hands it to the ref.  Hoshit, Ted is on commentary.  Maryse trash talks Eve for a while, but Eve shoves her away.  Maryse hits her back with a good slap, and then kicks her into the ropes.  Ted says Maryse isn’t a gold digger.  Maryse is dominating this match, flinging Eve around however she wants to.  However, Eve fights back, getting Maryse down, and going for a pinfall.  However, Maryse gets her foot on the rope.  The ref never seems to see it. However, and Ted starts yelling at the ref.  Eve rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp.

Eve Torres wins via pinfall!

Morrison comes down and attacks Ted, hitting Starship Pain on DiBiase.  Sheamus is making his way to… somewhere.  I think it’s the ring.


@TKeep123 I’ll admit I enjoy seeing Maryse laying on her back, but…that match could have lasted a few more minutes. Damn, no French kiss! #WWE #RAW

It’s a shame that they lost their heads…

Sheamus comes down to the ring and everyone wonders what it is that he could possibly have to say about or to Nexus?

Sheamus says to let the records show: He’s beaten Cena in tables, fatal four way, and a steel cage match.  He beat Cena for the first time and it was called a fluke.  A second time? Luck.  Now that it’s the third time, and the word is dominance.  What now for Cena?  He’s in Sheamus’ past.  He gets the back of the line and he won’t get another title shot against Sheamus anytime soon.  He should have done what Sheamus did earlier tonight.  He went and found Barrett, walked up to him, and said he wanted, no, demanded a truce.  He explained to Barrett that one year ago, no one had ever heard of Sheamus or Nexus.  But now, they’re both the two most powerful entities in the entire WWE.  He explained that they don’t have to like each other, they’ll stay out of each other’s business.  Barrett agreed, and as of tonight, the truce is in effect.  It’s good news for Sheamus, but bad for Orton.  The only way Orton can beat Sheamus is Nexus’ interference, but that’s gone now, so Orton doesn’t stand a chance.  He’ll suffer the same fate as Cena.  He can sit back and watch as Sheamus becomes the longest reigning champion of all time.


Miz comes down with the Money in the Bank briefcase.  Miz congratulates Sheamus on getting rid of the Nexus problem.  Now, Sheamus has a bigger problem: A Miz problem.  Sheamus doesn’t control the fate of the WWE Championship, Miz does, because he’s Mr. Money in the Bank.  He can cash it in anytime he wants for a WWE Championship match.  Anytime Sheamus is in that ring, Miz will be watching him.  Say Sheamus beats Orton at SummerSlam, but as Sheamus gets his hand raised, Sheamus is hit with an RKO, and Miz will be there.  What if Sheamus is interviewed backstage, and Miz beats him and drags him out to the ring, and beats him?  Regardless of who’s champion, Miz can wait for the moment that his entire career has been leading to, to Main Event Wrestlemania!  Or maybe Miz forgets about all that and cashes it in tonight.  Either way, Sheamus can call Miz his celebrity stalker, because every breath he takes, every move he makes, Miz will be watching him, because he’s the Miz, and he’s awesome!  Sheamus interrupts, saying he’s the WWE Champion, and Miz is nothing.

You’ve got Mail!

GM: Should The Miz want to cash in the Money in the Bank contract tonight, take a seat at ringside.  Sheamus will be in action right now against this man…

You are cleared for takeoff…

WWE Champion Sheamus vs. Evan Bourne

Evan gets early momentum, sending Sheamus right out of the damn ring.  And then, commercial.


@Niki_Sushi ‘Were there any smilie-faces at the end of that e-mail?’ The answer is yes. But Cole’s too stupid to say ‘smiley-face-smiley-face’. #BWF

We come back to Sheamus rolling back out of the ring.  Sheamus shoves Evan into the apron, and they both climb back into the ring.  Evan gets back with some sharp kicks, and Sheamus Irish Whips Evan, only for Evan to kick him in the face.  Sheamus goes for a cover, but Evan kicks out at two.  Sheamus sends Evan into the turnbuckle, and then keeps him in the corner with some kicks and knees.  Sheamus wraps Evan around the turnbuckle and pulls on him from the outside, releasing at four.  Sheamus climbs back into the ring, keeping Evan down.  Sheamus hammers Evan with some forearms before putting him into some weird ass submission move.  Evan fights to his feet and then tries to fight back, only to get planted on the mat.  Sheamus goes for the cover, but Evan kicks out at two.  Sheamus pulls Evan up by his hair and shoves him right back down before going back to work on the shoulder of Evan.  Evan fights out of it, and hits Sheamus with some hard kicks.  Sheamus sends him into the corner and literally slaps him silly, only for Evan to kick the hell out of his head.  Sheamus misses a clothesline, and Evan puts his foot in Sheamus’ jaw.  Evan goes for a cover on Sheamus, but Sheamus kicks out at two.  Sheamus is down, and Evan goes to the top rope.  Miz is on the edge of his seat, ready, but Sheamus rolls out of the ring.  Evan jumps out to the outside, landing right on Sheamus.  The ref starts his count.  Sheamus gets back in, and Evan’s still being counted on.  He gets back up to the apron, and is kicked coming in.  Sheamus hits the big boot, and covers Evan for the win.

WWE Champion Sheamus wins via pinfall!

Miz applauds, almost sarcastically, at Sheamus’ victory.  Miz then hits Sheamus right in the ribs with the briefcase, followed by a shot to the back.  He seems to be considering cashing in, and gets Sheamus up, attempting to go for the Skull Crushing Finale, and hits it, planning Sheamus’ face on the briefcase.  Miz cashes it in.

Truth runs out, and Miz climbs out, taking his briefcase back.  Truth attacks Miz, as Miz tries to leave.  Miz takes the briefcase and leaves.  Since the bell never rang, it’s not an official match up, thus he never cashed it in, officially.


@BrdWrstlngFn I can only imagine the RAW review if @MikeTheMiz wins the title right here…

–Hey! Don’t mock me!! I’m behaving!! I usually behave!! I keep it… mostly… unbiased… sometimes.

@Niki_Sushi To RAW fans, you are extremely lucky Miz didn’t win the title tonight. There would have been no review, just a Mizfit ranting on Miz. #BWF

–Hey!  Nu-uh!!! I… I would have made it a very fair RAW review.  DAMN YOU BOTH! … J/K.  I love you both.

Miz is backstage, and Josh says that he has to be furious because R-Truth ruined it for him.  Miz says that Truth just cost him the WWE Championship.  He had Sheamus unconscious.  Make no mistake, there will be other opportunities.  He has an entire year.  So whether it’s tomorrow night, or July 17th, 2011, he will take his rightful place as WWE Champion.  Because he’s the Miz, and he’s AWESOME… and pissed.

Sheamus is walking backstage with an icepack over his head, and stops at the Divas, The Bellas, and Gail, who are laughing, demanding to know if they think it’s funny.  He continues on, but Randy stops him.  He says that it’s too bad what just happened.  Having the WWE Championship makes Sheamus a target, and come SummerSlam, whether it’s Sheamus, Miz, or whoever, they will be wearing a giant bull’s eye.  Randy won’t hit that bull’s eye with an arrow, spear, or bullet.  He’s going to hit the bull’s eye with an RKO.

What’s Cena calling Nexus to the ring for?! We’ll find out later tonight.


@IAmJHPunk Fact: Bullets, spears, and arrows hurt more than RKOs. #wwe #raw #bwf

John Morrison is on the cover of Muscle & Fitness!!

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs. William Regal and Zack Ryder

Honestly, I thought that Santino would be done by now…  Seems they’re funny enough to keep around.  Sucks that Zack is here instead of… wherever he used to be… Nevermind, he’s fine here.  Anyway, Santino and Ryder start off, and I miss Ryder’s one-legged trunks.  Santino’s pulling some Diva-esque moves here, and Ryder seems confused.  Santino tags in Kozlov, and Ryder tags in Regal.  Kozlov gets the advantage over Regal and tags in Santino, who’s almost immediately beaten up by Regal.  Regal covers Santino, who kicks out at two.  Regal tags in Ryder, who does something and then covers Santino, who kicks out at two.  Ryder gets Santino in a headlock.  Ryder keeps the advantage, going for something off the turnbuckle, but Santino moved.  Santino kicks Ryder away from him and tags in Kozlov, who throws Ryder around the ring like he’s nothing.  Kozlov goes for a cover, but Regal comes in, and Kozlov is up.  Regal rolls out, Kozlov plants Ryder, and Kozlov tags in Santino, who does something, and then goes for the cover, and wins.

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov win via pinfall!

Santino celebrates, and Kozlov actually manages to smile, though he doesn’t seem quite as excited as Santino.  Nexus is all together in the back, talking before the Barrett v Henry match up.  Remember, Nexus can’t be ringside.


Wade Barrett vs. Mark Henry

I’m actually wondering what kind of a match this is gonna be… I think Mark Henry just got lucky for Money in the Bank, to be honest, but we’ll see… Hey!!! Maybe Mark will actually split Wade’s weave! … Oh, right… white Englishman.  No weave… my bad.

Henry goes for Wade, but Wade climbs out of the ring.  He climbs back in, and then goes to attack, Mark, but Mark head butts him right down, and Wade rolls out.  The ref starts the count, and Wade climbs back in.  They lock up again, and Wade hits Mark with a knee to the gut.  A few good hits seem to be pissing Mark off.  Each hit looks like it’s making Mark madder, until Mark just punches Wade in the head, and bounces his head off the turnbuckle.  Wade’s down after a big clothesline by Mark Henry.  Henry goes for a cover, but Barrett kicks out.  Henry gets Barrett up and then head butts him.  Wade gets up, head butts him back, and takes the lead.  He focuses his attack on Henry’s knee, but is taken down with a scoop slam.  Henry goes for the cover, but Barrett kicks out at two.  Barrett is dragged over to the corner, and Henry gets up, but is distracted as Nexus comes down on the stage.  They’re not ringside, so it doesn’t count.  Barrett manages to lift Henry, but literally falls, selling it pretty well, for what it was, and covers Henry for the win.

Wade Barrett wins via pinfall!

After the match, Wade Barrett shoves Henry out of the ring.  Lifting him seems to have done its damage to his back, because Barrett’s holding it.  Barrett gets a mic, and calls out Cena.


@kickoutblog Wade Barret’s gonna regret that when he shits his spine out later tonight.

Nexus is still in the ring, and I swear it looks like Slater has girl legs, and Young’s hair is actually down, instead of straight the hell up.  Not bad, actually.

Tarver says that they already made one truce tonight, and they give them his word that they will at least hear him out… If he acknowledges that the Nexus run this show.  If he understands that if he continues with this resistance, then they will make his life miserable for the rest of John’s “little” career. This furthers @ThinkSoJoe’s theory of Daniel Bryan running RAW, but whatever.  If Cena apologizes for attacking Tarver and Young, then they may consider ending it.  But it’s all on Cena.


Nexus is lined up, all nice and neat, and Cena doesn’t even get in the ring yet.  He thanks them for meeting him out there.  He gets in the ring and says that since Nexus arrived, he’s had two WWE Championship matches.  The first, they cost him the Championship, and the second they prevented him from winning it back.  Tonight, Sheamus made a truce with them, something he should have done a long time ago.  He apologizes, and asks them for a truce as well.  Barrett says no.  He’s not interested in a truce, or an olive branch.  He’s not looking for peace.  He wants Cena to join Nexus.  Think about it, everything he’s achieved on his own, he can achieve ten times that by joining Nexus.  Face facts: Nexus is the present and the future of the WWE, and together they’re gonna be unstoppable.  To be perfectly honest, this isn’t really much of a choice. He’s either Nexus, or ‘against us’.  Does John wanna make history together by joining?

Cena says he can’t do it.  Wade says that’s unfortunate, and it leaves Nexus with a different proposition.  Either Cena can leave the ring with his tail between his legs and show the world what a coward he really is, or he can stand in the ring and Nexus will give him the most vicious beating Nexus has ever administered.  Cena climbs out of the ring and walks up the ramp.  He stops at the stage and says he wants to say one more thing, something he’s said time and time again.  Whether he does it himself, or has help, he will take each and every one of them down.  He’s walking back toward the ring.  Tonight’s little peace offering was a test.  They sealed their fate, because Cena has help.  Ever since Nexus came and started beating people up, Cena’s been forming a team.  A team that will take down Nexus at SummerSlam.  They said they wanted him to join the Nexus, to make history.  Tonight, Cena wants them to meet his team and realize that at SummerSlam, Nexus is history.

Cena’s Team: Edge. John Morrison.  R-Truth.  Khali.  Chris Jericho.  Bret Hart.

Cena’s Army, as Cole called them, stormed the ring, and Nexus ran.

My thoughts: Well, the Cena vs. Nexus thing is going to be interesting at SummerSlam.  I like Cena, Edge, Morrison, Truth, and Jericho, but Khali?  I don’t remember Khali being intimidating lately, at all.  And as for Bret Hart… it could be really interesting, but it could be a complete screw up at the same time.  Guess we’ll just have t see how it plays off.

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