It seems that Joe wants the week off, and with my power due to go off at any minute. I’m doing Real-Time this week, for the second week in three.

Stay tuned to BWF, as I watch NCIS.

The search for HBK is on! My guess is, he’s in a  bar having a few brewskis. I know it’s never going to happen, but come on WWE, swerve us will you?

This RAW is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Where a certain someone was born to wrestle, and bred to win. All rise for the playing of the Canadian National Anthem.

Randy Orton starts us off. He’s been hearing rumours, apparently. Were they rumours, or the Voices in your head Randy? My namesake goes on about how it’s no rumour that he’s gonna beat John Cena at Summerslam, and that seemed to be the lightbulb in the head of the challenger, as Cena comes out. Cena wants Orton to bully him, that right there proves that John Cena is not a ladies man. Johnny boy gets up close and personal with the son of Cowboy Bob, and this brings out JeriShow, with the single worst entrance music in the history of entrance music.

Show finds it amusing that Cena and Orton are up close and personal with each other. Show speaks, but there’s a Canadian in the ring, so the crowd chant for Jericho. Cena makes a Shaq joke, then asks why have the Tag Team champions made their presence. Jericho plugs Canada, then tells Cena he’s got a one-on-one match against him. Randy gets his two bobs in, but Big Show cuts him off, telling RKO that its gonna be Show and Orton one-on-one.

The Sarge sounds like he needs a cough drop to soothe that throat. This brings us to commercial.

Ooh look, there’s a vote. Who did the Sarge beat for the WWE Championship? Savage, Hogan or Warrior. Shouldn’t the question be, which one will be the first to appear on WWE RAW?

MATCH#1: Four-Way Divas – Winner gets a Divas Title shot

Kelly Kelly vs Alicia Fox vs Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix

If you want to find out what actually happens, in this match, find someone who cares about the WWE Women’s division, I’m off to get food.

As I return from not paying attention to the match. I hear Cole describe Kim as ‘elastic-like’, and I hear more grunting than Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon. You’ve gotta love it don’t you? It has appeared for weeks that Beth Phoenix will face Mickie James for the belt, and yet …


It’s the first ever TNA KnockOuts champion who gets the victory.

Out comes Slaughter to pretty much zero reaction from the crowd. He starts off by sucking up to Canada, and saluting the C anadian flag? Has the Sarge turned on the U.S. for the second time in his career? Of course not. Sarge turns on his newly made friends, by saying if it wasn’t for the U.S., they would be speaking Russian and French now. Infact, most of them speak French. Now Sarge wants Canadians to pay respect to the United States. Looks like Slaughter’s playing bad guy tonight.


We’re back, and a recap of Triple H announcing he’s reforming DX for SummerSlam, and how trips travelled to Texas to find him. Yip.

MATCH#2: Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne

The rubber match between the two. This match will go no longer than five minutes. I guarantee it.

Swagger uses his power advantage early on, until Bourne uses his speed advantage to control the match. Swagger with a submission hold, but Bourne escapes and attack with some kicks, ending with a near fall. Swagger looks for the powerbomb, but Evan counters into a roll-up for a near fall. Swagger introduces his opponent to the turnbuckle as hard as he possibly can, and one Gutwrench Powerbomb later, and Dusty Rhodes gets the pin.

YOUR WINNER: Jack Swagger.

Told you the match would be quick. Swagger on the mic, and after he talks. Here comes MVP. He doesn’t care that Dusty is a 2-time All-American, the Canadians don’t care. Nobody cares. MVP challenges Swagger to a match tonight. Swagger wants it next week, but MVP isnt happy and pushes Swagger out of the ring.

Don’t forget. Orton vs Show, Jericho vs Cena and the hunt for the Christian. Still to come.


Back, and we’re hunting Christians. H hits on a guy, and scores. A little girl wants a hamburger, and it’s Texas Chef HBK. H is shocked. I think it’s lame-i-fied.

Here comes the Sarge again. He has bought us Celine Dion to sing the Canadian National Anthem. That’s a lie, as it’s really Jillian. I’d prefer Jillian to Celine Dion.


Why is Vince plugging Monk?

Back from commercial, and it’s a contract on a pole match? Vince Russo IS writing for the WWE.

MATCH#3: Contract on a Pole

Eugene vs Calgary Kid

Eugene channels his inner Rock, and hits the Rock Bottom and the People’s Elbow, but that doesnt affect the Calgary Kid. Calgary Kid knocks Eugene off the ropes and grabs the contract.


Wait a minute, that isn’t the Calgary Kid. He just hit the Stroke!

YOUR WINNER: Jeff Jarr..

Wait a minute, that’s not the Chosen One, it’s …


The Miz is back on RAW, so what was the point of last week?


We’re back with the Rewind, Show beating the hell out of Kofi last week.

MATCH#4: Randy Orton vs the Big Show

Big Show has been borrowing John Tenta’s ring attire.

Show gets up close and personal to Orton, but Randy backs away. Maybe Orton only likes it when it’s Cena close to him. Randy Orton has had a grand total of zero offence so far in this match. I’ve been in and out during this match, so I have missed sections. I get back to see RKO looking for just that, the RKO, but Show blocks it. Show connects with the Chokeslam, but Orton is too close to the ropes, and gets his foot on the rope, when Show goes for the fall. Big Show goes for the fist, but Orton ducks under and heads out of the ring, and deliberately gets counted out.


Hunting for Christians Part Two

Shawn gets tater tots thrown in his face. Also, he can’t cook. When I worked in the food industry, I never burned the grill like that. I only saw someone smash  a light globe into the fry vats.


Another pointless Did You Know? from the folks at WWE.

MATCH#5: MVP vs Chris Masters

MVP doesn’t get to fight Swagger, instead he gets the Masterpiece.

Masters with the assualt on MVP in the early going. He continues the advantage until he applies a chinlock-type hold, then MVP gets the momentum. MVP’s jumpsuit is as bright as Mark Henry’s costume last week. Masters goes for the Masterlock, but MVP counters into the Playmaker!!


Enter the Swagger. The All-American American causes a long enough distraction for the Masterlock to be applied. Once that’s done, Swagger hits his Powerbomb.

A pop for Piven and Dr. Ken and their publicity run last week.

COMMERCIAL: They love these during a broadcast, don’t they?

Back again, and it’s time for …

Hunting for Christians, Part Three

Shawn’s hired Hunter to help him flip burgers. Shawn Sweet Chins his boss. An old lady tells me to suck it, and Shawn Sweet Chin’s a little girl.

Enter the Sarge yet again, and he cues the music of the Hitman. But no, it’s not Bret Hart, it’s Jim Duggan, complete with American flag.


We’re back, with the Slam of the Week. Mark Henry vs Chavo Guerrero from last week.

MATCH#6: Hornswoggle and Mark Henry vs ??

Chavo was meant to be competing, but he is ‘injured’, so he calls on Legacy to take his place.

Henry gets the upper hand, before Legacy start the dissecting. However, that is short lives, as Henry regains control. World’s Strongest Slam on DiBiase, the tag to Hornswoggle for the Splash, but DiBiase gets out of the way and Cody takes out Henry. One Dream Street later, and it’s bye bye to the Woggle.

YOUR WINNERS: Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.

After the match, Legacy grab mics and book themselves to do the J.O.B to DX at SummerSlam.

We’re back with a rundowm of the SummerSlam card, then Josh Matthews interviews Chris Jericho. Jericho says he’s winning for Calgary, then Show arrives. BIg Show bitches about how Orton ran off on him, Jericho bags out Calgary. Matthews tells Jericho the cameras are still rolling. Jericho feels like a tool.


Next week’s RAW Guest Host. Former WWE writer, Freddie Prinze Jr.

MAIN EVENT: Chris Jericho vs John Cena

Cena gains the early momentum, until Jericho takes over. Cena ends up outside the ring, where Y2J introduces him to the ring steps. Jericho then applies a Camel Clutch, just because Sarge is guest host. Back in the ring, and Cena somehow gains control. He looks for the shuffle, but Jericho rolls him up for the two. Jericho misses with the Lionsault, but doesn’t with the Walls attempt. Cena counters into the STF, but Orton comes and breaks it up before the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n Rollah can tap, causing the DQ.


Cena gets in Orton’s face, but eats a CodeBreaker from Jericho. Jericho shoves Orton, so Jericho gets knocked down. Enter Show. Chokeslam to Orton. Sarge comes out and announces JeriShow vs Cena and Orton for next week, as we end.

There, even though the servers for BWF crashed during this broadcast, I did my best to bring you the action.


  1. That "500 Server Error" used to happen at least once a week, and our hosting company could never seem to find the problem because by time they got a chance to look, it fixed itself. Thanks for enduring that crap and finishing up the review!

  2. My own "Random thoughts" and points about the live show
    Best sign I saw while there: "Shaq your Sega game sucks"

    Honourable mention: "I am not a nugget!" (We are the Hart-land after all. My brother used to see Jericho at a favorite pub on open-mic night often. Had numerous Hart brothers as substitute teachers as a kid including Keith and Bruce for sure. Stampede Wrestling and Ed Whaylon ruled. My best friend's cousin when I was a kid was "He Who Shall Not Be Named." He bodyslammed me onto a couch along with my friend and my brother. Yeah that last one sucks now as wrestling topic, but you get the point. The Harts and the Dungeons students were hard to avoid growing up here in the eighties and nineties. Thus, Owen references get the nod).

    They may not be selling Jeff Hardy stuff online, but they sure were selling it at the Saddledome

    Evan Bourne is awesome live, although the match was very short.

    Masters sucks and the crowd yelled a lot of steroid related comments at him (e.g.. Roid monkey).

    The crowd was a bit louder for Eugene than the "Calgary Kid" They also booed the referee for this match for some reason. That came across bad with me, I actually think this new dude is good at it.

    Santino's shirts were really popular, almost seemed like every twentieth person was wearing/carrying one on the way out.

    MVP is really over up here (probably because he rules).

    The was a huge pop for Jerry the King Lawler.

    You could hear an almost silence of shame come over the crowd during the Piven recap. Except when Dr. Ken took his bump. They muted the crowd here.

    Jillian is more painful to listen to sing live. They had to crank her up so loud, WWE must have really turned the audience booing down for that segment.

    Canadians cheered for Y2J regardless of what he said or did. The crowd was VERY divided as the usual kids and women and a bunch of metrosexual-looking types where I was.

    The "We Want Bret" chant was VERY loud and reoccurred often after Slaughter's little sketch.

    The fans booed the US Army stuff they put on during commercial breaks. Makes sense, we are Canadians and have OUR OWN troops overseas too fighting alongside the US. Maybe they could have acknowledged that?

    I saw a lot of signs taken, but some the guy just to my right, down one row kept his "THIS IS STUPID" sign the whole night. I've seen him with it a bunch now just in the Show/Orton match already. HD makes is very easy to read.

    Yes, we do call Calgary "Cowtown" as mentioned by Jericho. Our city was settled by ranchers and the beef industry is still huge as is oil.


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