Hello everyone, I’m here with a RAW Review Insert (because I don’t know what else to call it) to fill you in on what happened last night at the Amway Center, where I was in attendance!

First off, funny story, since I saw that ThinkSoJoE mentioned this last night: We thought it was the Amway Arena too.  Turns out, the Amway Arena is closed.  So we got to Orlando a ridiculous three hours before the tickets said to show up, and walked around the Amway Arena (and got a picture of a production truck), only to see that it was closed.  We had two different sets of directions to go off of, so at least we knew where we were supposed to go.  We got there and stood in line for an eternity.  I saw someone dressed up as Hogan (who ended up up front, that bastard), and then someone dressed up as The Miz with his old ring gear, flame-decorated fedora and all.  I couldn’t get a picture of him because he walked away too fast, but it did make standing in that damn line tolerable.

Minor Superstar Spoilers coming now.

Justin Roberts told us that we were starting out with a match.  It was Goldust vs some guy whose name I can’t remember.  Orlando LOVES Goldust, just to let you know.  Cheered him on loud.  It was pretty damn cool.  He lost, unfortunately, but he’s… electric in person, to make a bad pun.

King and the new guy for Superstars came out.  We all clapped and cheered a little for the new guy, but King got a standing ovation, and after he sat down, some Jerry chants.  He laughed and waved.  Pretty neat.

Next up was Santino (who got a HUMONGOUS pop) and Vladimir Kozlov (who also got a humongous pop, but Santino’s was bigger).  I saw a couple Santino signs floating around, so that was cool.  They were up against Ryder and Primo, who were the hated enemies.  Pretty good match, and Santino is… crazier in person.  Something I learned: Zack Ryder can’t seem to keep his trunks over the very bottom portion of his ass.  I’m not sure you needed – or wanted – to know that, but there it is.  Santino and Kozlov won after a Cobra, which we continuously called for.  Made the night that much better.

Here is where Michael Cole came out, to a series of boos and cheers, and he pointed at one Cole-hating sign and laughed, then pointed at mine, mouthed the words, and laughed too.  Apparently, he likes the whole heel-Cole thing.  He’s good at it, and seemed to be a pretty decent guy.  Justin Roberts told us here that they were going to do the pre-RAW sweep over of the crowd to get signs and what not, so that’s why Cole was there.  Then, Cole moved for the new guy.

Usos and Henry were at it again for Superstars.  Tamina joined the Usos, but we all seemed to hate them (I like the Usos, but I really wanted to cheer, so I just stuck with what was going on.  Minor shame, but I had fun).  Mark Henry won that one, painfully, by stacking the Usos on top of one another and then just slamming his whole body weight down on top of the both of them, and then hitting the one who had been on bottom with the World’s Strongest Slam. Night night.

Superstar spoilers over.

Then it was time for RAW!!! We did NOT want Barrett talking.  Every time he started, we kept shutting him up.  I had to stop at one point from booing him to laugh.  I have no idea what he said, except he insulted us once, I think, and continued to look REALLY pissed off as we booed him.  The SHUT UP COLE sign you saw behind Cole when he stood up to read the email was mine. J The same one he laughed at.  It made me happy.

During this first commercial break, we were shown WWE commercials: Knucklehead, Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania Reading Challenge, Smackdown vs RAW 2011, a Legendary, and the History of the WWE Championship were all the commercials we saw.  There was a Kiss Cam, and Josh Matthews did come out to show everyone signs.  Those were the only unique things that happened during commercials.  Otherwise, I just got to see more of the matches.

CM Punk came out to a HUGE pop here, which is a little surprising.  We don’t care that he was a villain on Smackdown, because he provides witty commentary.   Sheamus came out to a surprisingly huge pop, and there was a green sign behind Cole that had “IT’S A SHAMEFUL THING LOBSTER HEAD” on top, a white stick figure thing of Sheamus below that, and then “TOO MANY LIMES TOO MANY LIMES” on the bottom.  If you saw it, that was me.  If not, well… fine then.  R-Truth came out to a huge pop too, and I was all confused by the What’s Up song, but I didn’t say anything.  R-Truth has run his course with me.  Got a bunch of good pictures of Sheamus, btw.  His hair’s not as red in person, but he’s just as white.  Pretty decent match, crowd was divided on who they were behind though.  Oh, and when Sheamus hit the High Cross on Truth, he bounced really, really high.  I was stuck giggling and missed the pin, but Sheamus won.

Since the announcers plugged it here, I bought the John Cena experience.  Yeah.  I did.

We all laughed at the backstage segments.  LayCool was booed until Natalya came on, and she was cheered so loud that I missed what she said, but that’s alright.  Randy was cheered so I missed his question, but that’s also alright.  The crowd seemed excited for the Ezekiel Jackson vs The Miz match, but I was more.

When Alex Riley came out by himself, I wanted to punch him.  I admit I laughed at Miz having an anxiety attack (and even harder this morning when I found out that @TKeep123 anticipated I may have kidnapped him… Not this time, Fred!!), but I cheered for Alex.  Ezekiel is HUGE in person.  I think the guy’s muscles have muscles have muscles.  Good match though.

Random note now that I’m thinking about it: To whoever kept screaming at me to put my sign down, screw you honey.  I don’t care that you can’t see.  That’s what that GIANT screen at the top of the ramp is for.  Dumbass.

HUGE pop for Cena.  We continued to cheer for him throughout the entire time he was out there, and when he wanted us to do the “Let’s Go Cena” “Cena Sucks” thing, it was even louder in person.  I think it echoed even after he stopped it.  And @Niki_Sushi texted me practically jumping down my throat to find out what he said here, and he said that it may be bending the censors, but he was already fired, and told Barrett that karma was a bitch.  We all cheered for possibly breaking the PG barrier.  Cena chants followed him up the ring the entire time.  He also mentioned that someone may be having a heart attack that he was going over his allotted time, but we still didn’t care.  That actually made us cheer again.

Ted and Maryse came out during the commercial to a huge pop (at least from me).  Maryse is SOO pretty in person, and Ted is gorgeous.  Gonna say that now.  Maryse walked around as Ted paced back and forth, we got another commercial (which screwed me up), and then Daniel Bryan came down with Bella Hoe #1, and got a huge pop from everyone (but me).  Pretty good match, and Ted is brutal in person.  The Bellas are almost pretty in person (I can’t stand them and they aren’t that pretty to me), and are kind of idiotic.  They went to hold the ropes apart for Bryan, but held the bottom ropes, then started for the middle one, then went back to the bottom one.  He kind of laughed at them and then went through the middle and top.  Boy, they must’ve felt like morons.

Natalya came out to a huge pop, and I only got pictures of the back of her head.  The woman is in constant motion.  Alicia even got a bit of a pop, and her strut is… it made my hips hurt.  Never done that on TV, but did in person.  Someone, get her a doctor, please!  We all made that, “Oooh, now you gonna get it” noise when she ripped out Natalya’s hair, and I would have died had Natalya retaliated by ripping Ailcia’s off.  Good match though.  Natalya’s a strong woman.

I have no idea what Melina and Morrison were talking about either.  But GOD, Morrison is pretty in person.  I think we were more excited about his pyrotechnics than him though, gonna be honest.  Tyson got a pretty huge pop too.  The Flying Chuck looked hella painful, and Morrison almost missed the ropes, when he jumped the corner there to hit it.  Either way, good match.

Randy came out to a huge pop, and we were pissed when Nexus came out to jump him.  I actually think that the whole Amway Center collectively gasped and tried to warn him at the same time.  He limped backstage, then Barrett came back out and we booed.  Then, of course, Randy came back out and we cheered.  Great match, and only half of us were sitting.  Cena came out and we lost our minds, then Randy hit the RKO and we did again.  When Miz’s music hit, I was the only one who cheered, and everyone else booed.  Half the arena joined me as Miz picked up momentum, but when he hit the Skull Crushing Finale, we all cheered, though I was louder.  I was going to go home pissed if I didn’t see him (haha, no one thought that, I’m sure), but I did! And he won! And he looked like he was going to cry, and I felt so happy I thought I was gonna puke, and it was fantastic.

Look, here’s what I’m saying: If you ever have the chance to go, DO IT! Doesn’t matter where your seats are, just go.  It was my first Live RAW, and I’m going to make it to whatever live show I can afford from now on.  It was amazing.  There was no dark main event match, but they sent me home more than happy.

Oh, and to the upset little girl whose face was shown after, Haha sweetie.  Haha.

And a  huge thank you to ThinkSoJoE for covering last night for me.  You did a great job!!  And steal all the images you want. 🙂 That’s what they’re there for.


  1. Wow! I'm so envious, it sounds like a great time. The show looked great on tv, especially the ending, but it sounds much better live. I did see your sign! (Cue Ace of Base joke.) The "Shut up, Cole" sign, I even commented on it.

  2. Thanks, Drowgoddess!! Where'd you comment on it? Never saw anything about it. XD

    I SOOOOO Wanna go to a WrestleMania. It was that loud, if not louder, and I don't think anyone was quiet during that segment. It was pretty emotional.

    I'm going to watch RAW either tonight or tomorrow (probably tomorrow), and if I see it, I'll tell you if it's on there. If not, I will put a picture up… probably on Twitter or I'll link it in a reply to this. XD Definitely aiming to go to a WrestleMania though. That's my goal.

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