I would like to begin this by wishing Mother Ruff a very happy [age deleted]th birthday. The Rangers are giving us heart attacks. The Cowboys embarrass themselves against the Lions. And as happy as that makes me, the Eagles can’t win either. I missed last night’s Hell in a Cell. Due to a HUGE weekend, it was just too much to go out on a Sunday night. From what I hear, there was a  lot of chaos and a lot of questions to have to answer.

It seems like tonight’s Raw has some major buzz. Randy Orton comes out first and kills my buzz. Drew McIntyre is already in the ring and gets no entrance theme. Thanks for spoiling the end of the first match, WWE. This was a little more than a squash. McIntyre got his share of offense in. The crowd seemed to be really into Randy Orton. But does he make you tune into the show? I can think of 1.98 reasons why he doesn’t. Orton pinned him in what was a decent opener. Kudos to McIntyre for making him look good. Then he attacks McIntyre after the match. Why is he a face?

Mark Henry came out and they fought each other. Security kept on trying to hold them back and they kept on attacking each other. A great visual.

We had a Mark Henry video package. Then John Morrison continued his “About to Be Future Endeavored” tour against Mark Henry. Morrison got some offense before Mark Henry kicked out of Morrison’s finisher. Mark Henry grabbed the mic. He is done with Randy Orton. He wants Big Show.

Super Dave Osborne is giving the heels a pep talk. All 6 are going to the ring. (At this point, my wife fell asleep, for those of you curious.)

Alberto del Rio speaks. As much as I loathe that it’s Otunga getting the ball, I like that they are finding a common theme among everything that is happening. Each rep got to cut their promo about how they are being wronged. And then Vickie grabbed the mic. You would have thought she was Michelle Bachman at an Atheist’s convention. And then HHH came out and told them they weren’t men or something. I like the thought and concept; the execution is not doing it for me.

We got Eve & Kelly fighting Beth & Nattie. Kelly & Eve gave Beth & Nattie a beatdown. I don’t think this was a match. I saw some fire from Kelly. I liked it.

Super Dave Osborne apologized to HHH. He called for a vote of “no confidence.”

Rock is on my tv. My wife woke up. Jinder Mahal started speaking a foreign language. That must mean we’re supposed to boo him. Marella grabbed the mic and started mocking Mahal’s language. Classy. Santino squashed Mahal. Mahal must be opening for Morrison on his “About to Be Future Endeavored” tour.

Broadus Clay footage. He’s like a walking zip code.

The footage of the beatdown was unreal. All the wrestlers were out there, heels and faces alike. There are so many questions to be answered here. Miz and Truth apologized (ish).

Then there was the 12-man match. We had “Never Pissed in a Cup” Mason Ryan. Sheamus got in some good offense. Cody Rhodes had some good moments and looked good. This was pretty good for a cluster. Kofi did the face in peril very well. The crowd loved it. Even my wife who happened to wake up again noticed Evan Bourne come in and go to town. This crowd was so wild all night. They did the spot where everybody did their finishers. Then Sheamus got the pin. I thought the match would be a lot worse than it was. It was given the time it needed.

All the wrestlers came out and stood ringside. So everybody stands ringside while HHH gets the center of attention. This is so ridiculous. He needs to take himself off tv. And out of all the superstars, the one who gets the mic… Wade Barrett? Then Mike Chioda gets a mic? Me like. Then Beth gets a mic. “We’re girls.” Really? Then Lawler gets in the ring with HHH. Everything is out of control, but it’s not HHH’s fault. There’s a puppeteer behind the scenes. Who is it? Everybody votes no confidence, including Lawler, who did it kind of reluctantly. Then, one by one, factions walked out, the last being JR. What a surreal Raw.

This has to be the most surreal Raw I have seen since ECW and WCW joined forces and the best Raw since CM Punk cut “The Promo.” So many questions abound.

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  1. Some people didn't like it, I think mostly because they didn't "get it." I very much enjoyed RAW and I'll say it again – the point of good television is to get the people to want to tune in next week to see what happens. Hell, I almost want to tune into NXT on .com tomorrow to see if any of the fallout from RAW takes place there, so this show definitely did it's job. Can't wait to see where they go with this. Thanks, Justin!

  2. Overall, I found the show ok. The ending was clearly the part that left the show feeling up in the air, which is good. It makes me want to watch the other shows, as well as RAW next week. So with that, a job well done.

    As much as I really enjoyed the visuals of the camera men putting down their cameras, this was the only part that was lost on me. With other cameras remaining on, and someone in the production truck changing the angles, it kind of failed to imply that even the crew was all walking out. Only some of them did. While J.R. seems like the best choice as the last to leave, it should have been the crew. After J.R. leaves, start putting cameras down and after a couple of them, cut to static or a blank screen. I know I'm nitpicking, but I think that would have been a better ending.

    • I think the idea behind it – and also the reason to show the ending of the PPV on RAW – was that the ringside cameramen feel as though they're in danger after being assaulted by Awesome Truth at HIAC. Nobody's beaten up the production crew or the boom camera operator, and thus they're less likely to walk out that the ringside crew.

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