I know. Raw is taped tonight. So is Mad Men. It’s still good. Here’s to hoping that we continue the hot streak.

We start off the night with CM Punk and Mark Henry (who is already in the ring?). The crowd was hot and engaged already. This was a good big man-little man match. Both guys really brought it. And Punk had to go to a crazy place to get the win. Then Jericho went back and forth for a bit. Jericho had a video where he showed Punk going into a pub. Apparently that means he was drinking.

Santino and Otunga had a match. It was painless. Please nobody ask Otunga to take a blood test. I think he might end up pregnant.

The Brock interview I think went pretty well. I really liked it.

Kane killed Zack Ryder. Then he called out Orton.

John Cena came out and delivered a really good spot-on promo. And then Johnny Ace came out. Cena was going to have a secret opponent. I was hoping for the return of Berzerker.

We got Kofi vs. Daniel Bryan. Tonight on Facebook, somebody called Daniel Bryan the most over face in the WWE. Too bad the WWE wants him to be a heel. It was a really good match. Daniel Bryan could cut a newborn kitten’s throat on live tv and the fans would chant, “One more time.”

Eve is having a one-on-one with Johnny Ace. Poor Johnny.

Great Khali. Because you know, the people haven’t been through enough. Khali was going to be teaming up with Big Show. They got to face the Colons. It was a great squash match. Too bad it was up against the tag champs.

John Cena comes out and has a mystery opponent-Lord Tensai. It wasn’t a bad match all things considered. Tensai walked away with a win.

All in all… Not a bad Raw. There were still some moments that left me scratching my head. But they seem to have a purpose, so it can’t be that bad, right?

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